Back in the day, Office Flans would use LiveJournal to post their fanmixes. Here are the mixes still posted. We mods are working on creating playlists to stream (on Spotify, maybe on 8tracks as well) so do check back on this list soon! »Start of Something Good by orliknight09 »It’s Been a Good Day by roxy20angel »And I Wondered If I Could Come Home by lyn09er

Jam Tunes – Classic

This is the classic MTT Jam playlist compiled back in the the day. And now, thanks to web advancements, it’s available online at Spotify! (Need to have a Spotify account to stream, however) We are looking to create an updated JAM playlist, so if you have any suggested feel free to comment on this post or shoot us a message via the contact form. Thanks! » Only You – Yazoo All I needed was the …