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      Hello MTTers! Not quite a year ago we launched this new community using BuddyPress in the hopes that it would be a fun place for old and new users to interact, but unfortunately this format hasn’t quite worked out as hoped.

      There is still a desire from users for a place to interact so we are going to give it another go using the VanillaForums platform! It had a more tradition forum look but still has flexible options like tags and activity feeds.

      Ugh, but I registered here, do I have to sign up again?!
      Nope! If you registered on this site before June 1st you have been added as a member to the new forum, you can sign in with your same username/email and same password!

      Are all the discussion threads getting moved?
      A few of the notable threads have been/will be copied, others will be converted to blog posts and the rest will be in a small, read-only forum. But for the most part, it’ll be a fresh start at the new forums.

      How do I register at the new forums?
      You have to be invited! And right now the invites are (mostly) limited to archive members. Request your invitation through the contact form on the archive or by emailing

      Come join us today!

    Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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