Jim & Pam First Date Fic Recs

May 17 is an auspicious day in Office history as it marks the anniversary of The Job airing and of Jim returning from New York and asking out Pam.

We sadly don’t ever see their first date because the show could be cruel like that, but on the plus side it’s allowed many-a talented writers to come up with their own interpretation! Here is an incomplete list of some of those great first date (and yes, first time 😉 ) fics, and if you fave is missing let us know.

*All fics are found at the MoreThanThat archive unless otherwise noted

Angels in Your Angles by boredatwork (rated K)

Back to the Beginning by susanita (M)

Breathing Out by girl7 (M)

Cheers Darlin’ by false_palindrome  (MA)

Euphoria by thirtypercent (M)

First glimmer by greengarnets Rated: T

from debris, you and me by unfold (K+)

It’s A Date by WishYouWould Rated: M

Jumping the Gun by sophia_helix (MA)

Just the stirring in my soul by moofoot (K+)

Laughter by WanderingWatchtower (K)

Like a carpenter that makes stairs by Stablergirl  (MA)

Love, loyalty, friendship by Rach3l (MA)

More Than Ready by BeckySue (K)

On a Night Like This by andtheivy (M)

Prelude by Annabel Winslow  (M)

Primae Noctis by neotantrika [on LiveJournal] (MA)

Recognition by colette  (M)

Stolen by girl7 (M)

Taking a Chance by Callisto (T)

The Job (continued) and The Date by OfficeGirl2001 (M)

The Way You Say Good Morning by Catie9 (K+)

The Thing With Feathers by debbiebrown  (T)

Their First Date in 55 Word Moments by Swedge (K+)

Week’s End by Talkative (MA)

Words Left Unsaid by Rach3l (MA)

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