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Author of the Month July 2019

Hey Safe & Sound lovers, just for fun I made a playlist, please enjoy and look for the update soon! Spotify | Youtube

Just an Office lover writing fanfics under a penname that's a Park & Rec reference.

"You've been around forever!"

Kinda, I was absolutely obsessed with the show during the Season 3 of Angst (aka when it was looking like they'd drag out the will-they-won't-they indefinitely and only fanfic could fill the void!) and joined up, submitting my decent fanfics and being incredibly intimidated by the fantastic writers this fandom attracted.

After S4 I pretty much fell off the fanfic and fandom map, but Netflix helped me rekindle my JAM feeling something fierce a few summers ago and I thought hey better check on MTT. And here we are!

"Are you ever going to finish Anywhere But Here?"
I am! I have it plotted out and I'm chipping away at it, along with my other WIPs, and once I finish them up I will NOT have like 5 WIPs at once again >.<

I also have most of my office stuff archived at FFN and AO3

Please don't hesitate to review no matter the age of my fics!

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