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Story Notes:
We have all had this discussion with our partners. So have they. 
Author's Chapter Notes:
I don't own anything from this wonderful series. Not even The Lego Office.  

They have fucked.



It's the last visit to the bathroom before bedtime.


For real.

Pam is standing at the foot of the bed, watching it, waiting for Jim to finish in the bathroom.

"Which side of the bed do you prefer?" She asks him as he comes through the door, now dressed in a t-shirt and his boxers on.

"Oh!....mmmm.... I don't care. You get on your usual side and I'll take the other one." Jim looks at both nightstands and can't guess from the things on them which is Pam's usual side.

"I don't want to tell you what my usual side has been for the last ten years. I'll feel weird. Take your pick." She looks at him. They stare at each other for a few seconds. The awkwardness is never going to end tonight. "Wait." She tells him, before Jim can make a move. "I don't want to know what your side has been for the last few months either."

He nods. "We can lie down together and roll around on the bed for five seconds and wherever we land, that's our side."

"What if we fall on top of each other?"

"Hopefully. Because the result is final." He looks at her very serious but with amused eyes.

"You know I might choke to death then?". She raises her eyebrow at him giving emphasis to the problem he poses.

"Or me from pleasure. I don't know which is worse, Pam." She can't take her eyes off him and her smile widens. "Or we can draw lots. If it comes out even, you on the right and me on the left. If it comes out odd, the other way around. Me on the right and you on the left."

"Better." She nods her head.

They both hide their hands behind their backs and count to three. It comes out even. Pam stands on her tiptoes, gives Jim a kiss on the cheek and goes to the right of the bed. Jim to the left. They lie down and cover each other with the sheet and quilt, looking at each other. Several seconds. They smile at each other. Perhaps remembering what happened minutes before. Hours before. Pam reaches back and turns off the light on the nightstand, and returns to her original position facing Jim. She feels his arm around her waist.

She closes her eyes to fall asleep, but opens them after five minutes. She distinguishes the gleam of Jim's eyes in the gloom, and knows he is awake too.

"Shall we change?" she asks him in a whisper.


It's Jim who jumps over Pam, as she crawls to the other side of the bed.

She arranges her pillow. She picks up her usual posture and now she is really comfortable in her bed. She reaches up to Jim's face and kisses him on the mouth. He kisses her back, but she knows he already has his eyes closed. His arm comes back around her waist and pulls her closer. Just a little more.

Before she goes to sleep she thinks they are so perfect together, they didn't even have to fight over the best side of the bed.

Chapter End Notes:
My idea was that Jim would say they could roll around on the bed like a croquette ("hacer la croqueta", in Spanish). But it doesn't make sense if Jim and Pam most likely don't know what a croquette is. 
Sorry for any misuse of English I may have made.

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