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you know what they say about having a six foot handsome man on your doorstep

Rated: K
Categories: Jim and Pam, Alternate Universe Characters: Jim/Pam
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Warnings: Mild sexual content
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Published: November 10, 2022 Updated: November 14, 2022
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Story Notes:

It may be short but I hope it’s not underwhelming… THAT’S WHAT SHE SAID

Happy birthday mrsk, thank you for being the internet mom friend that this mom respecter needs. 

Thank you for replacing my usual beta agx and Cheryl :) 

1. Chapter 1 by Yellowberry22 [Reviews - 12] 21 (414 words)

2. Chapter 2 by Yellowberry22 [Reviews - 7] 7 (510 words)

Thank you for the very unexpected love, I was unsure of this fic but apparently people wanted more?! I love the attention so more you shall get :) And with that said, I bring to you... THE HALPERT FAMILY WHATSAPP GROUP CHAT!


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