Women’s Appreciation

Talk to me, Tivo: Phyllis is flashed on her way to work, and Michael tries to help by taking the women on a special day trip while Dwight and Andy team up to find the perpetrator.

Jam Cam:Jim shows up late and gets a demerit from Dwight, then turns the tables on him and threatens him with a disadulation. Why can�t we get more cute Scheming!Jim this season.

Phyllis comes in and tells Pam she just got flashed in the parking lot so Pam tries to comfort her while Jim calls the real police and Dwight freaks out. Michael, meanwhile, thinks it�s funny that the guy chose to flash Phyllis instead of the very hot Pam or Karen from behind [thanks for the clarification].

As part of Dwight�s task force duties, he assigns Pam to draw a picture of the perp that Phallus saw. Ah, I love when Jim is having fun at Dwight�s mistakes. If only he would have fun talking to Pam about them.

Pam wishes someone would have flashed her when Roy was there for the ass kicking of a lifetime especially if it was Jim and she saw Jim�s…Saw Jim�s what? Why didn�t Pam finish that sentence?

While Pam works on the sketch, Karen finds Dwight�s new list of rules and thinks they�re crazy. Pam does, too. Sleeves down to the wrist and muted colors? No one dresses like that � except for Pam and Karen and Angela and most of the women in the office [but not Kelly, of course]. In fact, Michael thinks Pam needs to show more cleavage. Hmm…maybe that would get Jim away from Karen. Although, apparently Pam is hot but not that skinny, according to Michael. Um, OK.

So with that in mind, Michael drags the women off to the mall, leaving the boys in the office to fend for themselves. But before they go, Pam makes sure to give Dwight her sketch of the perpetrator who looks a lot like…Dwight. Go figure.

With the girls gone, Kevin asks Jim to check out the women�s bathroom with him. Jim turns him down, which is why we see him on a couch in the women�s bathroom with Kevin. Nice. Toby asks Jim where he�s taking Karen for dinner that night. Apparently, Jim is taking her somewhere nice for their six-month anniversary. What? I�m as shocked as Ryan is that it�s been that long. However, I didn�t email Karen asking her out on a date. Ryan mentions an email he sent to Karen and Jim tells him that Karen didn�t really want an office relationship. So why is she dating you, Halpert?

At the food court in the mall, Michael tries to make the girls talk about their relationships and such. It ends up just being Michael talking about his relationship with Jan, and Pam and Karen thinking he needs to get out of it. Wow, they agree about something?

So Michael gets a pro and con list going including the fact that he�s not happy when he�s with Jan. Karen thinks relationships have rough patches that they have to push through [gee, Karen, like when your boyfriend still has feelings for another woman?] while Pam thinks they�re just wrong for each other. Karen and Pam exchange silent �You�re dead, bitch!� looks. Michael decides he wants to break up with Jan and Pam smiles. She could at least win Michael�s heart if needed.

Back in the bathroom, Jim has adorably fallen asleep on the couch, only to be rudely awaken by Creed using the women�s stall and he realizes it�s time to get the hell out of there.

At Victoria�s Secret, Karen seems to still be pissed about Pam�s views on relationships and pointedly asks Phyllis about some cure lingerie to wear for Jim while Pam can clearly overhear the conversation. Desperate much, Karen? Meanwhile, Pam doesn�t need anything sexy now that she�s officially done with Roy so she gets a terrycloth robe. Boring. Well, you know, unless Jim likes that sort of frumpy thing.

And the battle of Pam vs. Karen continues. Jan calls and Michael doesn�t know what to do. Karen tells him to answer it. Pam immediately responds with �Don�t answer it.� The phone stops ringing without Michael answering it and Pam wins again.

Back at the office, Jim finally sees Pam�s perp sketch and quietly tells the camera it�s pretty cool. But we all know he 1) thinks it�s totally awesome and 2) is a bit peeved that Pam pulled off a prank without him.

On the side of the road with a flat tire, Pam gets even more assertive while changing a flat tire all by herself while also speaking to Michael in her Mom voice, which is always so cute. Know what�s even cuter? Pam with grease on her face after changing the tire. Go Pam!

Then Pam gets stuck listening to Michael leaving an awkward message back at the office�and oh look! It�s Jan! At least Pam can save herself from that craziness by just walking out when she has the change with Phyllis and Karen in tow.

And as Michael tells us his wishes in the mall fountain, we see Pam getting into an elevator with Jim and Karen as Michael�s voiceover tells us he wished for Pam to gain courage. Don�t we all.

Oh, and Pam�s prank isn�t over! Jim helps her out by sending Dwight to the bathroom to see the nice little moustache on the mirror that matches the one she gave Dwight on the poster. And now, the whole Pam Prank comes full circle. At least we have that.

The Others: Phyllis gets flashed in the parking lot, prompting Michael to decide that he needs to take all the women shopping to make them feel better. Too bad it makes them feel worse when they have to hear all the ugly details about his relationship with Jan. Meanwhile, the guys in the office get to see the actual inside of the women’s bathroom. It was awesome…until Creed walked in.

What have we learned today, kids: A woman can do things without the help of a man, including pulling an awesome prank without her main man helping her out. Plus, our bathrooms are nicer for a reason.

– written by Jenny


Pam: I don’t often miss Roy. But I can tell you one thing. I wish someone had flashed me when I was with Roy. Because that would have been the ass-kicking of the year. [small laugh] Especially if it had been Jim. He would not have wanted me to have seen Jim’s… Whoo, I am… I am saying a lot of things.

Jim: Well, I stand corrected. This is pretty cool.
Kevin: Yes.
Toby: Hey, where’d you decide to take Karen tonight?
Jim: Anna Maria’s.
Ryan: What’s the occasion?
Jim: Six-month anniversary…What?
Ryan: Nothing. I think we all kinda thought you guys were just, like, hooking up.
Jim: No, we’ve been dating for six months.

Pam: Michael, you shouldn’t be with someone who doesn’t make you happy.
Michael: I’m happy sometimes…when we scrapbook or right towards the end of having sex.
Karen: Look, most relationships have their rough patches. You just have to push through it sometimes.
Michael: Yeah, that’s smart.
Pam: Maybe. But it sounds like you’re just wrong for each other.
Michael: That sounds good too. I don’t know who’s right. I just don’t…I don’t know. I don’t know.
Phyllis: I bet you know. Don’t think, just answer. What do you want to do about Jan?
Michael: I wanna break up with Jan. Wow. I wanna break up with Jan.
Phyllis: My mom taught me that.

Pam: I’m kind of in-between boyfriends right now. So I don’t need anything sexy. But I do need some new hand towels. I figure I can cut up this robe.

Jim: [looking at Pam’s sketch] That is pretty cool.

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