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Story Notes:

Happiest of birthdays to IRWT! This may be the filthiest thing I've ever written, and I wouldn't have done it for anyone else. I hope you enjoy all the rest of this, that will make no sense to anyone else, but hey, it's not their birthday.

But also, to the rest of you, I hope you like this *wink* 

Thanks to RD and YB for their help on this! Lord knows if I've even written it properly. I don't own anything here, although I guess maybe this story now. Unless someone else wants it?

Author's Chapter Notes:
Set in both The Tired Mom's Club and A Dandy Daddy Christmas worlds. 

"Do we really have to go?" Jim whined, pulling his dark grey sweater over his head as he walked into the en-suite bathroom from the guest bedroom at his parents' house. 

"Come on, you know we do," Pam replied, her gaze fixed on her reflection in the mirror while she applied her mascara. 

"But it's my birthday," he sulked. 

"Babe, your birthday is tomorrow." 

"I know, but it's Saturday night," he said as he moved behind Pam, who was bent forward over the sink, and wrapped his arms around her, "and my parents are watching the kids. And there's definitely another way I'd prefer to celebrate my birthday." He grinded himself ever so slightly against her. 

"I know, but you'll get your birthday brunch tomorrow," she grinned as she turned in his arms. 

Jim raised one eyebrow at her. "Not what I meant Beesly."

"I know," she smiled, wrapping her arms around his neck, while he pulled her closer to him by her hips. "I'm sure there's going to be plenty of time to celebrate exactly the way you want." 

"At Kevin's bar?" he said, his eyebrow rising again. 

Pam pulled him down slightly. "You never know," she whispered against his ear, before pulling his lobe between her teeth ever so slightly.

Jim lowered his head to her shoulder and groaned into her neck. "You're killing me, you know that right?" 

"Hopefully not just yet," she grinned, palming the front of his jeans between them. "I think I'd miss this." She gave him a small squeeze, feeling him harden slightly under her touch. "Come on, we don't want to be late." 

"Are you sure about that?" he asked, brushing her hair away from her neck so he could kiss the sensitive skin there.

"No, but the girls will kill me if I'm late," she sighed with her eyes closed, enjoying the feeling of Jim's lips on her throat and the tickle of his trimmed beard on her skin.

"The Tired Moms?" Jim laughed against her neck.

"Well, minus Holly, but yeah. Meredith has been messaging all day to make sure we're all gonna be there, and Nellie's finally found a babysitter that doesn't seem to mind the farting. And you know how Angela feels about tardiness," she said with a roll of her eyes.

Jim laughed, before pressing a last kiss to Pam's cheek and turning to head to the door. "Alright, let's go say goodnight to the kids before we go."

"What a good daddy," Pam purred.

As soon as she said it, she realised what she'd triggered. This wasn't a new thing for him. For them, actually. It just wasn't something that happened often, but when it did, it was absolutely mindblowing. Pam rarely called him ‘daddy', always ‘dad', but whenever she did, it always brought them both back to that first Christmas at Athlead. She held her breath in anticipation of what she knew was about to come.

Jim turned around, his eyes dark. He stalked towards Pam, backing her into the wall. "What did you say?" he growled. 

Pam instantly felt herself get wet at his voice. He was holding her hip tight in one hand, pushing her against the white tiles of the guest bathroom with his body, making sure she could feel how hard he was. She looked up at him, but was concentrating on his other hand that had moved up to squeeze her breast. All she could think was how she wanted Jim to fuck her against the wall or bend her over the overstuffed chair in the corner of the bedroom, and she couldn't form a sentance. 

Jim's hand moved higher and lightly wrapped around her throat. "I said, what did you say?" he asked with a gravelly voice, thick with lust. He squeezed her neck ever so slightly, causing Pam to whimper. 

"Wha-what a good daddy," she managed to spit out, wondering how the hell she was still able to stand upright. 

Jim moved his hand down to the neckline of her black dress and pulled it down. He slowly kissed his way down her neck, the soft hair of his closely trimmed beard lightly scratching her skin. When he reached the dip above her collarbone, he sucked hard, causing Pam to moan. "You want daddy to fuck you tonight?" he harshly whispered against her skin. 

"Yes, god, please," she moaned, trying to pull her closer to him. She felt the loss of his touch against her and looked up to see what happened. He was staring at her, his nostrils flared and a wild look in his eyes. "I mean, yes daddy, I want you to fuck me, har..."  

Jim cut her off, crashing his mouth down on hers as his hand immediately found the hem of her short dress and pushed it upwards. He found the top of her pantyhose and slipped his hand inside, moving it straight to between her legs. He lightly rubbed the lacy material of her panties. "Jesus Christ, you're soaking. Has daddy got you this wet already?" Pam could only whimper and nod slightly as Jim pulled her wet panties to the side and rubbed one finger lightly along her dripping slit. "God, I can't wait to fuck you," he said as he pushed his finger slowly inside of her. 

"Yes," she breathed as her hands scrambled to pull down her pantyhose, with Jim's hand still inside her panties, two fingers now pumping in and out of her. Once they were down around her knees, Pam started to fumble with Jim's belt. When she couldn't quite snap the leather through the buckle, Jim pulled his hand out to help, stopping to suck his fingers clean on the way.

"Fuck, you taste so good," he moaned as he pulled his fingers from his mouth. "Want daddy to eat your pussy?" Pam nodded frantically as she tried to push her pantyhose lower. "Say it," he commanded.

"Please lick my pussy daddy," she whimpered, as Jim sucked hard on her neck.

He squeezed her breast as he moved to kneel on the floor in front of her, pulling her panties down as he went. He touched his tongue to Pam's clit, and gave it the smallest flick, causing her to hiss a breath inwards, but was interrupted by a rapping at the bedroom door.

"Shit," Pam whispered loudly, her head thrown back against the tiles in frustration. 

"Dammit," Jim sighed, resting his head against Pam's leg for a moment. "I'll be right there," he shouted out so that the person on the other side of the door wouldn't try to barge in. He reluctantly stood and pushed his belt back through the buckle. "To be continued?" he shrugged at Pam as she pulled her panties back up.

"Definitely daddy," she grinned, causing Jim to groan up to the ceiling. 


As soon as they entered Kevin's new bar, their old friends immediately started trying to get Jim and Pam's attention. Meredith wanted to give Pam a shot, Andy was trying to sing his newest acapella arrangement single handedly to Jim and Nellie kept drunkenly hugging Pam. 

"I've missed you," Nellie shouted at Pam, oblivious to how loud her voice was. "WhatsApp isn't the same as real life." 

"I know, it sucks, it really does," Pam agreed as she tried to wiggle out of Nellie's bear hug.

"Here take this," Meredith said, thrusting a clear coloured shot at Pam's hand that wasn't trapped by Nellie. 

"Oh no, I really shouldn't..." Pam tried to say.

"Don't wanna hear it," Meredith shot back, holding her small glass in the air. "You gotta catch us up." Nellie suddenly straightened up, and took a shot, seemingly from nowhere, and held it in the air alongside Meredith. 

"Ok, fine," Pam relented, taking the shot from Meredith. She held it up in the air with her friends. 

"To the Tired Moms," Meredith said.

"To the Tired Moms," Pam and Nellie repeated, as the three of them clinked their glasses together, before knocking the shots back. 

Pam winced as she felt the alcohol slide down her throat. "So where's Angela?" she asked, craning her neck to look around the crowded bar.

"She's somewhere in the back over there," Nellie said, pointing towards the back of the bar. "But she's not drinking," she said into her glass of wine, whilst raising an eyebrow at Pam. 

"Yeah, she's totally knocked up again," Meredith shouted. 

"Shhh," Nellie hissed. 

"Oh wow!" Pam smiled. "Ok, I'm gonna go find her, and also go say hi to Kevin." She looked around the bar to get her bearings, and noticed Jim trapped in the corner by Andy. "And rescue Jim. I'll see you guys in a bit." 

She snaked her way through the crowded bar, smiling at old acquaintances as she went, until she reached Jim and Andy. Pam tapped Andy on the shoulder, and he turned around in delight.

"Pam!" he shrieked, immediately pulling her into a hug. "How you doing?" 

"I'm great, and I would love to catch up with you right now, but I really need to borrow Jim for just a second. We'll be right back I promise," she said sweetly, reaching for Jim's hand. 

"Oh no worries. I've gotta go practise my solo for Happy Birth," Andy said, before covering his mouth and quickly turning to walk over to talk to Stanley, who in response, turned his back on Andy.  

Jim stood there for a moment, confused at what Andy was talking about, but shook it off. "Thank you," he whispered to Pam as he followed her to the large mahogany bar.

"Anytime dad..." she began to say but was cut off by Kevin shouting and waving at them. She grinned back towards Jim, who had pursed his lips shut as he inhaled in frustration.  

They reached the bar, with Pam in front, and Jim pushed himself against her so that she was sandwiched between him and the counter. He snaked his hand around to her hip and pulled her back against him, so that she could feel even what the hint of that word had done to him. She placed her hand on top of his and squeezed, as she rocked herself backwards slightly against him. 

"Kevin!" Pam shouted across the bar. 

"You guys made it!" Kevin beamed back.

"Of course man, we wouldn't miss it for the world," Jim said with a smile as he reached out to grab Kevin's hand. The couple next to him moved, freeing up two seats at the bar, which Jim quickly jumped at. Pam hopped up onto the bar stool, adjusting her legs so that her knee was resting against the inside of Jim's thigh. He put his hand on her leg and began to gently stroke her. 

"Congratulations," Pam smiled. "A second bar? That's amazing."  

"Well, it just kind of made sense," Kevin shrugged. "I had so many people coming to the bar to see me after the show aired, so I figured, why not open another one and they could come see me here too. Double the money. It's just math," he nodded slowly.

"That it is," Jim agreed. 

"And great name, ‘Malone's'," Pam said, making a rainbow with hands. 

"I named it after my cousin, Post."

"You know that's your last name too right?" Pam asked. 

Kevin thought for a second. "Oh yeah," he drawled. 

"Ok wait," Jim said, butting in, his hands cutting through the air in front of him. "Post Malone is your cousin?"

"Oh yeah," Kevin said, with a smug nod, crossing his arms against his chest.

"Oh I love that song he did," Pam excitedly said, sitting up straighter on her stool. "What was it? White something?" 

"White Iverson," Jim supplied. 

"Is he coming tonight for the opening?" Pam asked, looking around as if trying to spot the rapper. 

"Uhh," Kevin stalled, looking sheepish. "Well, you know. The thing is. It's more like. We're cousins, my mom told me, so we're definitely cousins. But maybe he doesn't, uhh, know who I am exactly." 

"Why'd you name the bar after him?" Pam asked, clearly confused. 

"So what's good to drink here?" Jim asked, cutting in to stop Kevin's embarrassment. 

"The Moscow Mule is my signature cocktail," Kevin said proudly, regaining his confidence. 

"Aright, well we'll take two of those," Jim said as he slid his hand back onto Pam's leg, but slightly higher this time, his fingertips just sneaking under the hem of her tight black dress. He absentmindedly began to stroke her softly. 

Pam bit her lip at Jim's touch and tried to stare straight ahead at Kevin as she watched him pour vodka, ginger beer and lime juice into two copper mugs. Jim and Kevin were talking about their fantasy football drafts, but Pam tuned them out and concentrated solely on Jim's touch. An ache shot straight through her, and all she could think about was their interrupted moment before leaving the house. She breathed deeply, remembering where Jim's tongue had been for the briefest of moments, and before she knew it, she felt herself getting wet again. Pam rocked forward in her seat, as if looking for the tiniest bit of friction, and it nudged Jim's hand ever so slightly. He turned to look at her, and immediately saw the look of lust that had overtaken her face. Looking him straight in the eye as he continued talking to Kevin, Pam moved Jim's hand higher underneath her dress, pulling her purse onto her lap so no one could see. She spread her legs ever so slightly, allowing him to go further. She held her breath, waiting to feel the tips of Jim's fingers through the damp fabric of her panties.

"Alright, two Moscow Mules," Kevin said, placing the cups down on the bar, sloshing some of the drink over the sides of the copper mugs.

Pam immediately snapped her legs shut, slightly trapping Jim's hand, as if the realisation of what they were doing had just hit her. He managed to wiggle his hand out from between her legs, and grabbed the drink. "To Malone's," he said, holding the mug up in the air. "All the Malones." 

"To Malone's," Pam added, smiling at Kevin.

"Nice to see you finally made it," Dwight said as he approached Jim and Pam, looking at his watch. "The invitation said from 7pm, and it is 8.32pm." 

"What did you expect? They were always late to the office," Angela chipped in as she appeared at Dwight's side.

"Nice to see you too, guys," Jim deadpanned.

"Stop," Pam whispered to Jim, standing and swatting him on the arm. "It's so good to see you both," she said to Dwight and Angela, before giving Angela a hug that was unreciprocated. "Here, why don't you take my seat," she offered, holding her hand out towards her seat so that Angela would sit down. 

"Thank you," Angela replied politely, sitting down on the newly vacant chair.

"You're welcome," Pam smiled as she moved to stand between Jim's legs where he was seated on the tall bar stool. He instinctively put his hand on her hip and pulled her back against his chest. She leaned into his touch, feeling the warmth of him, and placed her hand over his. 

"Happy birthday Jim," Angela said quietly to Jim as she arranged her purse on her lap. 

"No, no," Dwight butt in before Jim could say anything. "His birthday is not until tomorrow. Do not wish him any happiness."

"Well thanks Dwight. So, what's new with you?" Jim asked Dwight after he took a sip of his Moscow Mule.

"We purchased a new horse," Dwight said very matter of factly. "The old one needed to be put down. There's only so much you can do with a three legged horse." 

"Oh we just got a new pet too!" Pam said excitedly.

"Our horse is not a pet Pam," Angela snarled. "It's an integral part of the smooth running of Schrute Farms." 

"Ok, well," Pam said with a slight roll of her eyes, "we just got a new parakeet. Cece really wanted an emu, but that was clearly never gonna happen," she laughed. "But you know, Jim is such a good daddy, so he took her to pick out a smaller bird." As she said the word ‘daddy', Pam felt Jim's fingers curl harder around her hip bone, pulling her even closer to him. 

"Be more specific Pam," Dwight cut in. "A parakeet is not a type of bird, it's any type of small to medium parrot with a long tail. So what did you purchase?"

"Umm," Pam murmured, trying to think. "Jim?"

"Uh, it's green," Jim offered up. 

"Cece will be most disappointed in her father than he cannot even identify the pet that he purchased correctly," Dwight said, shaking his head. 

"No, Jim is a great daddy," Pam said as innocently as she could, as Jim's legs tightened around her. Dwight began droning on with his rebuttal of why Jim actually wasn't a great father figure. 

Jim leaned forward and slightly pushed Pam's hair aside. "You're treading on dangerous ground there Beesly," he whispered, hoping Dwight hadn't noticed that he wasn't listening.

Pam turned her head slightly and whispered back to him, "I'm so sorry daddy. Is there anything I can do to be a good girl for you?"  

Jim just about lost it there, shuffling forward in his seat so that he could grind his hardening cock against Pam. "I think you're gonna have to come with me so daddy can show you the right way to behave."

"Are you two even listening to me?" Dwight said loudly, breaking Jim and Pam from their whispers.

"Um, yeah," Jim said, "give it lots of bread to eat." He pulled Pam flush against him and moved as inconspicuously as he could, looking for the tiniest bit of release.

"Idiot," Dwight snapped. "I said don't give it bread to eat."

"Ok, no bread, got it," Jim agreed quickly. "Hey, do you guys want a drink? Have you caught up with Kevin?" he asked, trying to change the subject and distract Dwight and Angela so that he could make an escape with Pam.

"No," Dwight and Angela both replied at the same time.

Before Jim could so much as push Pam forward slightly so that he could jump off the bar stool and take her somewhere, anywhere, to deal with what she had done to his cock, the lights in the bar dimmed. Jim looked around the darkened bar, confused as to what was going on. He glanced down at Pam who was grinning with her tongue between her teeth, before the drone of singing started, and he now realised what Andy was talking about earlier. He looked up to see his friends and old colleagues, plus other random people in the bar, singing him happy birthday. They slowly parted, allowing Andy through as he made his way towards Jim holding a large birthday cake. Jim stood awkwardly with Pam's hands wrapped around his arm, giddily jumping up and down next to him in excitement. Andy finally reached Jim and stood in front of him, singing a harmony to everybody else's version of Happy Birthday. 

"Did you know about this?" Jim whispered to Pam as the singing continued. She grinned up at him. "I hate you."

"I'm sorry daddy," she pouted. "I didn't mean to be a bad girl. Does daddy want to punish me?" 

"Daddy is going to..." Jim began to say through gritted teeth against her ear, but the singing ended and he snapped back into position, a smile plastered on his face. "Wow, thank you everyone," he said loudly enough for the people immediately around him to hear.

"Speech, speech," Andy shouted through the side of his mouth, as if pretending it wasn't him.

"Uhh," Jim stuttered, completely taken by surprise and unsure of what to say. "You know, this is Kevin's big night, not mine. It really should be him making the speech." Everyone turned towards the bar to look at Kevin, who pulled up a step behind the bar and attempted to climb up onto the wooden counter. With all eyes on Kevin who was ungracefully clambering onto the bar, knocking bottles with his knees and feet as he went, Jim found Pam's elbow and used it to turn her around. "You're coming with daddy," he growled, low enough that only she could hear it. 

Pam looked up to see the same fire in Jim's eyes that had been there earlier in the bathroom. She nodded and felt Jim push her forward towards the back of the bar, away from where everyone was still staring at Kevin. With his hand on the small of her back, the gentleness in the way he was guiding her was juxtaposed with the unspeakable things that he was about to do to her, and Pam couldn't wait. They found themselves in a small corridor that led to the kitchen, the doors to several individual restrooms lining the wall. Jim placed his hand on the doorknob and turned it. When the door opened, he looked left and right, before grabbing Pam's hand and pulling her into the small room with him. As soon as they were inside, Jim slammed the door and pushed Pam up against the dark wood.

"You've been such a bad girl tonight," he said into her neck as he began sucking his way down. 

"I'm so sorry daddy," Pam groaned as Jim palmed her breast over her dress. "I just want to be a good girl for you."  

"Such a good girl for me," Jim breathed as his thumb began to rub back and forth over Pam's hard nipple through the black fabric of her dress. She reached behind to pull the zipper of her dress down, and even before she could shrug her shoulders out of the material, Jim was pawing at it, pulling it down to reveal her lacy black bra. He ducked his head to her chest as his hands flew to unclasp her bra, kissing his way down her breasts as they were finally revealed to him. He threw her bra on the floor behind him as he took one of her nipples in his mouth and began to flick it with his tongue.  

"Oh god," Pam groaned, palming the back of Jim's head to hold him to her. His hand found her other nipple and circled it with his thumb.  

"You like that?" Jim asked as he switched his mouth and his thumb, kissing his way between Pam's nipples. 

"Yes daddy," she breathed, her head tilted back against the door. As he resumed his sucking and licking, Pam felt Jim's hand work its way down her body, cupping her ass before moving down her legs until he found the hem of her dress. He painstakingly inched his hand up the inside of her legs, Pam trembling in anticipation, as he kissed his way back to her lips. He slowly pulled her pantyhose all the way down, before removing them and her shoes. He slid his hand back up her thigh, moving higher this time. 

"Good girl," Jim said as Pam spread her legs a little so he could reach the lace of her wet panties. "Still so wet for daddy huh?" he asked as he began to lightly stroke her. 

"Mmm," was all that Pam could groan out.

"Should I make you come now?" he whispered to her, before pulling her earlobe gently between his teeth, just as she had done earlier that evening to him. 

"Yes please daddy," she whimpered, already feeling like a complete wreck before she'd barely been touched. 

"But you've been such a bad girl tonight," he said as he gently pushed the wet black lace between her legs aside. "Do you think bad girls get to come so easily?" He traced the length of her entrance with his fingertip, barely dipping inside of her. Pam only whimpered again, desperate to have more of Jim inside of her.  

"Please daddy," she begged.

He kissed her gently, one hand coming up to cup her cheek, his thumb gently stroking her skin. His other hand continued its slow teasing underneath her dress, until he finally pushed two fingers inside of her, causing her to loudly moan into their kiss. "Shhh baby, you've got to be quiet. I thought you were going to be a good girl?" 

"I'm sorry daddy," she whispered against his mouth. 

Jim pulled away from their kiss, breathing hard. The hand that had been caressing her face stilled, and he stretched his thumb over to pull Pam's bottom lip down. He slowly eased his thumb into her mouth, and she began to suck it as she stared up at him, her pupils completely blown. "Show me how sorry you are," he said, pulling his thumb out. "You gonna get on your knees and suck daddy's dick?"

"Yes daddy," she answered, her hand immediately flying to Jim's belt. This time she had no problem pulling the leather through the metal, and as soon as she had the top button open, Jim's erection was straining so hard against the zipper that it practically pulled it down. Together, they pushed his jeans and black boxer briefs down past his hips, his rock hard cock finally freed. Pam took his base in her hand and stuck her tongue out to lick his tip as she looked up at Jim with big eyes. 

"Good girl," Jim growled as he watched Pam suck on the head of his cock, with her hand quickly moving up and down the rest of his shaft. She then moved her hand out of the way, placing one on Jim's hips as she slowly, painstakingly slowly, moved her head further down, taking more and more of him down her throat whilst her other hand stroked his balls. "Oh shit, Pam," Jim groaned as he palmed the back of her head and began thrusting carefully so he wouldn't hurt her. "Oh god, oh god. Ok, you gotta stop," he said, quickly pulling back from Pam's mouth.

She looked up at him from her knees. "Are you sure daddy?" she asked innocently, before taking his cock back into her mouth as far as she possibly could. She bobbed back and forth quickly, pulling Jim in further and further, until finally she gagged and pulled away coughing. 

"Shit, are you ok?" Jim asked, quickly dropping to his knees, the sex crazed mood suddenly forgotten. He held one of Pam's hands and rubbed her back until her spluttering slowed. "Beesly, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to hurt you, I got too carried away. Are you ok?" 

Pam looked up at him with a big smile, despite the watery eyes and kissed him hard. "You didn't hurt me daddy, I liked it," she purred.

"Oh yeah?" he asked, getting back into their roleplay. "You want some more of daddy's dick?"

"God yes," Pam groaned as she sucked on his neck. 

Jim pinched one of her nipples more roughly than before, causing her to gasp and look up at him. He had one eyebrow raised expectantly. "I'm waiting," he said, pulling her sensitive bud again. 

"I want your dick daddy," she said, looking straight at him.

"Where?" he asked, pulling again and making her squirm. 

"You know where," she said, a slight embarrassment creeping over her.

Jim pulled her up to standing again, and spun her around so that she was backed against the small vanity counter. He lifted her up, and placed her down on the wooden dresser, making sure to open her legs and stand between them. He knelt in front of her, and pulled her hips forward so that she was practically hanging off of the vanity. He eased her panties down, and threw them behind him without looking at where they landed. He licked the length of her slit, before sucking her clit, causing Pam to clamp her hand over her mouth to stifle her scream. "You want me to fuck you here?" he asked, before pushing his tongue inside her. "Or you want to come on daddy's face first?" Pam tried to answer, but Jim hadn't let up tongue fucking her and had started to rub her clit with two fingers. "Which one is it? Daddy's waiting." 

But before Pam could actually spit out the words, Jim was sucking her clit again and she came hard as his fingers quickly worked inside her. "Jim," she quietly moaned with her hand on the back of his head, riding out her orgasm on his tongue and against his face. When she finally came down, Jim was looking up at her, gently stroking the inside of her thigh. "Come here," she whispered to him, pulling his hand so that he was standing up, looming over her. "I want you."

"You want daddy to fuck you now?" he asked, lining himself up at her entrance. 

She shook her head slightly. "I want you Jim," she said, pulling him closer so that she could kiss him. The soft kisses were in a total contrast to the way they'd been carrying on just moments before. He held her close to him, as she wrapped one arm around his broad shoulders and stroked his bearded cheek with her other hand. 

"Pam," he breathed as he finally pushed into her, holding one of her legs over his hip. "Oh god," he groaned, stilling himself inside her when he was finally all the way in. He buried his head in her shoulder, her hair falling all around him as he inhaled a mix of her coconut shampoo and the scent of her sticky skin. He pushed her hair away so that he could softly kiss her as he began to move. As he did so, he felt her tighten around him. "You feel so good," he whispered.

Pam nodded in agreement, her eyes screwed tightly shut in concentration so that she wouldn't scream out to the bar and alert everyone to what they were doing. Jim slowly thrust in and out, teasing her. She opened her eyes to look at him, but saw he was looking down at where he was sliding in and out of her, his cock glistening with her. She watched him reach one hand down to rub her clit in slow circles to match his thrusts, and that's when she lost it. She screwed her eyes shut again as she started to come again, moaning as quietly as she could. 

Jim looked up at Pam whimpering and immediately went full force to help her come harder. He pumped faster and faster, eventually causing Pam to crack, groaning loudly into his shoulder. He held her to him and thrust erratically as his orgasm hit. "Pam," he gritted out as he came inside her in long spurts, shuddering at the feeling. 

They held each other, with Jim standing, his jeans around his ankles, as Pam stayed perched on the dresser, her legs clamped around Jim's waist while he softened inside of her. "I love you," he whispered as he pressed a kiss to her temple, before slipping out of her and pulling her into a bear hug. 

"I love you too," she smiled against his chest. "That was amazing," she breathed. 

"Yeah?" he asked, pulling back slightly to look at her. "Wasn't too much before? All that daddy stuff?"

"Come on, you know I like that," she smiled up at him shyly. "I just like you more." 

"I kinda like you too," he said, bending down to kiss her. "Just don't tell anyone, ok?" 

She laughed and swatted his chest. She sighed, before pulling him back again. "I guess we should go back out there." As if right on cue, they heard Andy shouting ‘we need to cut the cake. Has anyone seen Jim?', causing both Jim and Pam to erupt in a fit of laughter. 

"Alright," Jim said as he bent down to pull his jeans back up.  

As he was buttoning himself up, Pam slipped off of the vanity unit and began to dress herself. She looked around for her bra, finding it hanging half in the waste paper basket, and then began searching for her panties, but couldn't find them. "Oh my god," she gasped, when she finally found them, having sunk to the bottom of the toilet. "Guess I'm going commando for the rest of the night," she laughed.

"Oh god, don't tease me again already," Jim groaned, wiping his hand down his face. "I've barely recovered from what we just did." 

"Come on daddy," Pam said with a glint in her eye as she reached for the doorknob. "We've got a birthday to celebrate."

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