The Negotiation

Talk to me, Tivo: Darryl meets with Michael to negotiate a pay increase; Jim deals with the consequences of Pam�s confession to Roy.

Jam Cam: This episode starts out with Karen nagging Jim about going on a date. If you�re as hot as Karen and you have to drag your boyfriend out because he doesn�t want to be seen in public with you, there�s a problem.

And speaking of problems, look! It�s Roy! Roy glances at Jim, Jim glances at Pam, Pam glances at Roy and Jim, and then, finally, Roy attacks, only to get shot in the face with pepper spray. We all knew Dwight was good for something.

At least Michael sees it for what it is: a crime of passion. Pam, on the other hand, doesn�t want to comment on it or talk about or explain any of it. That being said, she thought it sucked. Jim, meanwhile, is also pretty much dodging the question by going on and on about being lucky Dwight was there and how Roy was lucky that Dwight didn�t use this throwing star. Blah blah blah. It was a crime of passion, dude. Pam is passionate for you. How can you avoid that with throwing star talk?

Jim decides to avoid it by trying to thank Dwight for helping out. Dwight won�t accept. Jim bought him a present. Dwight won�t accept. Besides, how is a bobblehead box going to make it even after Dwight saved his life?

And with all of that covered, Michael decides to try out some new negotiation techniques on Jim with horrible results. It seems Teri Hatcher and sex can really throw Michael off of his game.

Oh, how cute! Michael is really wearing a women�s suit, and Jim and Pam are sort of back to their old ways by tag-team teasing him. As Pam says, she�s had a rough few days so it all helped a little. Then Karen tries to come in with her own zinger and it�s just not as cool or funny. Karen is nowhere close to being as cool as Pam.

Back in the kitchen, Kevin asks Karen how she feels about Roy trying to kick her boyfriend�s ass over another woman. Apparently, she�s not too amused and yet, she still hasn�t broken up with Jim. Angela could care less � she just wants to hear more about Dwight�s sexiness.

Karen explains that when she found that Jim and Pam kissed, her reaction was to do a lot of talking with Jim. Roy�s reaction was to attack him. Karen isn�t sure which one Jim hated both, but let�s just assume he thought both reactions were lame. It�ll make me feel better.

In the break room, Jim walks in to find Pam reading the paper. Awkward. Pam tries to break the tension by apologizing for almost getting him killed. Jim brushes her off like it�s no big deal and says he�s sure Pam and Roy will get back together anyway. Pam seems a little taken back by the comment and once again tries to apologize. Jim, being an ass, once again blows her off and walks out the door. Now, I know Jim had his heart broken but what the hell? Jim�s an asshat.

He�s also back to his whole trying to thank Dwight thing by asking him out for a beer, which also doesn�t go over well. Jim tries to explain to Karen that this is actually bothering him, but Karen blows him off by telling him to go back to work so they can go on a trip. Barf.

Ick. Roy�s back to pick up his pay check and apologize to Jim, who just gives him a nod in response. As he walks out the door, he asks Pam out for coffee to finish some things and she reluctantly agrees�and that�s when Kevin jumps out to warn Jim that Roy is there. Kevin seems to be really slow with a lot of things.

Over coffee, Roy explains that he�s sorry he went a little berserk and he never really thought of Jim as more than a friend to her � or gay or something. Pam says she�s sorry too for the bad choices she made as well. So Roy, trying to be the well-meaning guy that he pretty much isn�t, asks Pam if she�s going to hook up with Jim now. Pam explains that he has a girlfriend and Roy thinks that�s a lame excuse. Wow, how can I be agreeing with Roy? Anyway, Roy says she should try to go out with him anyway and doesn�t get really get her. Pam knows. At least she knows that.

Jim, on the other hand, doesn�t know when to quit thanking Dwight for his bravery and goes as far as to give him a certificate of bravery with a teddy bear on it. And, of course, it fails.

Back at the coffee shop, Pam gives Roy a hug goodbye as Michael describes the fine art of negotiation and we all cheer the final end to Ram. Yeah!

Speaking of office relationships, it seems that Dwight and Angela like to make out in the office�and OH MY GOD! Jim sees them! After looking shocked and ducking hurriedly back into the men�s room, he figures that now that he knows, he won�t tell anyone, and that is how he and Dwight will be even steven.

The Others: With Roy gone, Darryl wants to get a raise � only to find out that his boss gets paid crap. So Michael, Toby, and Darryl make a road trip to New York to negotiate a pay raise for both of them. Jan explains that her relationship with Michael can not be brought up during the negotiation, which is why that�s the first thing Michael brings up. Good thing his girlfriend wants him to get the raise and helps him out. Meanwhile, Angela makes everyone tell her their stories about Dwight�s bravery and seems to be getting turned on by the whole thing � blech � to the point where she ends up making out with her boyfriend in the office � blech again.

What have we learned today, kids: Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. So if you love a woman and kiss her, don�t be surprised if her ex-fiance someday comes back to kick your ass.

– written by Jenny


Roy: Hey, Halpert!
Jim: Hey.
[Roy lunges at Jim] Pam: Roy! Don’t!
Roy: [screams in pain after being sprayed with pepper spray] Oh God!
Dwight: Pam, please call security!

Pam: I really don’t want to talk about it. I don’t mean to be rude, but I just…I don’t want to comment on what happened�It sucked.

Jim: I guess, all things considered, I was lucky Dwight was there — and Roy was lucky that Dwight only used pepper spray and not the nunchucks or the throwing stars.

Kevin: Karen, how do you feel that Roy tried to kick your boyfriend’s ass over another woman? Karen: I feel great, Kevin. Thank you.

Pam: Sorry I almost got you killed. Jim: Yeah, that was nuts. Pam: He could have broken your nose or something. Crazy. It’s just so stupid. I mean, getting back with Roy and everything. I mean, what was I thinking, right? Jim: No, I mean, you guys really seem to have a strong connection. Pam: Not anymore. It’s um…it’s completely over now. Jim: We’ll see. I’m sure you guys will find you way back to one another someday. Pam: Jim…I am really sorry. Jim: Oh, yeah. Don’t worry about it.

Roy: Hey man, I’m sorry. [Jim shrugs and Roy walks over to get his check] Thanks. [He walks over to Pam�s desk] Can I, like, see you after work for coffee or something? Pam: I don’t know. Roy: Please. I just got some stuff I gotta say to you. [Pam nods]

Roy: I’m so sorry, Pammy. I really wasn’t gonna do anything. But then I kept thinking about you two together, and I just thought you guys were really good friends or…or maybe he was gay or something�Not that that’s wrong. Pam: I’m sorry, too. I just, I think that we both made some bad choices. Roy: So you gonna start dating Halpert then? Pam: Um, no. No, he has a girlfriend. Roy: Oh yeah. Wait a minute, you broke off our wedding for the guy. Pam: No, there were a lot of reasons. Roy: But you’re not even gonna try to go out with him? [Pam shakes her head no.] I don’t get you Pam. Pam: I know.

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