Talk to me, Tivo: For the first time, we see what happens over eight weeks of the summer, as a Dunder Mifflin weight loss initiative causes the branch to diet and become obsessed with their weight. Michael pursues a friendship with his new HR rep, Holly. Jim misses Pam who attends art school in New York.

Jamoment: The proposal

Jam Cam: Whoa, weekly title cards for this one. Interesting…

So the crew has to lose weight over the summer, which means Pam doesn’t count because she’s leaving for art school. Leaving? Art school? And she’s leaving Jim behind to deal with a lovelorn Michael? Yikes.

But it’s OK — Jim makes sure she has her toothbrush and directions — everything she needs to represent in the 212! Of course, she left behind Michael’s goodbye poem so she could get on the road. Of course, she’s leaving without a ring on her finger, but Jim tells us that OK. They talked it over and decided they didn’t want to spend the first three months of their engagement apart. Plus, Pam doesn’t want a long engagement for some reason. Jim chalks it up to some dude that used to work there being engaged to her for a long time.

In New York, it’s the first day of class and Pam is already messing things up. This is what happens when you don’t have Jim around to watch out for you. That’s also why Pam video conferencing does work — because Jim is on the other end! But so is Michael who feels the need to give “Pam” a tour of the office. At least she got a wave in to Jim on her way to the supply shelf.

But Jim is going to visit — and Michael seems to have some ideas about what will be going on in NYC, which is why Michael gives Jim some “protection.” The nerve.

Oh wait, I take it back. Pam throws herself into Jim’s arms when he arrives and Jim throws off the camera crew by ditching them for some implied “something something” from Pam.

Even better? Ryan comes back and Jim feels like giving him a hard time because Ryan is still a transparent douchebag. Go Jim! And while Jim is not being friends with Ryan, Pam seems to be meeting new friends in New York. Dude, lay off! That chick is spoken for!

A new day sees Jim at work again when all he wants to do is see his girlfriend. So sweet Jim decides to play hooky for a few hours by inviting Pam to lunch at a random rest stop. And in exchange for such a “wonderful” invitation, Pam gives Jim an ASCII Dwight.

Ah, the rest stop. It’s raining and a long drive so Jim has to pay for…wait…is Jim getting down his knee? Is he proposing? OMG! And Pam says yes. And then they kiss!

Jim goes back to work and is drenched but looks adorably happy and blah blah blah. Who cares about the rest. Jim proposed to Pam and she said YES!

Scene to be Seen: Jim pulls up to a rest stop only to find Pam already waiting for him. She teases him by complaining that she had to drive farther so he has to pay for lunch. Instead, he gets down on one knee. Wait, what? “Just…I can’t wait.” It’s the ring! The ring he’s been carrying around for so long. He asks Pam to marry him and we all scream and jump for joy. But what she hasn’t answered. Grrr… “So?” Jim asks. Say yes! Say yes! “Yes.” She said yes and we get the most anticipated kiss of the whole series. And really, it was well worth it because damn, it’s the best kiss of the whole series. Five seasons of angst and heartbreak and pain and happiness and flirty…all of it pays off in the end for that one kiss.

The Others: Corporate calls the company fat and puts everyone on a diet by creating a competition to see which branch can lose the most weight. Andy is quite excited about it so he can have washboard abs for his wedding night with Angela. Too bad that he’s planning the wedding while she’s off taking booty calls with Dwight in the warehouse. Gross. Meanwhile, Michael is stuck between the woman he loved that he didn’t knock up and the HR lady that he has a crush on without realizing she likes him too. At least his favorite mancrush Ryan returns to the office to fill in as a receptionist until Pam gets back. Won’t it be fun to have a criminal back in the office?

What have we learned today, kids: If it’s meant to be, it’s meant to be. And in the case of a certain receptionist who was engaged to someone else before she got a rock from you, well, it was definitely meant to be.

– written by Jenny


Jim: So you have the directions.
Pam: Yes.
Jim: You have a toothbrush.
Pam: Yes.
Jim: You have a cell phone charger.
Pam: I have everything.

Pam: Tomorrow, I start a three-month design program at the Pratt Institute in New York. I will be a little fish in the big apple. [puts up fingers] What up, 212?

Michael: [breathing hard] I wrote you a goodbye poem. It’s really long. I left it up in my office. Could you just please wait until I go get it?
Pam: I should really get going.
Michael: No, OK…The last word is “seagulls.”
Pam: I’m sure it was really lovely.
Michael: I took a lot from other poems!
Jim: Call me when you get in. [Jim kisses Pam] Pam: OK, bye.
Jim: Bye.
Michael: Alright, call…[tries to kiss Pam] Pam: No, Michael.

Jim: Why haven’t I proposed yet? Actually, Pam and I talked about it and we just decided that…well, we didn’t want to spend first three months of our engagement apart and Pam’s always said she doesn’t want a long engagement — something in her past, I guess. I’m not really sure of the whole story, but something about a guy who used to work here.

Jim: I don’t really know Ronnie, but I have a feeling I will get to know her very well over the next few years and eventually declare my love for her.

Jim: Alright, I am connecting and you are not there. Did you install it right? How about this — go to applications.
Pam: [from computer] I can see you!
Jim: Alright.
Pam: This is so cool.
Jim: So what is going on, girl in the computer?
Pam: Lunch with a girl from my hall, ceramics class, then dinner by myself. I’m gonna watch HGTV and maybe go to Bungalow 8 with John Mayer.

Pam: New York is so exciting. I love my classes, the city’s awesome…can you give me back to Jim now, please?

Jim: Hi.
Pam: Hi. [kiss] Jim: [to camera] Oh, that’s so rude of me. Have you seen Pam’s new art? It’s right there. Check it out. [slams door on camera dude]

Jim: Probably the weirdest thing about Pam being gone would be lunch actually. But it will force me to become acquaintances with people I consider coworkers.

Jim: So as it turns out, tonight is my nephew’s t-ball game and I kind of missed the first three so.
Pam: You’ve already disappointed him so much. He can’t be expecting a lot from you. Jim: I know, I suck.
Dwight: Yes, you do.
Jim: Dwight says hi.
Dwight: I do not. I do not say hi, Pam!
Jim: Now he is saying hi louder.
Pam: Listen, we’re still good for this weekend, right? No football games, recitals, karate tournaments?
Jim: Hey, can you go to IM?
Pam: OK.
Jim: OK.

Jim [on IM]: Let’s meet for lunch.
Dwight: What are you writing about me?
Pam [on IM]: What? Today?
Jim [on IM]: Yeah. Cmon we’ll meet halfway. You’ll be back for your 4 o’clock class. Dwight: I’m gonna write you both up for not working.
Jim: I’m gonna write you up for not working.
Dwight: OK, well played. Neither of us will write the other up for not working. Pam [on IM]: Where?
Jim [on IM]: The rest stop where that soda exploded on me. Exit 17, I think. 1 o’clock.
Pam [on IM]: Alright. See you there. P.S. I finally finished my summer project. [link to ASCII of Dwight]

Pam: Hey, this is not halfway. I did the math. I had to drive way longer than you. Montclair would have been closer so you have to buy lunch. [Jim drops to one knee] What are you doing?
Jim: I just couldn’t wait.
Pam: Oh my God.
Jim: Pam, will you marry me?
Pam: Oh my God.
Jim: So? Pam: Yes. [they kiss in the rain!]

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