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Story Notes:

Thank you thank you to YB and RD for all their help on this and mainly putting up with me and my moaning. I really promise to try to not do this again.

I don't own anything here, but did get the cutest little Valentine's Day card today. 

Author's Chapter Notes:
Jim and Pam's first ever Valentine's Days


It was 4th grade and her name was Susie. Jim had spent the whole week before Valentine's Day trying to talk to her, but each time he did, something would happen. The first time, he tripped on his untied shoelace. The next, Tom Witochkin kicked a soccer ball at his head and he had to go see the nurse. And then finally, when he'd really worked up the courage, he walked over to her, but Amy Matthews pushed him away calling him ‘stinky Jimmy Halpert, and tugged on Susie's arm to come and play hopscotch with her. 

It was Jim's mother who had urged him to give Susie a Valentine's Day present. "Why don't you write her a poem?" Betsy Halpert had suggested the day before Valentine's Day after Jim had spent the whole week talking about her, despite the teasing from his brothers. 

"Noooo mom," Jim had whined at her. "That's so embarrassing." Which is how they eventually settled on Betsy driving Jim to the store to buy some Valentine's Day candy. He'd eventually chosen a small, red, heart shaped box filled with milk chocolate truffles, even though he wasn't entirely sure what a truffle was, and used two weeks of his allowance to pay for it. 

The next day at school, Jim spent all morning nervously staring over at Susie's desk, and wiping his sweaty palms on his jeans. As the bell for recess rang out, Jim's heart was racing and he watched Susie skip out of the classroom into the hallway. He reached down into his backpack that was underneath his desk and pulled out the small box of candy. With shaking hands, he walked over to her desk and was about to leave it there, but he took a deep breath and walked out to the playground, taking the candy with him,

He slowly walked over to where Susie was sitting on a bench reading a Judy Blume book and stood in front of her, the box of candy thrust out towards her in his outstretched hand. She looked up at him and then down to the heart shaped box, before closing her book and looking back up at him. She gingerly took the gift and opened it silently. She took out one chocolate and gave it to Jim and then took out another for herself, before closing the lid of the box and shuffling up the bench slightly so that Jim could sit down next to her. They both ate their chocolates in silence, and after what seemed like an eternity, Susie turned and gave Jim a peck on the cheek before running off to the other side of the playground without saying a word.  

Jim sat on the bench until he heard the bell ring, confused as to what had happened. His fingers touched the spot where Susie had kissed him, now slightly sticky with chocolate and wondered if he'd ever get another Valentine's Day kiss again.



Pam didn't like Valentine's Day. At six years old, this she was sure of. The year before, she didn't really know what was going on, but she remembered watching her best friend Isabel receive three red roses and a box of candy from four different boys and she didn't know why. She stayed at the edge of the playground, wondering why people were giving out presents to just some people and if someone would come over with a gift for her. But no one did. She wondered if Tommy Sanders might give her something, because he had told her that her drawing of an astronaut looked really great, and that he liked a doodle she'd done in her math book. But he didn't. At the end of the day, she caught the bus home, and sat staring out of the window, wondering what was going on and why she didn't get any candy.

But this year, Pam knew what Valentine's Day, and she wasn't going to enjoy it. She'd made sure of it. She didn't brush her hair, pulled on her jeans that had the most holes in, and furrowed her eyebrows. That would be her Valentine's Day look, and she wanted everyone to see that she didn't care about this stupid holiday. She'd never had a real Valentine's Day, and she never would.

By lunch, she felt justified in her bad mood. Not a single boy had come over to give Pam so much as a smile, despite Isabel yet again receiving multiple roses and cards. So after she finished her peanut butter and jelly sandwich, Pam threw her paper bag in the bin and went to sulk in her classroom. Just as she was working on her science homework, Pam felt a presence looming over her. She looked up slowly to find a pair of bright blue eyes under a sandy mop of hair staring at her. 

"Here you go," Tommy Sanders said, holding out a rose to her. 

Pam took the flower with shaking hands, staring at it in wonder. She looked up at Tommy and tried to say something, but no words would come out of her mouth. He stood there awkwardly, shifting from foot to foot with his hands stuffed into the pockets of his brown cord pants as if he were waiting for something. As Pam was desperately trying to get out the words ‘thank you', Tommy turned and walked out of the classroom. 

"Wait!" Pam shouted. She lifted the lid to her desk and pulled out a piece of paper. Tommy stopped and stared at her from the doorway. Pam quickly folded the paper in half and drew a large bee on the front, surrounded by hearts. As Tommy walked back towards her desk, she opened the paper and inside wrote ‘Will you bee mine? Happy Valentine's Day! Love, Pam'. He stood next to her desk, and Pam quickly thrust the homemade card into his hand.  

Tommy looked at the card with a scrunched up nose. "No candy?" he asked, looking from the card that he hadn't opened to Pam's earnestly waiting gaze. She shook her head slightly, causing Tommy to once again turn and head to the door, dropping the card onto a desk as he passed it.

Pam frowned and looked back down at her science homework. As hard as she tried to concentrate on writing about what makes a plant grow, Pam couldn't help but wonder if she'd ever have a good Valentine's Day.

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