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Sequel to The Other Pam

Jim/Pam relationship centric

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Published: September 17, 2020 Updated: October 01, 2022
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1. Chapter 1 by OfficeWriter [Reviews - 9] 10 (1943 words)

Short start to sequel... will get better I hope. But here we go.

A hateful Karen has arrived at a request I received. Enough spoilers. This was all part of the The Other Pam story but I wanted to break it into two, so Pam and Jim's relationship gets equal dedication (as Roy and Pam's break up did).

2. Chapter 2 by OfficeWriter [Reviews - 3] 5 (2129 words)

3. Chapter 3 by OfficeWriter [Reviews - 3] 6 (2364 words)

4. Chapter 4 by OfficeWriter [Reviews - 5] 8 (2473 words)

5. Chapter 5 by OfficeWriter [Reviews - 4] 8 (2917 words)

A/N - to the reviewer who asked why Karen had to be so unlikable... I had several requests for this and I liked the idea as well.

Everyone, Once I'm completely done with this story I plan to read all of your lovely fanfictions. I just have a rule about not reading other peoples work while writing my own. xx


6. Chapter 6 by OfficeWriter [Reviews - 4] 2 (2741 words)
Thanks for all the nice reviews. I am struggling with writing again, especially now work is full time again, but I really want to finish this story. Please bear with me, and sorry that it might now be as thought out as it was in this chapter, it's a little hard to keep my head in that world these days as much as I would like to.

7. Chapter 7 by OfficeWriter [Reviews - 3] 3 (2370 words)

8. Chapter 8 by OfficeWriter [Reviews - 2] 3 (2577 words)

9. Chapter 9 by OfficeWriter [Reviews - 3] 3 (3071 words)

10. Chapter 10 by OfficeWriter [Reviews - 2] 2 (2445 words)

11. Chapter 11 by OfficeWriter [Reviews - 2] (2661 words)
A/N - Skyflakes - no - afraid not. I was never a fan of the documentary crew or that whole storyline in the show. So, definitely do not exist here. Thank you xxxxxxxx

12. Chapter 12 by OfficeWriter [Reviews - 2] 3 (3192 words)

13. Chapter 13 by OfficeWriter [Reviews - 2] 1 (2124 words)

14. Chapter 14 by OfficeWriter [Reviews - 3] 1 (3737 words)

I apologize to any one this might upset or offend - trigger warning. Some parts of this were so difficult to write (yet it has been hinted at throughout even from the very first chapter of the first story), but now I believe a turning point has been reached where we're now a straight line forward from the finish line. Thank you.

15. Chapter 15 by OfficeWriter [Reviews - 2] (2896 words)

16. Chapter 16 by OfficeWriter [Reviews - 2] (2470 words)

17. Chapter 17 by OfficeWriter [Reviews - 3] 2 (2423 words)

18. Chapter 18 by OfficeWriter [Reviews - 2] (2631 words)

19. Chapter 19 by OfficeWriter [Reviews - 5] (2088 words)

A/N This is really a two part but the other half is quite long so I split them up and will add the other half as a new chapter. 

Sorry for the cliffhanger, of sorts. If anyone is still reading - I estimate about 5-10 chapters left before the end. If there was anything anyone wanted to see in the storyline, please suggest before I get to the end. Always open to suggestions/ideas.

Thank you to those who review - and review with such insight and care - I take on board everything and I make adjustments often based on the reviews left - thank you so much.

20. Chapter 20 by OfficeWriter [Reviews - 2] (2954 words)
I just wanted to say to the kind Guest review who made a suggestion about Jim (I don't want to spoil anything) but I thought it was a fantastic suggestion and yes, I will definitely write it in nearer the end, thank you so much.

21. Chapter 21 by OfficeWriter [Reviews - 2] (3439 words)

A/N this is another chapter I've split into two. The other half I want to redo a bit but it goes into some canon events and follows directly on from here. I kind of feel this might be a bit boring here but stuff happens in the next chapter. When I've finished editing / redoing it I'll upload.

22. Chapter 22 by OfficeWriter [Reviews - 4] 3 (3272 words)

23. Chapter 23 by OfficeWriter [Reviews - 2] (2486 words)

24. Chapter 24 by OfficeWriter [Reviews - 3] 1 (2071 words)
A little bit of light after the storms-

25. Chapter 25 by OfficeWriter [Reviews - 2] (2654 words)

26. Chapter 26 by OfficeWriter [Reviews - 2] (2374 words)
About another month and I will have been working on this crazy thing for a year. I owe a debt to the person who suggested writing fanfiction - as I have spent two decades failing miserably at writing anything. This has been a great exercise for me. thank you for anyone who has been here the whole ride through. Probably a few more chapters to come yet but the end is in sight. thank you x

27. Chapter 27 by OfficeWriter [Reviews - 2] 1 (2408 words)

A/n - A couple of times I have had a question asked of me, so I will attempt to answer. 

I've not been in Pam's situation before, and not ever been in a court room. I have however been in a similar circumstance - emotionally and otherwise involving a controlling, fear based relationship. 

I will add that the remark that Karen made in chapter 17, about knowing how to control her men, was a real comment that was made to me during a conversation with a friend some years back after I saw a man I used to know on the news after being sentenced. I had cautioned her on the potential danger she herself was putting herself in at the time, and Karen's response was hers reduxed. "It wouldn't happen to me, I know how to control my men...." It's a gutting thing to hear indeed.

28. Chapter 28 by OfficeWriter [Reviews - 2] 1 (2092 words)

29. Chapter 29 by OfficeWriter [Reviews - 4] 3 (2577 words)

30. Chapter 30 by OfficeWriter [Reviews - 4] 2 (2761 words)

10 days until my anniversary of starting the whole thing :) this is wrapping up in the next few chapters, so anything anyone would like answered in the story, speak now etc


31. Chapter 31 by OfficeWriter [Reviews - 3] (3404 words)

32. Chapter 32 by OfficeWriter [Reviews - 3] (2269 words)

33. Chapter 33 by OfficeWriter [Reviews - 3] (2636 words)

34. Chapter 34 by OfficeWriter [Reviews - 5] 1 (4035 words)

This chapter kicked my ass - been through a lot of rewrites as has the next part... I hold my hands up at having no real knowledge or experience with legal stuff, so creative license and all that... not my best work, but it was very hard.

And Jim's not done yet obviously... still the rest of his to go, plus then Roy's lawyer will get his turn at him (!)

Thank you for reading.

35. Chapter 35 by OfficeWriter [Reviews - 4] (5210 words)

36. Chapter 36 by OfficeWriter [Reviews - 3] 1 (3067 words)

37. Chapter 37 by OfficeWriter [Reviews - 5] (3657 words)

Sorry for splitting the scene up.. but it is a long task and I felt it would have more impact if broken into two parts. I hadn't anticipated how complex this story would become.

About Roy's attorney - I had thought about him a lot - what kind of man is a defense lawyer representing someone like that? I couldn't make him a nice person, nor a particularly competent one. Although I felt the characterization of Thorne as a bit sleazy and mean was definitely a cliche, I just couldn't bring him to life any other way.


38. Chapter 38 by OfficeWriter [Reviews - 4] (3177 words)
Well I had a whole ton of stuff on the next part following this, and in being so meticulous at backing up what I write, I was saving this part and lost the rest... and all the stuff/reminders I'd been keeping for it for a long time... so yup. Gotta have a rethink and try to remember it all. Oh well. Sorry for all the heavy... 

39. Chapter 39 by OfficeWriter [Reviews - 6] 1 (3741 words)
She's still not done up there yet - thanks for all the reviews and nice comments. Forgive the weak attempts at humor in this one.

40. Chapter 40 by OfficeWriter [Reviews - 4] 1 (3277 words)

41. Chapter 41 by OfficeWriter [Reviews - 3] (2789 words)
Sorry, filler chapter. Have had a complete block so I needed to put away the legal stuff for a chapter to see if it helped. Not really but anyway.

42. Chapter 42 by OfficeWriter [Reviews - 6] 1 (4293 words)
Oh what a struggle this has been. It's not a good chapter... it was really tough :(

43. Chapter 43 by OfficeWriter [Reviews - 4] 1 (2622 words)

Short wrap up of the last chapter...

I promise the end is coming, I'm sorry it is taking so long to get to the conclusion, I need to work on narrowing things down I think. I did have a message or two somewhere about this taking so long - just to say it will happen soon. Thank you for sticking in there with me.

 I'm seriously looking forward to chilling back and reading everyone's own stories once I am done with this and leaving my thoughts :)

44. Chapter 44 by OfficeWriter [Reviews - 4] 1 (2943 words)

45. Chapter 45 by OfficeWriter [Reviews - 3] 1 (3177 words)
Some angst and some fluffy stuff..... just because. Enjoy or not but thank you for reading x

46. Chapter 46 by OfficeWriter [Reviews - 7] 2 (3020 words)

I went down a rabbit hole the last few weeks, and so Pam ended up down there with me. It will get better - I can only say sorry about this chapter, both of it being so dark and poorly done.

47. Chapter 47 by OfficeWriter [Reviews - 4] (2018 words)
A/N disclosure, this chapter doesn't like me very much, nor do I like it. Nothing was working, nothing was coming out right, or in some cases at all. Just a lot of white empty paper and screens. I'm not sure since this is so close to the end now, but I'll try another chapter and hope it gets easier. Seems I've fallen out of rhythm. Ugh. Just sorry about this chapter. It needed to be written so I could move on - as I do have some parts written already for later chapters that I did write a good while back, which I hope will help in completing this. Hope everyone is well and doing better than me :) peace

48. Chapter 48 by OfficeWriter [Reviews - 2] (3190 words)

49. Chapter 49 by OfficeWriter [Reviews - 3] (3226 words)

So close to the end !! So so close!! a couple more chapters left. Leave a comment or PM anything you want to see included in the wrap up. 

Thank you all for sticking with me all the way. 

50. Chapter 50 by OfficeWriter [Reviews - 3] 1 (2134 words)

A/N such a short chapter, and what a struggle. And sorry about the cliffhanger. But here we are. The end is nigh...

(*If anyone is interested the song/lyrics in italics are from a beautiful song called "Walking into Doors." by Archie Roach. What abused person isn't sick of walking into 'doors' ?)

51. Chapter 51 by OfficeWriter [Reviews - 3] (2725 words)

Righto.. this is a little uneven and gave me a headache before it all started flowing. Maybe two or three chapters left now so can wrap things up in the office and other loose ends etc. Thank you for reading something so long and dreary. My gratitude is with you always x

P.s I really don't know if Roy's mother has a first name...?

52. Chapter 52 by OfficeWriter [Reviews - 3] (3446 words)

53. Chapter 53 by OfficeWriter [Reviews - 4] (3141 words)

It's been a while. Jim is having a bad day, mentally, and things also get a tiny bit X... read on or not

I'm so sorry I can't remember who asked about the weather in these two stories but if you are reading this thank you and... yes the weather is representative of the story, i love atmosphere and symbolism and making the environment match/enhance the tone of the scene :)

Also, things might have been off kilter or uneven or out of left field throughout the whole thing. I literally let my gut tell the story, I don't actually plan the chapters, I just follow the characters on their path. Enough rambling anyway. Thank you for reading.

54. Chapter 54 by OfficeWriter [Reviews - 3] (3097 words)

55. Chapter 55 by OfficeWriter [Reviews - 3] 1 (3694 words)
A/N I'm like 99% positive this is the penultimate chapter now. I've struggled a lot with this one and other issues. But hopefully. So hopefully this conclusion is next. Thank you all soooooooo much.

56. Chapter 56 by OfficeWriter [Reviews - 3] (4054 words)

Ok... So this was supposed to be the end chapter. Apologies. One more coming. I decided to split this off here for length purposes and for my own ease. Yes though the next will be the last... I hope! Thanks again

57. Chapter 57 by OfficeWriter [Reviews - 3] 2 (6572 words)

FINALLY! Bittersweet feelings here. This was a tough one. Thank you, thank you, thank you anyone who's read, particulary the dear NewHogfan - you are very appreciated. Warrior, Darjeeling I see you, thank you so much

Expect from me now to be exploring your profies and reading your works... :) I'm so looking forward to it.

This is it thought it might now be so easy to let this pair go... maybe a sneaky one shot now and again... if the motivation takes hold

Anyway, hope I didn't screw this last part up too bad. Eeeek. Thank you everyone once again.