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Reviewer: boredhswf Signed [Report This]
Date: March 12, 2023 03:01 pm Title: Bad Dreams

These last two chapters are incredibly emotional for entirely different reasons and you handle that range of emotions so well.

There is so much angst in this part of their story but that’s what makes it richer and more realistic. You do such a great job at capturing her feelings of frustration and doubts and uncertainty. Wonderful updates!

Author's Response:

Many Thanks. I used to be nervous about writing anything angsty. It is a boost of confidence to hear it comes across when I do. I agree it keeps it real to write this part of the story as well.

Thanks again. NExt one wraps it all up! 

Reviewer: grc73 Signed [Report This]
Date: March 03, 2023 12:40 pm Title: Bad Dreams

Well I thought this was absolutely spot on. Yes, there was a bit of angst but it was so delicately handled, it was a pleasure to read and embraced the difficulties of that time for them with a semblance of hope. Awesome job, Lady!

Author's Response:

Why thank you  -what I was going for...true to the story angst with a side of hope. 

Thanks again lady! 

Reviewer: darjeelingandcoke Signed [Report This]
Date: March 01, 2023 07:23 pm Title: Bad Dreams

Okay, that test dream was too real. (I once asked my father how long after he graduated he stopped having that sort of dream and he said he'd tell me when it happened). I can see Jim and Pam both suffering from this one frequently. And having Kevin there to twist the knife was a nice touch.

DEEP DIVE REFERENCE. Jim being removed from his normal sources of comfort - and being removed from it even if he was physically present with them - stings.

"Mold in the kitchen, Dwight could take care of, and had." My headcanon as well. And also, good metaphor.

The POV transition around the dress... OW. Very Season 9. Totally well-intentioned gesture that just hits all sorts of nerves for Pam. In general, this feels very true to how raw she is at this point in the narrative... everything's a potential trigger, right down to the Berry Smash.

This description of how he's recharging at home while simultaneously making things worse for Pam... brutal.

“I was telling Beth about Athlead, and how you take off to Philadelphia for half the week.” Oh, Jim. Jim Jim Jim. That was... not something you should have missed the implications of. He's just so bad at picking up on her tone here. Man, this season was a bummer.

Ugh, and Pam ends up being completely undercut by the ending. And so we continue on our downward slide.

Okay, that was INCREDIBLY angsty, but well done!

Author's Response:

I knew you'd mention the dream...they can be very scary stuff. Luckily, it's been a while since I've had one but I'm sure they're not done  and I've had my share...well, well, well after any school I've attended.

Like the deep dive - do you?

Sorry for the all the angst, but the show started it! At least I give a little hope at the end and we know that while it gets much worse before it gets does get better. Nice mornings ahead.

Thanks so much for the read and review. I'm humble and grateful. 


Reviewer: warrior4 Signed [Report This]
Date: March 01, 2023 05:59 pm Title: Bad Dreams

Not yet through the whole chapter, but I just had to pause reading and get this out. Pam goes on deep dives. Nicely done.

Ok, getting into the heart of this one. S9 angst is hard but it's a different flavor than early season angst. Rather than pining for the other one they can't have, it feels like the Jim and Pam we've come to know and love, the steady relationship rocks are being chipped away. And we get that feeling here in spades. Jim waking up alone in Philly to a nightmare and there's no warmth next to him to sooth the fear away. Pam filled with doubts, fear, and anger about all the changes going on in her life that she didn't sign up for and in all fairness specifically said no to. It's a lot to take in.

Yet even when they're ragged around the edges, their thoughts still run similar. Both thinking in terms of rot and mildew growing and they're both unable or unwilling to really address it. Then of course all their classic failures come to the front again. Putting off the hard conversations for surface level friendship. Not sharing when things are really bad. Not fully communicating exactly what's going on. Sweeping things under the rug rather than dealing with the dirt.

Kind of sad that even a night at Christopher's is soured by everything going on. I always imagined Christopher's as a safe haven for them. A place where even if everything else is tossed about in a storm, they can go there and rest in the peace of each other's company. That some of the waves of life stirred up the waters of that harbor speaks to just how hard things are for them. Nice work to bring that out.

It'll be a bit bittersweet to see this one go. However regardless I'm sure you'll do the story full justice.

Author's Response:

Like the deep dive? It lent itself nicely there.

Yeah, sorry for all the angst and for letting it follow them to Christopher's, but when partners stop communicating properly, to each other (internally doesn't count even when thoughts are in sync...mildew, bad dreams) then these things spread.

But hope the bit of hope at the end helps, as knowing this follows canon and while there's more angst and trouble ahead - pretty bad stuff just a week or so away  - there's also nice mornings ahead too once they start communicating again and work through the rough stuff.

It will be sad to close the book on this one but it seems to be time. 

 Thanks for the read and review. 

Reviewer: WithaY Signed 1 [Report This]
Date: March 01, 2023 12:38 pm Title: Bad Dreams

This was a great take on S9 angst which still fills me with dread when I can sometimes stomach them on Comedy Central reruns. I love the reference to Dwight fixing the kitchen… but not being able to fix this mildew— that could turn to mold. My stomach dropped though when I read that Jim was going to surprise Pam with the dress from 5 years ago. Ugh. Great intent, but has so much potential for going wrong. Her stream of consciousness about the outfit was great… and of course Jim fit into and spiffied up HIS first date shirt… oh my heart aches a little for Pam. I loved the shadow stuff with the menu and bread basket… their problems were definitely much bigger and darker unspoken… and that reinforced that concept. Great call to the fact that as part of Dunder Mifflin, Jim’s business was also Pam’s business— but that Athlead was not.. and whether it was Jim not trying to bother her with “unnecessary stress” (maybe his thinking) or just that Pam didn’t know the specifics, I can see how that really stung not being a part of those moments.. which could potentially lead to bigger implications. And her reaction?? Oooh!! I think that you taught us all a little bit about assuming what someone else is doing… in this case Jim being on the phone for not Athleap but for Isabel and the kids— not that he’s out of the doghouse, but that without them speaking, they’re never going to get on the same page.

Mostly I love that this ended with hopefulness… because that season 9 shit was INTENSE!  I love that Jim still (literally) reaches out— and Pam still accepts.  As long as that’s happening, It’s gonna eventually be okay.  Thanks for this hopeful take on the S9 shit— it was well handled and I loved it! 

Author's Response:

Wow, what a review, thanks so much for taking the time to leave it. Yes, Season 9 is rough, mostly because they forgot how to communicate and I wanted to bring that out in this chapter but without forgetting that no matter what they still love each other (and the family they made). Jim's gestures can only go so far -and can even backfire as we see happen. 

Yeah, I didn't want to end it with anger and angst, even though according to canon we know what's about to happen in a week or two, but their love eventually pulls them out of that dark place and I wanted this chapter to hint at that too. 

Thanks again for reviewing.




Reviewer: MrsKHalpert Signed 1 [Report This]
Date: March 01, 2023 11:42 am Title: Bad Dreams

I think you captured Pam getting mad at Jim about the dress really well. It’s so easy to be annoyed at someone who’s trying to do something nice and only see the bad things about the gesture when you’re kinda mad at them. Same goes with the Isobel call, and just jumping to conclusions.
This feels like it could definitely have been a canon dinner they had, full of tense, unspoken moments. Nice job

Author's Response:

Yeah, well when you forget how to communicate that's when misunderstandings happen (although Jim should have known better with the dress but his head's a mess too these days).

Season 9 stories hurt my heart a little so I wanted to leave on a bit of a hopeful note- hope it made all the tenseness easier to bear by the end.

Thanks for reviewing. 

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