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Story Notes:
This is the second ever fanfic I’ve written, and it’s based off pictures I saw of younger Jenna Fischer with dark hair. I know Jenna doesn’t dye her hair but I thought it’d be a cute fanfic idea! Again it’s only my second fanfic so it’s more or less a writing test. 

Jim and Pam were in her kitchen, attempting to make a potato soup, failing at it because, despite how they’d deny it if asked, they had to admit they weren’t the best cooks. Or the cleanest people, judging by the cooking utensils spread throughout the kitchen counters. 

“I just started boiling the water, do you need any help with dicing the potatoes?” Jim asked, rinsing his hands then drying them on the towel hanging by the oven.

“No, I think I’ve got it..doesn’t help that these knives suck ass though.” Pam replied, struggling to dice the freshly peeled potatoes. 

“Alright then. I guess I’ll just watch you then.” 

Jim walked out of the kitchen, to the island seats watching Pam cut the potatoes with his head in his hands. 

“Oh, hey I was thinking this weekend we could maybe see the new jack black movie, I think Cameron Diaz is in it-“ Pam’s sentence was cut off mid way by a sharp hissing sound she made, suddenly clutching her finger and putting it in her mouth to try and soothe the stinging pain.

Jim jumped up from his seat, going to see what happened with her.

“Ow” Jim grimaced looking at the gash she made on her finger. 

“Are you okay?” He asked 

“Yeah..uh could you go grab a wash rag and the hydrogen peroxide? They’re under my bathroom sink.”

“Yeah of course” Jim replied, already heading for the bathroom. 

Once he opened the bathroom cabinet, he didn’t see the hydrogen peroxide right away, but what he did see was a clear box with what he assumed was bleach, bleach activator and..auburn hair dye? 

Jim found the hydrogen peroxide and wash rag, but made sure to also grab the hair dye before he exited, hiding it behind his back like a child who didn’t want to be caught with something he shouldn’t have. 

“Here, I made sure to wet the rag beforehand, you know to be all gentlemany.”

“My knight in shining armor, how may I repay you” Pam replied in a sarcastic tone, grabbing the hydrogen peroxide and wash rag from him.

Pam poured a generous amount of peroxide on her cut over the sink, before wrapping her hand with the warm rag. 

“Is gentlemany even a word?” Pam asked, returning to her plate of potatoes to pour them in the water.

“It’s not. But I found something under your bathroom sink that’s a little interesting I’d say..”

Pam set the plate down, then turned to Jim with a confused expression on her face, confused as to what her boyfriend was talking about. 

“What are you talking about?”

Jim smirked at her before revealing the hair dye box. 

“For a SEXY fierce new look, use this hair dye and you’ll be sure to turn heads as a fiery red head” Jim mocked, reading the box to her. 

“Oh my god. I was gonna tell you, but I never thought I needed to.” 

“I can’t believe you Beesly. All this time I thought you were just a naturally free-spirited sexy red-head turning heads. You’ve deceived me, I say. Deceived me.” Jim put a hand to his forehead, feigning disappointment. 

“Haven’t you seen my roots, like ever? They’re always 10 shades darker than the rest of my hair.” 

“Man. And all this time when you came to work and your hair looked brighter I thought it was because the sun. Unbelievable” Jim said, shaking his head

“You’re acting like such a dork! Stop it! Will it make you feel better if I showed you some pictures of my natural hair?” 

Jim put his hand on his chin, pretending to decide on it.

“I guess it would..but I still can’t believe you.” 

Pam rolled her eyes before putting a lid on the boiling pot and motioning for Jim to follow her.

Once they were in Pam’s bedroom, Pam went to her closet, pulling out an old shoe box labeled Old photos

They both sat on Pam’s bed, Pam pulling off the lid of the shoebox and pulling a picture out. 

She presented Jim a picture, she was sitting on a bench, flowers and vines flowing up and down it, the background being what he presumed was her backyard.

She was smiling in the photo, but the first thing he noticed was her dark brown hair. Almost black. 

“Why haven’t you told me this, you look so pretty with dark hair?” Jim questioned, still examining the picture. 

Pam blushed a bit before snatching the picture back from him. 

“I just thought you wouldn’t care, it just doesn’t seem like something you’d wanna know.” 

“Well how am I supposed to know everything Pamology if I don’t know her natural hair color.”

Pam laughed, grabbing another picture.

This one, Pam was sitting on a patch of grass, hugging a Siberian husky with a pair of sunglasses on, smiling once again with dark brown hair flowing over her face. 

“Whose dog is this?” Jim asked still looking at the picture 

“It’s actually my childhood dog! Her name was Nala. My family loved huskies. We had like 3.”

“Wow now you didn’t tell me you had a bunch of dogs growing up? Ch ch ch. I guess I don’t know you like I thought I did.” 

Pam only rolled her eyes before grabbing the picture. 

“There’s a ton of photos in here if you wanna look at more. I think I look the same with both hair colors though.” 

“Not at all. But you look beautiful with both hair colors if you ask me. Don’t let Dwight know though. He may think you’re changing hair colors for a super secret cia mission.”

“First of all, never bring up Dwight in my bedroom again. Second of all, you’re so cheesy. But thank you.” Pam replied, blushing and getting off the bed. 

“You love my cheesiness.” 

“I guess so..” Pam replied in mock annoyance, giving him a chaste kiss on the lips. 

“ I have to finish dinner.” Pam said, already halfway out the bedroom door. 

Jim just sat there, stumped with the new information he had learned about his girlfriend.

Chapter End Notes:
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