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It started with the priest dying. It should've ended with the priest dying, but it didn't.

Pam is about to marry Roy and things aren't going exactly according to plan...  

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Published: March 28, 2020 Updated: March 28, 2020
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Story Notes:

Disclaimer: I own nothing, apart from my collection of The Office inspired t-shirts and a gift voucher from winning a The Office themed trivia night (which may just be the highlight of my life to date). Any lines of recognisable dialogue are adapted from the show.

The title comes from the song Wedding Dress by Matt Nathanson (because when does it not). 

1. Chapter 1 by JennaBennett [Reviews - 8] 10 (1752 words)

My aunt was supposed to be getting married in a week. She’s now postponed the wedding, thanks to current events. I made a glib comment to my mother about how it wasn’t the best sign. Mum then filled me in on the events surrounding my aunt’s first (& ultimately doomed) marriage. I lost my mind. Talk about some warning signs. So, naturally I thought imagine Pam and Roy and this fic was born. 

I’ve taken some creative liberties, but the events below all happened to my aunt & uncle before they married (& you know, eventually divorced…) 

Also, in this world, everything in Casino Night happened, with the major exception of Jim’s confession, i.e. he still put the wheels in motion for Stamford.