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Author's Chapter Notes:

Company Picnic follow up d84;a039; 

He would never, ever, in a million lifetimes, forget this moment.

Pam, sitting in her silly ‘Scranton’ t-shirt and pink zip, smiling at him.  

Smiling at him as he registered what the ER doctor had just said.  


Pam is pregnant.

She is pregnant, with our baby.

In that moment, her face all lit up (not at all from having been in the sun playing volleyball all day) and glowing, was the most perfect moment of his whole life.  

He thought he had loved Pam.  


Until that moment, through all the moments they had been through up to that moment, he thought he loved her.  

Paper doves.  Teal teapots.  Yogurt lid medals.

Stolen kisses, moves to get away, missed opportunities.

Roy, Katy, Karen, Roy.

They came through all that.  

Managed to clear away all the moments that took them away, and make new moments that brought them here.

And, it wasn’t until this moment, right now, that he found a whole new level of love for Pam Beesly. 

Nothing more amazing could happen than this.  

Jim couldn’t stop hugging her, kissing her, tears just on the edge of his eyes, noting every single movement of her body as they walked from the hospital.  

He wanted to carry her to the car.  But she insisted her ankle was fine.  

He wanted to keep her safe.

Wanted to keep them safe.

Their little amazing bundle of cells and their DNA mixed together to become their baby.

He wanted to shout from the bottom of his chest, yell louder than any shout at March Madness, till his chest and heart burst with happiness.  

So he did.

In the parking lot of this middle-of-nowhere hospital, before he opened her door, he wrapped his arms around her and lifted her to swing her around in gleeful happiness and screamed “WE ARE HAVING A BABY!!!!!!!!

No one here knew them.

No one here would give away their new secret.

The whole ride home felt like a dream, their hands intertwined on the console, as the warm sunshine of early summer elevated the already blissful mood of the car.  

Pam had his hand in hers, bringing it to rest on an abdomen that would soon be swelling with their own little goofball.  

Her head leaned back, soaking in the sun, while Jim slowly rubbed her belly willing all his love and commitment to be conveyed there.  

Grow little bit, grow.

When he got them all home….all….not both….all… he decided there was only one place he wanted to be.

He kicked off his sneakers to the closet and she followed suit.  

He took her by the hand and led her upstairs.

To the bathroom they went.  Stripping off sweaty clothes of the day and climbing in for a perfect temperature shower for the warmth of the day.  

Jim loved that she had not stopped smiling.  Had not stopped the satisfied look in her eyes, of peace and contentment. 

They had barely said more words the whole time than ‘a baby’ and ‘oh my goodness’ wince leaving the hospital.  Here, in the safety of their shower, he wanted to show her just how happy he was.  

He washed her hair, massaging conditioner in to her scalp.

Sweet, fruity, smiling body wash was lathered and massaged in to every muscle of her body.  Even her slightly red ankle (note, get an ice pack on that after the shower).

Rinsed and selling amazing, he wrapped her in a towel and coerced her to the living room.  

Feet up, on the ottoman, ice on the ankle, iced lemonade in hand, he settled next to her on the couch.  

“Pam, I….” voice cracking.

“Me too…” smiling tears falling.

“Mommy” “Daddy” said at the same moment.

And Jim cried with her, while they smiled like fools; hands on the little spot where their little bundle was starting its journey to join them.  

Chapter End Notes:

Hope that was a sweet for you, as it was for me.

My dad, in the 70's (before computers & cell phones) could get no one on the phone when he found out he was going to be a dad for the first time.....My mom said he was so excited about me that he opened the window of the house and just SCREAMED it out the window....this was my love letter to him, because I miss him so much. 

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