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Reviewer: darjeelingandcoke Signed [Report This]
Date: February 17, 2023 06:48 pm Title: Blessings

I'm FINALLY getting to this and of course there's a shout-out to me right at the jump. I do not deserve you, friend. (I will also confirm to anyone curious that I was informed about this chapter long before anyone posted anything similar. Convergence is neat and should be celebrated.)

Man, this really is a lot on Pam all at once. Grief combined with parenting one young child and growing a third. That's a lot of emotional weight to carry at a time when you don't have much to give.

I also really enjoy this take on Meemaw as having a degree of genuine warmth beneath all the holier-than-thou attitude. This is a woman you can see Pam caring enough about to make it worth the bother they go through in Niagara, while still being in line with the woman we met there.

Cece is just adorable here. A wonderful comfort to her mom.

The dog trying to protect his bone with a bank vault gets a shout-out! That's good referencing.

Michael being at the funeral is a wonderful grace note to this. And absolutely something he'd do.

Ooooof. Beth finding the landmine almost immediately, poor soul. And yet immediately picking up on the pregnancy! Second-Drink Pam is so busted. And some lovely words from her here...


Author's Response:

So thrilled to hear from you on this one - although you did share some thoughts already, I feel like you always hold some back to share after the post.

You deserved a call-out since you were the first (at least that I had read) to bring attention to Jewish customs of mourning. So in a way I borrowed from you too.

I do love that you picked up about the commercial that made her cry. (and I believe that was new for you in this version) 

I still wish the timing had worked out that he had to make a trip from Colorado to be there, but feel like my version does adds a layer to why Pam defied laws to get past the gate to catch Michael at the airport to say goodbye.

Glad you like the blessing in the skies...thanks for all the help with this one and of course the review. 





Reviewer: grc73 Signed [Report This]
Date: January 19, 2023 02:57 pm Title: Blessings

Awwww, that was a moving and thoughtful chapter, Max. A lovely tribute to Meemaw and just pitched right writing-wise IMHO. Nice to have Beth back again.

Author's Response:

Well thanks. I was sorry to have to knock off Meemaw, for the sake of a chapter plot but I'm enjoying bringing Beth back to my writing. 

Always love to hear from you. 

Reviewer: warrior4 Signed [Report This]
Date: January 19, 2023 05:17 am Title: Blessings

Outstanding job getting through all these huge emotions. I can easily see Pam having such a big response to Sylvia passing. Especially since she's also pregnant. Made it all feel very real. Jim here is doing a great job at being the rock she needs. Just the kind of husband and father I also aspire to be. Without any hesitation he's right there to support his wife and daughter. Love that Betsy also jumps right in. Shows the power of having family close.

Pam writing her own eulogy was a nice touch too. Same with her spotting Michael at the funeral. That was a wonderful nod to the relationship that Michael has built with his work family, that he's there for her in a hard time.

Love the return to Christopher's and Beth's wise words. It really comes across as to how special Christopher's is to Jim and Pam. A place where they can go to celebrate and now also commemorate the important tomes and people in their lives.

Bravo with this one.

Also Cece sounds cute a button in this one too.

Author's Response:

Cute as a button but crying a lot, as little ones often do.

Yes, everyone turned up for Pam in this one, Jim, family and even Michael. 

Thanks for your comments - as always. 

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