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Table of ContentsWhat is a beta reader?

A beta reader (often shortened to "beta") is someone who reviews a story before you post it publicly to help with grammar, spelling & punctuation, plot issues, basically helps make sure your story is ready for the world!

Do I need a beta reader?

At MTT we do not required authors to have their work beta-read before publishing, but we can say from experience that it is helpful to have a second set of eyes look over your story to help polish it and find all the little (and not so little) things that may be not quite on target.

Is there a system on MTT to connect writers with beta readers?

The best ways for a writer to get connected with a beta is to ask for one either in the shoutbox or in the notes of their fics. People who are interested in beta-ing are also free to advertise in the shoutbox or to offer to beta in a review. We do hope to someday implement a better, more "official" beta system but for now this is the best method.

I would like to be a beta-reader, how do I start?

To start, head to Edit Profile and below the "Bio" text box look for the "Beta-reader" line, select "Yes" and then hit "Submit" at the bottom. Now your name will appear on the Beta Reader list. You can also announce your beta reader status in this thread on the forum.

The next step is to let authors know more about your services as a beta. We suggest copying the template below, heading back to Edit Profile, pasting the template to your "Bio" text box and filling it out, then hitting "Submit" when finished.

~Beta-Reader Template:~

Beta-Reader Status:
Ratings I'll Beta for: K K+ T M MA
Turn Around Time for 1 Chapter: 1-3 Days | 4-7 Days | 8+ Days | Depends, contact for info
I Can Help With: American English | Other English Dialects | Punctuation & Spelling* | Grammar | Plot Suggestions | In-depth editing | Show Canon Knowledge | Show Setting Knowledge

Beta/Editing Experience:

What I can bring to your stories as your beta:

Stories/Topics I prefer not to beta:

I preferred to be contacted via:

~End Beta-Reader Template~

A few notes on filling this template out

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I am a writer looking for a beta, where do I start?

You can check out the List of Members who are willing to be Beta Readers, look at their profiles to see if they filled out the beta-reader template and contact anyone who you think will be a good fit for your story.

Another good way to attract beta readers is simply saying in the story/chapter notes of your fanfics that you are looking for a beta, often readers will let you know in reviews that they would be willing to look things over for you even if they aren't officially a beta-reader.

We've also created a thread on the MTT boards for people to post requests for beta readers or to offer their services.

Tips for writers AND beta readers:

Before starting the beta process, it needs to be clearly established what the writer wants from the beta. Do they just want a basic proofreading where the beta checks for grammar, punctuation & spelling errors? Do they want the beta to keep a close eye out for inconsistencies, characterization issues, plot holes? Is there one area in particular they would like some assistance with? Or do they want a really in-depth line-by-line edit? Once this is established, decide on time frames, how the writer will send works and how the beta will send corrections back, etc.

Tips for writers:

Tips for beta-readers

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions for the beta reader program, don't hesitate to tell us via the contact form or

*The beta-reader template is very much borrowed from the Elysian Fields archive, whose webmaster has been an invaluable help to us!*

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