The Convention

Talk to me, Tivo: Michael organizes a party in his hotel room when he, Dwight and Jan attend a convention in Philadelphia.
Jaminess: 2 [3=Casino Night]

Jam Cam: Pam didn’t get to see Oprah yesterday so she has no idea that Michael is about to ask her to look into adopting a baby from China for him or having a baby with her. When are we going to see some Jam babies?

Kelly heads to Pam’s desk getting all excited about the double date she set up. She found the perfect guy for Pam so how could that not be good? Well, it might be bad if Pam wears her work outfit. Kelly pauses, giving Pam a once over before finally faking a compliment. But it’s Pam’s first date in nine years so so it’s nice of Kelly to at least remind her not to sleep with the guy. Oh no. Michael heard that so of course he’s going to start grilling her about it. He thinks he would be hilarious if Pam wore her wedding dress. Um…no. Well, then at least unbutton that top button. Let those things breathe. Um…maybe? Pam looks even more like a deer caught in headlights when Michael asks her if she has a message for Jim. Pam’s “Um…” response leads to a chorus of um, um, ums from Dwight and Michael. This is looking like it’s going to be a bad day for Pam.

There he is! Our Jim! Traitor, progical son, Pam’s secret love. Michael is joking around but somehow seems betrayed by Jim going to another fire and leaving his firefighting brothers behind. For Jim, it’s good to see Michael, but not Dwight, who seems to be all about making him feel bad about his lack of sales in Stamford. Too bad Jim is outselling him by alot. Jim seems to have moved on from Dwight, realizing how petty all of his pranks were. Then Dwight opened his mouth and Jim’s first thought was how to get a copy of Dwight’s hotel room key. Um, dude, if you get Dwight’s room key to pull a prank, it means you have to see what’s in Dwight’s hotel room. Ick. Just warning you.

It seems that back in the office, everyone has heard that Pam has a date tonight. Toby, in fact, seems realllly interested in this piece of news. What’s going on there? As Pam sits in the break room reading her blind date’s cartoons that Kelly can’t even understand, Toby walks in and tries to wave to get her attention. She doesn’t see him and he looks a little depressed about that. Seriously, what’s up with that?

Oh, awesome party in Michael’s room! Ain’t no party like a Scranton party because a Scranton party don’t stop. Unfortunately, it seems Jim and his manager Josh are having their own party with an inside joke from Stamford about midori [mmm…midori]. Jim seems to feel bad about sharing that with Josh and tries to explain it all to Michael and Dwight. Awkward.

Toby seems to have a question for Pam. It sounds like he wants to ask her on a date before the phone rings and cuts him off. After Pam hangs up the phone, Toby does a little Jim drumming thing with his fingers on Pam’s desk, gets shy, and then tries to play it off like he forgot what he was going to ask. Dude, we like you, but Poby has no chance.

Oh boy, buffet at the convention! Michael’s trying to act like Jim is missing out on some great things at the office, but Jim just wants to know how Pa…Toby is doing. Jim, c’mon! Who cares if the camera is there? Just say her name already. Michael wants to know if Toby is the reason Jim left. Jim goes on about promotion, opportunity, blah blah blah. Michael isn’t buying it [neither are we] and seems to be taking Jim’s departure personally as if he left because of Michael.

Meanwhile, the alpha-male competition for Jim’s affections is starting to get to ugly. Like paper airplane ugly. Michael challenges Josh to a contest just as Pam calls to give him some work news with Jim standing right there. “Everyone say hi to Pam,” Michael tells everyone. Their “Hi, Pams,” are nothing to compared to Jim’s, which sounds so sad. Michael tells her to have a good time on her date. Jim hears him and the look on his face in response is heartbreaking. It’s a look of shock and sadness followed by a realization that the camera sees him and he has to get it together. It’s a bit of struggle, but he finally wipes every emotion off his face and looks away. Back at the office, Pam gives a little heartbreaking look over at Jim’s old desk.

Oh yes! Jim has Dwight’s room key! Ah, the good old days. I wonder what Jim’s going to do to Dwight’s room. Whoa, are those Angela’s legs? Is that Angela’s voice? Jim caught Angela in Dwight’s room, but doesn’t know it’s her! He thinks Dwight got a hooker! The shock on Jim’s face starts to disappear when he realizes he needs to call…someone. Say Pam’s name already. He won’t, but despite that, Jim’s face is turning to one of glee with the knowledge that Dwight got a hooker.

Oh, a nice looking restaurant…with a bored looking Pam. She doesn’t seem to be having fun on this date at all. Pam looks awkward and the cartoonist looks down her blouse. Blech. Jim would never do that to her and she would never give Jim the fake laughs she’s giving this guy.

Speaking of, Jim heads to Michael’s party only to find Michael alone with some techno music and a strobe light. Michael is being stand-offish with him and then cops an attitude, asking if Jim showed up because Josh is busy. Michael gets it, Jim didn’t like him anymore so he left. Jim says he’s a great boss and he’s not the reason Jim left. He transferred because of Pam. Finally, he says her name! Michael tells him she’s single, but Jim seems done. He put himself on the line twice and she rejected him twice. Michael feels bad for his buddy and offers to play Cupid, but Jim just shakes his head — at least in front of the cameras. Maybe Jim should talk to Roy since Roy knows exactly how he feels. Um, yeah…no. And just in time, more party people come to save Jim, who explains to them that he and Michael used to work together, but now they’re friends. Awww!

The Others: Michael and Dwight head to Philadelphia for a paper convention and try to get a party started in Michael’s room. Jan shows up and things get weird between the two of them, especially when Michael brings up his girlfriend Carol. Speaking of girlfriends, Angela heads to Philly to meet up with her boyfriend — only to have Jim walk in on her in some cute little lingerie. Ick!

What have we learned today, kids: You need to come to terms with the truth sometimes and if you don’t admit it, you’re only hurting yourselves and others. Stop trying to not say the name of the woman you love and don’t try and have fun on a blind date when you really want to be with your man in Stamford.

– written by Jenny


Pam: Yes, I have a date. He’s a cartoonist for the local paper, which is really neat because I like to draw too. I’m kind of nervous. I haven’t been on a first date in nine years. Probably shouldn’t broadcast that.

Michael: Any message you want me to relay to Jim?
Pam: Um…
Michael: Um. Ok, um.
Dwight: Um.
Michael: You got that?
Dwight: I got it.
Michael and Dwight: Um. Um. Um! Um um.

Michael: Hey Pam, what’s up?…Yep, uch. Tell him I will give him general specifics tomorrow, ok?…Yes…Say hi to Pam!
Josh and Dwight: Hi Pam.
Jim: …Hi Pam.
Michael: Yes, that is Josh and Dwight and Jim…Pam says hi…have fun on your date [Jim looks shocked]…Very good, talk to you later, bye.
[Jim realizes the camera is on him and has to try hard to get it together and not show any emotion] [Pam hangs up the phone in Scranton and looks over at Jim’s desk]

Jim: Dwight’s room key…and Dwight’s room. What can I say? Old habits die hard.
Angela: D?
Jim [backs out of the room startled]: Oh my God. Dwight got a hooker! Oh my God, I gotta call…well, I gotta call somebody. I don’t even know who to call. Dwight got a hooker!

Pam: I went on a date, it wasn’t a Love Connection. Um…I think when I like someone again, I’ll just kind of know.

Michael: So why are you here? Is Josh busy?
Jim: Michael.
Michael: No, I totally get it. He made a better paper airplane. Stamford is better in sales. I get it, we had some fun, we had some laughs…
Jim: Wait wait wait wait, I didn’t transfer because of you. You’re a good boss. You’re a great boss.
Michael: Alot better than Josh.
Jim: Michael, it’s not about…I transfered because of Pam.
Michael: Oh my God. You don’t even know. She’s single now.
Jim: No, I heard something about that. It’s just…I kind of put it all on the line…twice actually…and she said no…twice.
Michael: I’m sorry, man, I’m sorry. You know what? I will talk to her.
Jim: Nope, that’s ok.
Michael: Yeah, I will. I’ll talk to her. You should at least talk to Roy. I mean, he knows exactly how you’re feeling.
Jim: …Yeah. Ok, maybe.

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