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Summary: A shared secret leads to a decision that just might change everything on Valentine's Day.
Rated: K
Categories: Jim and Pam, Episode Related Characters: Jim/Pam, Pam/Roy
Genres: Fluff, Holiday
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Published: February 10, 2022 Updated: February 10, 2022
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Story Notes:

I'm back after little break with some more procrasti-writing - this time brought on from thoughts of an upcoming holiday and inability to focus on editing my next chapter.

For this one I gotta say thanks to DJC again for giving this an early look - and to Brian (Baumgartner) for sharing his interview with the actor who portrayed a certain, Meathead, which I borrowed some thoughts from.

Standard disclaimer applies - I don't own anything but love for the characters (well most of them, meathead excluded although I am a fan of the actor who played him.)


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Happy Valentine's Day MTT