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Author's Chapter Notes:

Thank you for the very unexpected love, I was unsure of this fic but apparently people wanted more?! I love the attention so more you shall get :) And with that said, I bring to you... THE HALPERT FAMILY WHATSAPP GROUP CHAT!


I own nothing but I do have a mom who assumes I'm dead when I don't reply after two seconds.

Halpert Family + Mark

Gerald the Father, Mother, Mistake 1, Mistake 2, Mistake 1’s Wife, Mistake 2’s Wife, Mark, you


14:48 Mother

I have lots of prepared food that needs to be eaten as Paul and family were supposed to be coming over but had to cancel. Would be lovely to have everyone round tonight, we haven’t done a Halpert Friday since Tom’s birthday.


15:03 Mother



15:13 Mistake 1’s Wife

Tom and I will be there. Thank you, Betsy.


15:13 Mother



15:34 Mistake 2

Free food? Hell yeah.


15:34 Mother

Food tastes better when you eat your family… So true

Eat with your family. 🤣🤣🤣🤣 Sorry.


15:42 Gerald the Father

Why can’t Paul make it?


15:44 Mother

His daughter has a stomach bug.


15:47 Gerald the Father



16:02 Mother

@Jim Halpert See you tonight?

@Mark Can you find out if Jimmy is coming for dinner please.


16:06 Mark

I’m in New York at the moment, sorry Betsy.


16:06 Mother

Hope you’re having a nice time, Mark. Would you like to come for dinner tonight?


16:08 Mark

I’ll be here all weekend, but thank you for the invite.


16:08 Mother



16:37 Mother



16:53 Gerald the Father

@Jim Halpert answer your mother. 


16:56 Mistake 2

@Jim Halpert answer Mom you naughty boy


17:02 You

Oh man

I was at work sorry for the late reply.

I would love to come for dinner but I have plans tonight.


17:03 Mother



17:18 You

Sorry Mom, next time <3


17:20 Mother

What are you doing tonight?


17:24 You

Meeting up with friends for basketball and then drinks


17:25 Mother



18:43 Gerald the Father


Raccoon heard about the food.


18:45 Mother



19:13 Mistake 1

On our way.


19:14 Mother

Drive safe.


22:37 You

You deleted a message


22:37 Mother

What did that mean?


22:37 You

Sorry Mom, that wasn’t meant for you guys


22:37 Mother



22:56 Gerald the Father

@Jim Halpert are you drunk? You are worrying your mother.


23:04 You

No, not drunk. I clicked on the wrong chat by accident.


08:56 Mother

Thank you all for coming last night. @Jim Halpert are you okay? I will bring leftovers for you on my way to Aunt Julia’s. 


10:29 Mother

On my way @Jim Halpert 


10:42 Mother

@Jim Halpert Where are you? No car on the drive.


10:44 Gerald the Father

@Jim Halpert Answer your phone.


10:46 Mother

@Jim Halpert Left behind the bush.


10:49 Mistake 2

Jimmy missed curfew. Ground him!


10:51 Gerald the Father

Shut up Pete. Your mother is worried.


10:53 Mistake 2’s Wife

Don’t panic Betsy, I bet he stopped on a friend’s sofa as he got back late.


10:55 Mistake 1

Jimmy got some.


10:58 Mother

@Mark Do you know where Jimmy is?


11:12 Mark

No, I’m in New York, sorry.


11:12 Mother

Oh yes, have a nice time.


11:29 Mother

Worried about Jimmy.


11:34 Mistake 2’s Wife



11:52 Mother

Leaving Julia. Will drive by the river, what if he stumbled in there last night?


11:53 You


I don’t go anywhere near the river when I go to basketball Mom


11:54 Mother

Where have you been?


11:55 You replied to Mistake 2’s Wife

“Don’t panic Betsy, I bet he stopped on a friend’s sofa as he got back late.”

— I stopped on Jason’s sofa, had beers at his after Poor Richards


11:58 Gerald the Father

Are you lying to your mother, Jim?


12:00 Mistake 1

Poor Jimmy. Can a guy not have a one night stand without being questioned by his parents? 

Let him do the walk of shame in peace guys.


12:01 Mother


Would she like any leftovers Jim? 


12:03 You

 @Tom Halpert 👎👎👎👎

Chapter End Notes:
I'm still on hiatus btw... 

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