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Summary: It’s not a Mother’s Day fic, but it’s pretty close. Three responses to the 55 word-challenge, all involving a line that should have been called back but never was.
Rated: K
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Genres: Fluff, Married, Pregnancy/Babies
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Published: May 09, 2021 Updated: May 09, 2021
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1. Soccer Moms by nicemorningtoo [Reviews - 4] 10 (55 words)

Thank you TPB for coming up with the idea to callback the line, WW for the idea to make them 55 word-challenges, and Aly for just tagging along so we could get most of the quote through chapter titles.


Disclaimer: We own nothing, unfortunately.  

2. NASCAR Moms by ThePinkButterfly [Reviews - 4] 10 (55 words)

3. Any type of mom, really. by WanderingWatchtower [Reviews - 10] 12 (55 words)