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Pam and Jim had many missed opportunities but fate still brought them together. On Valentine's Day  they realize the first missed opportunity was much earlier when they were just 13 years old at a mutual friend's Bat Mitzvah. An AU like story based in canon. 


No copyright infringement intended.  All I own is a love of these characters.


Rated: K+
Categories: Jim and Pam, Present, Past Characters: Isabel Poreba, Michael, Michael/Holly, Phyllis/Bob Vance
Genres: Childhood
Warnings: None
Challenges: Prior Meeting
Series: Gold Mine
Chapters: 7 Completed: Yes
Word count: 10615 Read: 4198 ePub Downloads: 6
Published: November 17, 2020 Updated: November 29, 2020
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Story Notes:

Another spin-off in the Gold Mine series, this story came about because in Chapter 9 of All that Glitters, we learn Michael almost threw himself a Bar Mitzvah. Jim and Pam discuss the ones they had gone to as kids and wonder if they had ever gone to one of the same ones. After thinking about it and talking it over in a Friday night forum, it was decided it would be fun if they did.

I was inspired by an old episode of Mad About You (season2/episode 7), my own memories of going to Bar and Bat Mitzvahs and watching my own kids have and go to them. I owe a lot of thanks to my sons for helping me get into the mindset of a 13-year-old boy.

1. The Butterfly Effect by Maxine Abbott [Reviews - 3] 4 (1720 words)
Pam’s just returned from traveling with Michael – middle of season 5. 

2. Valentine’s with the Vance's by Maxine Abbott [Reviews - 3] 1 (1831 words)
Still a little more set up – but something has to get us from now to then.

3. Pop-a Shot and Salty Coke by Maxine Abbott [Reviews - 3] 3 (1881 words)

I was going to wait until after work to post this update but I figured why not do it this morning - um to review it one more time for typos - hoping it's not littered with them...

Think back to 1991…no cell phones (at least for 13-year-olds), so no snap chat or tik-toks or whatever they're into now. But kids were still kids. 

4. Snowballs and an Eternal Flame by Maxine Abbott [Reviews - 2] 2 (1643 words)

So I have to be honest, I don’t remember doing the Snowball dance- not sure if it's a new thing but I like the idea of it so it's part of this story.

I do remember playing lots of games which they still do today. and through my kids I've relived the experience at a one of these parties.

5. Jelly Belly Jelly Beans by Maxine Abbott [Reviews - 3] 1 (1662 words)
I don’t think I need to say more than the title already does.

6. Meant to Be by Maxine Abbott [Reviews - 3] 1 (1189 words)

Again, I have to hand it to my son for some of the antics – and again hoping he knows enough to stay out of trouble at parties (now that he’s older I’ve got worse things to worry about than paper towel bombs)


7. Epilogue by Maxine Abbott [Reviews - 3] 4 (689 words)

Ok  - so it turns out this wasn't done - I didn't lie - I thought it was but came to realize the ending maybe wasn't as clear for readers as it was in my head so I added this coda to help wrap it up. And with the addition, the story I hope is maybe even a little richer for it.

It's roughly 2 years later...