Bookshelf Feature

We are very pleased to announce an exciting new feature, Bookshelf!

What does it do?

Putting a story on your "Bookshelf" will add that story to a separate "bookshelf" list and will also display the last time you viewed the story. How you choose to utilize this feature is up to you! Here are a few possibilities:

How do you use it?

As you browse or read stories, a "Put Story on Bookshelf" link should appear with story listings and at the top of stories . Clicking this link will add the story to your Bookshelf list, accessible from "Browse" or from "My Account". Once you add a story to your Bookshelf, it will display the last time you viewed the story. To take a story off your bookshelf, click "Remove Story from Bookshelf".

How does it differ from "favorites"?

Bookshelf is similar to Favorites with a few key differences:

Any chance of bringing the features of Bookshelf to Favorites or vice versa?

We have managed to set up a way for you to browse your Favorites the same way you can browse your Bookshelf! (it's not perfect but it's a start)

We'll continue to work on integrating these two features and we will request to the developers of eFiction and the modules that these features be incorporated into future releases.

Any questions or issues? Don't hesitate to contact us or email us at ! We hope you enjoy this new feature!