The 2021 MTT Dundie Awards!

stories/406/images/greatdundiesyear.jpg2021 was filled with uncertainty but one thing we could count on was our talented MTT authors still writing lots of great fanfic with over 160 new and updated stories.

For the 4th year in a row, we asked the MTT community to name a few of their favorites in many categories, plus create some recognition for their fellow MTTers. And as usual, our members more than answered the call! So here is our mega Dundies Post for 2021.

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Favorite Moments in a Fic
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Favorite Authors
Breakout Authors
Favorite Genre Authors
Favorite Reviewers
Member-created Dundies

We'll start off with these voted categories, where we crowned a Top 15 Overall and Top 10 in the rest. Interested in who all was nominated? Here's the full nomination form (google doc)

Favorite Overall Fic

Runner Ups:

Favorite Longer Fics (10k+)

Runner Ups:

Favorite Shorter Fics (less than 10k words)


Favorite Fluffy Fics


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Under the Radar
Fics our readers felt deserved more attention

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Favorite Moments in a Fic

"Kelly hadn't understood the whole 'love is blind' thing until that moment." - 3 Things People Didn't Know About Jim Halpert - BassCop69

3 Things People Didn't Know About Pam Beesley - Basscop69: When Michael listed a lot more than three things, Dwight learning how to properly compliment Pam in his chapter

Jim's air guitar solo, Jim and Pam sharing a breadstick Lady and the Tramp style, "Jim, I would really appreciate it if you would get the fuck off my desk" - A Deal With The Devil - Robert Dunder

A House with a Terrace Upstairs - Tinydundie: Ch 8. When Jim's coke explodes on him at the Rt. 17 rest stop making the proposal there than much more meaningful and then ch 9. when Pam says don't forget us when you're famous-adding so much depth to the line when canonically written to him on the pink message slip - while also being the moment that encourages him to keep building on their relationship instead of stifling it. Finally when it is revealed who she called in chapter 17.
- the flashback to the 2004 Dundies, "You were with Roy." "No, I was really with you.", the crew's perspective.
- I love the inclusion of the crew (Delilah to be specific), and how season 9 was handled so delicately

When we learn Creed was an Ordained Rabbi in A Real Mensch by darjeelingandcoke

Another First Date by Maxine Abbott: "He knew before then he was in love but it was in that moment that he could taste eternity with her, know their souls would be tied to each other forevermore. It was there in the sky, in her touch, in the way she looked away from the horizon and into his eyes, the gold of the heavens reflected in hers. There were few words spoken that morning, but there didn't need to be."
- The flashback to Jim trying to pick out Pam's Secret Santa present; Phyllis and Beth bonding over their Jam shipping; "Did I just hear you call our baby's mother a nympho?" from The Alien

Beets on the Menu - GRC73 - the echoing sentiments of the lots of things they'd each like to try (including marriage and babies, etc.)

Begged and Borrowed Time - WanderingWatchtower: The kitchen make out scene and silently holding hands in the car
- Jim finds himself on one knee soaking wet presenting Pam with a ring

Beyond the Blackboard Year 2 - Wandering Watchtower: Jim getting into spirit week finally dressing as a hot Han Solo
- The moment we found out Pam is pregnant

"You think you've just planned the rest of your life" - Boy Meets Girl - EosinY

Two moments from "Calm Like You" by Basscop69, when Jim and Pam dance during the small town festival and when Pam trashes Danny's car

Jim and Dwight bonding over a zombie book while Dwight is stuck in a wall in "Dwight Gets Stuck in a Wall"- darjeelingandcoke

Every Day's a Holiday by darjeelingandcoke: "ANGELA: Yes, Sadiq is a godless heathen who rejects the word of our Lord and Savior. (pause) But he's also the only person in this company who seems to care what Kevin's doing on the Internet. So... he can have a snack while he waits to answer to the Almighty."
- Chapter 5 - Casino Night when Pam says ""you're not pathetic"", when he says, ""your veil is torn"", when she says, ""I'm going to be brave too eventually"", when he says, ""You're pregnant"" and all the little hints it may have been something more than a dream

Evermore Collab

Cece in The Dress - Five times they were reminded of the past by Debutante_gurl

THE CHERRY STAINED KISS - Forgotten Lullaby - Dernhelm

Friends to This by WanderingWatchtower - I may be biased, but the inclusion of Jam watching TTYD, and Pam asking about how he and Karen ended things.
"You should know. You were there."

Michael dancing through Jim's dream - Future Looks Good - Maxine Abbott

Pam throwing out the yogurt lid - Gold - Maxine Abbott

The games with moving the computer - Honesty and Courage - Trish Tinkerbell

"Ancient Troy see that wooden horse out there let's haul it in level of bad" - Housewarming - Sam

"You'll always be Beesly to me" - I Keep On Getting Butterflies - emxgoldstars

I'm Cooler than Coley by nicemorningtoo - Pam's salad eyes, the four-way goodbye, "many things require chewing," Jim and Pam making out at every crosswalk, and "I PUT IT IN!"
- The truly iconic line of 2021: "Can I touch your knockers now?"

I'm With You - WanderingWatchtower : Jim knowing Pam's Blizzard order
- The glorious and cinematic and wildly romantic finale

It Had To Be You by tinydundie - When Pam and Kelly would have driven all the way to Scranton to stop Jim from leaving, and finding Jim with a flat (of course!!), on top of how Jam got together in the end and it's eventual sequel fic!
- THE BOOKSTORE SCENE, the Tribute in Lights scene, Kelly watching the climax from the car, "I ordered something too, Jim."

It Would Have Been You - Basscop69: The reveal that Jim and Pam *did* hook up in college, The stairwell kiss!, "There's an ache in her stomach. Eight years, she thinks."
- When Pam and Jim have their night together junior year and then Pam gets the news about her mom (devastating on so many levels but adds so much depth to the whole story).

The sex toy selection scene that will forever change how I look at Phil Shea - Jim and Pammy Make A Porno - MrsKHalpert

Jim and Pam getting caught and the flour on Pam's butt - Let It Snow - tinydundie

The ketchup portrait! - Missed Moments - jimjamesjimothy

More Than a Summer Romance by Jimjams: ""Friday night he'd laid in bed, laid awake until 3:00 in the morning, and marveled at how two people could look at each other, right at each other, eyes aligned and minds seemingly so very far apart, how their souls could almost brush and never quite connect until they positively collided."
- Jim's dance scene during the fun run; JIm caring for injured Pam;?"He wants to get her into a bath to clean her cuts, he wants to ask her to stop playing and making it worse, he wants to take care of her."

Murder in Savannah - BigTuna: Jim and Pam in the bathtub
- Finding out the murderer

Vanessa giving Pam the mug her heart said she should have!!! - New Year's in New Jersey - Maxine Abbott

Pam dressed up like a nun finding herself at an adult emporium - Pamelie - Saturn

The aftermath of their first time, Pam finding the "HAVE YOU SEEN ME" poster of herself - Paradox - Dernhelm

Patch Up Your Tapestry by WanderingWatchtower: "She had found his yearbook and as the dorky little picture of James Halpert stared back at her, she remembers wondering, if only for a millisecond, how her life might be different if she had been high school sweethearts with that kid instead of the one she was still with at the time."
- Jim showing up at the hotel to tell Pam that he's on her side
- "Let me be in your corner"

Picture by ThePinkButterfly: "There was no use in leaving up a house of cards when the bottom row was well on its way to collapsing."

Proper Tea is Murder by Comfect: Communist Jim
- The introduction of the word "frogboiled", Pam's texting angst


So many in Shalom but perhaps most of all BigTuna managing to somehow recast the use of Fields of Gold in Phyllis' Wedding to make it even more devastating - Shalom - BigTuna

Silver Wings - Warrior4 -The D-Day Chapter and how worried we were Roy was going to mess with Jim's plane - but the whole chapter.
Roy introducing himself to Jim, without either of them knowing who the other is
Jim naming the Mustang Andromeda, the taxi cab scene, the Jim-Roy confrontation?

When we get the twist that Jim didn't come back in Straight Flush by DarjeelingandCoke

Swipe Right by WanderingWatchtower - the fact that JAM FOUND EACH OTHER ON A DATING APP

Jim trolling Danny which causes Pam to seek out Jim in "Temptation Greets You Like Your Naughty Friend" by Basscop69

Although he does know that whoever thought cream and Bacardi was a good combination is a sadist. They'd had pina coladas on their honeymoon, and she'd tasted so good that he hadn't stopped to think about it. Maybe they only taste good with her." My poor Misabel shipper heart! - The Greatest of These Is Love - BassCop69

The New Guy - warrior4: THE SCAVENGER HUNT
- When Jim brings Pam to Christopher's after the Scavenger Hunt to Propose on the Bridge and then celebrate with their family and friends

"Two crippled flamingoes fighting over the last mollusk" - The Scranton Stranger - The Invisible Swordsman

The Unicorn by BigTuna: Karen and Pam on their "date" was so cute I might ship it a little (or a lot) now.

Third Planet from Altair - ThePinkButterfly: TPB managing to turn Jim and Pam stranded forever as alien housepets into fluff somehow?
- The aliens treating Jim and Pam like pets
- Both the New York and Japan storylines, they're absolutely PERFECT

"You're the only thing keeping me sane nowadays" - they say it feels like flying - stupidwonderfulboringamazing

Three Hundred Sixty Turns Should Do It by Maxine Abbott: Every single moment of Pam mothering Michael, Pam trying to apparate
- "
Curious the nature of a bruise, how something so unsightly and so clearly unnatural caused so little pain until one pushed upon it. It was a little like the issues she knew existed in her own relationship with Roy. She could ignore the ugliness as long as she kept it out of sight and didn't press and so that's how she handled it.? She covered it up as best she could so she wouldn't have to look and avoided putting any pressure on what she knew would be sore if she did."

"Should I stay?" - Tiny Dancer - jimjamesjimothy

Cece discovering the J+P in the cement - Wet Cement - debutante_gurl

"maybe it was because I didn't hear you laughing from your desk when he did. Because that was the best part, Pam. Every time." - When I Was Full Sail - muchmorerealsense

"Her laugh is the reason he does most things." - You cut through all the noise - BassCop69

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Favorite Rereads/Discoveries
published/last updated before 2021

A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood - agian18
Accidentally In Love - Hannah_Halpert
Aeternum- boredswf
An Exercise in Courage and Honesty - NobleLandMermaid
Borneo - Sophia Helix
Brought to you by the Letter X - Stablergirl
Can't Go Back Shan21
Crazy Night in Philly - miserycrush
Fourteen Voicemails on the Night of June Tenth - ElephantSkeletons
Freedom First - Rach3l
Groundhog Nights - Comfect
How Not To - again18
I Just Wanted To Be Famous - Stablergirl
In the Loneliness - Jenna Bennett
Insomnia - stablergirl
Just a Girl in a Bar - Coley
Letters, Numbers, and the Spaces in Between - BigTuna
Loose Ends - Dedeen
Lost and Found / Map of the World - Colette
My True Love Gave to Me
Notices - Comfect
Office Romances - Eloquence
Only - Girl7
Open - Annabel Winslow
Pam 6.0 - DoomGoose
PH - beruco
Photography- yanana
Pieces - JennaBennett
Ruin The Friendship - Duchess Cupcake
Safety First - Rach3l
Sociology 101 - BigTuna
Tesserae - Colab
The Accident - spaceorphan
The Leaving Party - ChineseBakery
The Love Song of Squirrel McPants - time4moxie
The Oxford Comma Can Suck It - Coley
The Stairwell - One_Small_Writer
This Thing Called Life - Warrior4
Three Man - andtheivy
Through the Glass - Rach3l
What Did You Expect? - Faster than snakes
What's Ours-Darjeeling and Coke
Who cares what the question is - llorin
Window -Stablergirl
Would You Still Love Me - Italian Food
Write to Me - Sweetpea
You, Me and the Sea - JennaBennett

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Favorite Authors
in order of how many nominations they received

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Breakout Authors
in order of how many nomination they received

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Favorite Genre Authors

Special Genre Awards

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Favorite Reviewers

Our top reviewers of the year with far and away the most nominations are warrior4 and darjeelingandcoke, thank you for your reviews!

The full list alphabetically:

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Member created Dundies

Taylor Swift Award for Unexpected Breakout Star to Altair - the 12th-brightest star in the sky made an appearance in three separate MTT fics somehow

To Altair and Vega: for being great inspiration

EAT IT STANLEY Award for Achievements in Erin!Fic to 3Vasectomies

Busiest Beaver Award For Producing EPIC Amounts of Fic: Basscop69, TinyDundie, Maxine Abbott

PB&J Sandwiches Need Bread for Ensemble Use to Basscop69

2021 Fics That HAVE To Be Completed: Wildflowers - BigTuna, The Start of Something New - Jem4Water, Singles Awareness Day - NobleLandMermaid

It's A Mitzvah Award for Bringing Us Jewish!Jim to BigTuna for Shalom and NobleLandMermaid for Dunder Mifflin Chanukah

Isabel's Impact Award to Boredhswf for depicting Isabel as a lighthearted soul with the perfect amount of candor and a tell-it-like it is demeanor, influencing the flapper style haircut, being her wingwoman with the Halpert boys and having so many delicious lines in the Happiness chapters of the Evermore collab.

Hurts so Good award also to Boredhswf also for Happiness for that gut punch ending that as much as it hurt was so so good.

The Authors That Makes Me Think of Their Fics Constantly Award - boredhswf, coley, wanderingwatchtower

The Making Pam a Murderer But I Absolutely Love It Award - Coley

The Murdering Ryan Award - Coley

Fomenting Insurrection Award for Jims You Never Saw Coming to Comfect, for Commie!Jim

Short but Super Sweet - You Take Your Heart With You Wherever You Go by darjeelingandcoke

The Somehow Finds a Way to Blame Me All the Time Award - Darjeelingandcoke

Can't Stop, Won't Stop- darjeelingandcoke for continuing the Rejected Cold Opens series along with the great disclaimers

Leaving us wanting more, AKA Please update soon award: Darjeeling and Coke, Duchess Cupcake, Boredhswf, Coley, Noblelandmermaid

The Dunder Mifflincyclopedia Award: darjeelingandcoke

Best use of time jumps - Dernhelm for Paradox

Fics Literally No One Else Could Have Written: Forgotten Lullaby by Dernhelm

Ryan Can Never Know About This Poet Laureate Award to Dernhelm for The Elements

A Pair of Buddy Holly Glasses to EmxGoldstars and Nicemorningtoo for their 50s/60s aesthetic fics

Best welcoming committee - emxgoldstars & ThePinkButterfly

"Dwight Schrute Is Now Manager" Award to GRC73 for Making The Leap from Reviewer to Writer

Somehow I Manage Awards for Cleverest Titles to GRC73 for Phillip's Displays of Anguish and Warrior4 for Fabula Amoris

Congrats on Becoming Visible Awards to InvisibleCynic (first review!) and The Invisible Swordsman (first completed story!)

Hey Darryl How's It Hanging Award: Kuri333, for *not* leaving us hanging and coming back to finish The Actress

Off-Site Fic That Most Desperately Needs to Be Posted Here: MaryESP for Miss Beesly's Unexpected Suitor

Cordially, Future Dwight Award for Accomplishments in Time Travel Fic to Maxine Abbott and Dernhelm

"Could You Practice on The Forms?" Award to Maxine Abbott for Writing Pam Mothering Michael

Andy Lived With A Dominatrix Award for Favorite Backstory to Maxine Abbott giving depth to the Snoopy Mug in New Year's in New Jersey

Beth The Waitress Award for Favorite OCs to Maxine Abbott for giving us Randall and Gabby

For making me crack a rib in the middle of church just from thinking about this story: I'm Cooler than Coley by nicemorningtoo

Layover-Cardiac Care Memorial Award for Fic You'd Most Like to See Finished: Singles Awareness Day, Paradox

Jim Convincing Dwight He's Been Murdered Award for Pranks We Really Want to See The End Of: Girls Night by NobleLandMermaid

Lady who keeps us all together and deserves all the praise and credit she deserves for running MTT - NobleLandMermaid

Whitest Sneakers Award to NLM for Outstanding Achievements as a Moderator, Shot-caller and Overall Badass

Put Up The Pinatas and Put A Tilde Over The N Award to Sam, for returning for her annual masterpiece just in the nick of time

Golden Ticket Award for Inventing A Whole New Fic Genre to to ThePinkButterfly for the first CYOA fanfic I've ever seen in Third Planet from Altair

Most original idea MTT has ever seen - ThePinkButterfly for "The Third Planet from Altair"

Most Unique Concept- The Third Planet From Altair by ThePinkButterfly

The Space Explorer Award- ThePinkButterfly for dropping a complete Choose Your Own Adventure story all at once.

To "a house with a terrace upstairs": the fic that broke the fluff lover and tricked her into reading angst

Warehouse Workers Selling Extra Products on Their Deliveries Award for an AU That Should've Been Done A Long Time Ago to TinyDundie, for giving us the When Harry Met Sally!Jam we didn't know we needed

Two Salesman of the Month Plaques for February to TinyDundie and Maxine Abbott for carrying MTT over a long, dry fall

Best Jam Twitter Account (other than the MTT account) - tinydundie

Jumper award - passing the torch to TinyDundie for jumping right in with great stories and reviews.

Movie Adapters - Tiny Dundie and Basscop for combining Jam and some classic (and not so classic) movies to give us a whole new twist and love for both.

Best Use of Gifs in Chat Award - WanderingWatchtower

WUPHF.Com Was Actually A Good Idea Award to WanderingWatchtower from bringing JAM into the Tinder era with Swipe Right

The Breaks My Heart Everytime But Please Don't Stop Award - WanderingWatchtower, boredhswf, BigTuna

Scavenger Hunt Writer Extraordinaire - Warrior4

Character pop-ins - Warrior4 for all the OC and British version characters that make appearances in his fics.

Holly Flax Award for Stellar Return After A Long Absence to watchthesky84 for Pretty Girls With Daffodils

Best/worst beta - yellowberry22

We Love You Like Jim Loves Pam Award to?PBeesly, InvisibleCynic, BlindManCassidy, Dosteen, FutureFaxes, lazyLoris, Merria, TooSoon, Once, SwissCheese, Tweedledee, epj27, BWOTA, NewHogfan, MerpTheDerp, DorkLikeThat, MaryESP, Justice Beaver, dhix89, LittleToro, AggressiveMagpie, Dwigt, Syrima, Molly Olivia, Clover, HazyGirl, FoxesJenna42, Patriot1211, CStephenson and all our non-writers for your continued encouragement, support, reviews and jellybeans. We literally have no reason to do this without you.?


Thanks everyone for nominating and voting! We'll see you next year!

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