Month of Fic Recs

With over 4200 fics, finding what you like can be a little difficult so we are bringing you a Month of Fic Recommendations! Every day will be a new topic and we’ll list a handful of fics pertaining to that topic. We will do this every day for a month, leading up to July 9th, which will mark 12th anniversary of MTT online! We did our best to get a good cross-section of authors and not list any stories more than once. That said, this is still just a sampler of the many many great fics at MTT!

Now without further ado, the fic recs!

Here’s the list of the topics, click the day to jump directly to the list of recs you’re interested in!

  1. Series
  2. June 10th
  3. Art Show (Business School)
  4. Author of the Month – Rach3l
  5. Proposals
  6. Almost Famous Fics (Just out of the Top 25 lists)
  7. Recent Works-In-Progress
  8. “Five Times” Fics
  9. Drunk JAM
  10. Late Season Fics
  11. Dwight & Angela Fics
  12. Viva Las Vegas!
  13. The Quiet Years (fics posted in 2015-16)
  14. Recent (Completed) Fanfics
  15. 55-word fics
  16. High School/College AUs
  17. The Dundies
  18. The Other Couples
  19. Suspense/Mystery
  20. Author of the Month Series
  21. Recent (Completed) Fanfics pt 2
  22. (intentionally) Bad Fanfic
  23. Hurt/Comfort
  24. Fun Run
  25. Crossovers
  26. Chatting/Messaging Fics
  27. AU Epics
  28. Drabbles
  29. Affairs to Remember
  30. Fight! Fight! Fight! (aka Post-Cocktails Fics)
  31. Honorable Mention

Day 1: Series
a series is a collection of distinct stories that were intended to be read together. Here are a few of our favorites:

Baby Talk by LoveFool: Written long before Cece came around, this series offers an alternate look at how Jim & Pam became parents.

Elements by Paper Jam: A series of themed fics, set in a universe that goes AU at the end of The Merger. Languages, Colors, Weather, Celestial Bodies.

First Dates by Lexiconiful: a series of Jim and Pam’s first couple of dates.

Indie Rock & Keds by Nightswept : Jim and Pam, college life and more.

Jam Sessions by Jodithgrace: a multipart story of Jim and Pam, beginning with Five Days in which Jim meets Pam for the first time, and continuing past Casino night. Some stories are narrative, some e-mails and one is a phone call.

Week Days by Talkative: That first week together and then their summer apart while Pam is at Pratt.

Day 2: June 10th
Some fics centered around that faithful day Pam and Roy were supposed to get married

Breathe by agd300: The wedding date is here – what happens next?

Eye of the Storm by xoxoxo: It’s June 10th. And it’s raining. Pam thinks it might be a sign.

June 10th by nqllisi: Pam wakes up early on the morning of June 10th. Has she made the right decision?

June 10th by wendolf: Imagine Jim’s confession on Casino Night never happened and Pam actually made it down the aisle on June 10th . . . only to say “I don’t”.

June in Ten by NobleLandMermaid: Or “Versions of June 10, 2016”, a collection of one-shots exploring some “what if” scenarios on what would have been Pam and Roy’s 10th wedding anniversary.

Trouble Breathing by mixedberries: Pam’s wedding, kind of. She knows that she will still sit at her desk at work, looking out over Jim’s empty chair, and wonder what she will say to him when he walks through the door.

Day 3: Art Show (Business School)
Ever watch Business School and wish there was more JAM to be had? Don’t worry, we gotchu.

Babylon by Paper Jam: All the lights are changing red to green. From denial to truth in an enclosed space

Between and Underneath the Words by Recorderalways An alternate ending story from season three, beginning just before Phyllis’ Wedding and ending at Business School.

Could Have Knocked Off The Evening by lama: Jim shows up late at the art show.

Creativity Takes Courage by WildBerryJam: Courage and honesty were not her strong points but subtlety is. A series of moments that help explain Pam’s art pieces.

Life is an Imitation of Art by Binxbaby: Jim’s with Karen. Pam’s with Roy. Misery all around until Pam fights to find her passion again. In her art and in her love life.

The Acknowledgement of Truth by time4moxie: “Honesty and Courage are not her strengths,” Oscar said. Pam knew it was true.

Day 4: Fics by Rach3l, MTT’s Author of the Month
Every month we select an author to feature and June’s AOTM is the incredibly prolific Rach3l, known for her immersive AUs as well as her steamy writing.

Give Us Liberty or Give Us Death (series) : Cameras, cameras everywhere, with a far more sinister purpose. Set in a dystopian version of America, but the people aren’t taking it lying down.

Love, loyalty, friendship: Jim and Pam’s first date and the ensuing weekend.

Sin Aesthetics: A dark take on JAM, if everyone in the world had superpowers. When everyone’s super… no one will be.

The music of my heart, or whatever: What if Jim and Pam are musicians who meet in college? What if they maybe don’t think too highly of each other, until a chance encounter involving public transportation throws them together unexpectedly?

Tomorrow’s Gonna Be a Brighter Day: Pam calls off her wedding. Roy loses it. Jim’s in Stamford, but not for long. A hospital stay and the recovery afterward.

Please visit the Author of the Month thread on the forums for the full list of all our AOTMs and even more fic recs!

Day 5: Proposals
While we know and love the rainy reststop proposal, here are a few alternative takes on the big moment

A Proposition by realitycheck: It’s Valentine’s Day 2008….

Closing The Deal by LoveFool: Jim and Pam were pretty darn giddy at the end of “Job Fair”, thought it’d be fun to see where all that giddiness might lead them.

Cry Wedding, Cry Wolf by cloudyskies: Three times Jim doesn’t mean it, and one time he does. Produced in a burst of Chair Model-inspired happiness.

Five Ways Jim Proposes To Pam by MrsLloyderineHalpert: Exactly as the title says. Five drabbles.

Four Times Jim Tried to Propose…..and the One Time He Finally Did by time4moxie: Even when he’s got the girl, sometimes Jim finds himself being laughed at by the Fates….

Up the Ladder to the Roof by untherapy: Inspired by the Chair Model episode

Day 6: Almost Famous Fics
At MTT we have a Top List section that has the Top 25 most read fics, most reviewed fics, etc etc. But there are many great fics who *just* miss the cut, so this list contained some “off-podium” fics that are well worth a read!

~Epics that just miss the “Longest Fic” list~

Graceless by Strawberry Fields: “Pam and I have hurt a lot of people, but mostly we’ve hurt each other. There’s no coming back from that.”

The Lie by DoofusPrime: For Jim Halpert, being used as a scapegoat by Michael for something he didn’t do is the last straw. When he decides to quit, Pam – and others – must decide just what he means to them and what it will take to keep him around.

the treehouse by iwantphillyjim: AU…Pam is new to Scranton, but she connects with an old friend. (note: not complete)

~Well-reviewed and Jellybeaned fics~

It’s The Same? by bright red shirt: Some speculation on Season 3

Nobody’s Business But Mine by GodInThisChilis: Watch as Jim and Pam deal with being in the public eye and under the thumb of manipulative network producers.

Unseen by unfold: A series of moments we didn’t get to see in the actual episodes.

~Lots of hits and ePub downloads~

Fault Lines by Deedldee: When the world cracks opened and the earth quakes, how do they survive?

How Long by GodInThisChilis: What if Pam had gone along with Michael and Dwight to the convention? Was she ready to see Jim? Was Jim ready to face Pam?

Two by yanana: Begins the night of the episode, the Job. A bump in the road for Jim and Pam now that they’re finally together.

~On many Fave Lists~

Talk by Annabel Winslow: Jim and Pam and two telephones, post-Season 3.

That Night by Colette: Before, during, after (peas, waffles.) Post-Cocktails…but no fighting.

When in Rome… by StarryDreamer: Three years have passed since Pam left Scranton for New York, and Jim is still very much on her mind.  Will a work-related trip to Rome, Italy be the catalyst that reunites Pam with Jim once and for all?

Day 7: Recent Works in Progress
Here are a handful of great fics still in the process of being completed. If you love any of them, as a member you can add fics to your favorites and that way get an email alert any time your favorite is updated!

Always One Foot on the Ground by Coley: Pam gets a lesson in dating from an unlikely source.

Restart by agian18: Just as quickly as life can give you everything you’ve ever wanted, it can take it away on a dime. When tragedy strikes, will Jim and Pam’s love be able to stand the tests?

Safe and Sound by NobleLandMermaid: Jim enjoys a quiet meal at his grandfather’s Poconos cabin when a curly-haired stranger named Pam comes by. Inspired by A Quiet Place.

Terra Incognita by Comfect: Jim gets in an accident on June 10, and Pam gets to help.

The Adventures of Jimmy Halpert by BigTuna: One day, while riding his bike through the forest, mild mannered paper salesman Jim Halpert is bitten by a radioactive bear and becomes ‘Bear Man.’ At least, that’s the story we’ve been told. Ever wondered what really happened?

Day 8: “Five Times” Fics
There are so many great “Five Times/Ways/etc” fics it’s practically its own genre! They’re typically short so we are listing 10 fics, but know lots of faves are missing so we encourage you to do a Title search of “Five” (or Four) to find many more!

5 Times (out of many) That Karen Considers Doing Something Drastic by Alex Wert

Five Conversations Jim and Pam Might Have Their First Morning Together by Par5

Five times Jim almost kisses Pam by watchthesky84

Five Times Jim Wakes Up in the Morning by allibabab

Five Times Pam Calls Him James by tizzy

Five Times the Crew Got a Clue by sharky

Five Ways Jim Halpert Proves He’s Really, Really Back by time4moxie

Five Ways Karen Gets a Clue About Pam and Jim by Penguin_jammies

Four Times Jim Keeps His Hands In His Pockets (And One Time He Didn’t) by vicodinfm

Four Times Pam Almost Drove to Stamford and One Time She Did by unfold

Day 9: Drunk JAM
Although we very rarely got to see it, we know from episodes like Dundies and PDA that Drunk JAM is a good time, thankfully we have fic to give us more!

Bachelorette Party by Par5: Pam’s girls take her out for a last night of freedom in the big city.

Don’t Let Dunder-Mifflin Near The Fruity And Delicious Drinks by dundiefromgod: 55-words on what happens when different Dunder-Mifflin employees get drunk.

Everyday is April 5th by msteapot: A drunken phone call between Pam and Jim, set in Season 3.

In Vino Veritas by Peskipiksi: “In Wine, Truth.” We’ve seen Drunk Pam (banned from Chili’s), and we’ve seen Drunk Jim (drunk driver/biker), but what happens when we put Drunk Pam and Drunk Jim together? Set during Season Three.

Photography by yanana: Jim and Pam have their first date . . .  and a few too many drinks

Day 10: Late Season Fics
Let’s face it, Jim and Pam were kind of put on the back burner in Seasons 7 and 8 and when they did actually get a storyline in S9 it was, let’s just say, highly polarizing. Thankfully there were (and still are) very talented authors who helped provide more late-season JAM for us.

Indigo and Crimson by Deedldee: Season 8 post episode one shots. (mod note: this is honestly the best thing to come out of season 8)

Just A Saturday Morning by more_awake: After spending a week at home while pretending to be on jury duty, Jim reflects on the past few weeks, gets some news from Michael, and spends a morning with his wife and kids.

No Jealousy Required by spaceorphan and callisto: Jordan likes Jim. Pam notices.

Stay and Fight by BigTuna: A story in 3 parts about staying, fighting, and nice mornings. Set in season 9.

Walk This Way by jazzfan: Script style fic, the camera crew explores the Halperts’ new fitness routine after PDA.

We’re Not Broken Just Bent by Dedeen: Jim’s POV during Paper Airplane.

Wonderful (Unexpected) Surprise by Dedeen: Talking heads missing from season 7 episodes

Extra shoutout to Dedeen, Deedldee, and more_awake who were definitely keeping the archive alive in those later seasons, please check out their other later season fics!

Day 11: Dwight & Angela Fics
At MoreThatThat we are admittedly very JAM-centric but we have lots of stories about the show’s other great romance: Dwight & Angela. So if you’re looking for a little less mixed-berry jam and a little more Monkey and Possum, this list is for you! Shoutout to MTT user and D&A superfan dwangela for helping us compile this list!

Angels in Your Angles by 69 cups of noodles: He knows she smiles behind her book when he gets up, stands behind her, puts his hands on her shoulders and tells her that she brings balance to the force.
dwangela’s comment: explores the inevitable conflicts between these two quirky characters with incredibly in character details.

Four Fourths by shoutoutout: Firecrackers, apple pie, peaches, and Andy: The last four Fourth of July’s in Angela’s life.

How She Sleeps At Night by shoutoutout: Andy comes over, Dwight comes over, then Angela sleeps. A look at one night in Angela’s life.
dwangela’s comment: One of my favorites and digs into the lesser written about relationship between Andy and Angela and Dwight.

Lenses by Mi Mariposita (found at He was stubborn; she was severe. So how, exactly, did they end up together?
dwangela’s comment: This is without a doubt, the best Dwight/Angela fanfiction in existence.

Okay by carbondalien: “Pride was a sin, wasn’t it?” After the proposal, Angela reflects on what was and what is to be.
dwangela’s comment: just a short oneshot, but a lovely one nonetheless with a presentation of Angela’s pride in contrast to the vulnerability she must have felt in the moments leading up to the final scene in Goodbye Toby.

Sensory Overload by There There:Dwight, Angela and the five senses that brought them to the last moment of season 4.
dwangela’s comment: So incredibly well written (and lengthy in contrast to most Dwangela fics). It covers Casino Night from Angela’s perspective and is just all kinds of amazing. Highly recommend.

Sliding by dwangela: Angela’s thoughts on the men in her life (set in early season 5)

The Most Dominant of Schrute Genes by Big Tuna: Which genes happen to be the most dominant of the bunch? While Dwight was an efficient worker, it wasn’t easy for him to keep track of fatherly things. For example, the daily post and his daughter, both of which were currently missing.
dwangela’s comment: This one is a short little future oneshot written way before Dwight and Angela actually got married. It is very, very funny.

Day 12: Viva Las Vegas!
No fandom is complete without a few Vegas fanfics that involve lots of drinking, a little eloping and overall a good time. Here are a few fics that send Jim & Pam to Sin City.

And Run Away by sophia_helix: Pure ridiculous fluff.

Any Day Will be Fine by bashert: Post S4 finale: Her eyebrows furrow in confusion for a moment before a smile creeps onto her face. “I left you like three hours ago,” she says. “Missed me that much already?”

Waking Up in Vegas by Deedldee: Jim and Pam go to Vegas on sales calls. AU right after ‘Back from Vacation.’

What Happens in Vegas… by Lissa_Maylee: It’s a year after Casino Night, and Jim and Pam haven’t talked at all.  They’re both sent to Las Vegas for a convention.

With Arms Outstretched by sillyrabbit519: What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. Sort of. AU set in season 3

Day 13: The Archive “Quiet” Years
After the show ended things were a little quiet at MTT and new fanfics were infrequent, because of that the few fics that were posted didn’t get much attention. Here are a few we think are worth revisiting and, if you are an archive member, worth giving reviews and jellybeans to.

all the things that happened after casino night (and all the things that didn’t) by thatsparrow: A series of one-shots retelling season 3 from Pam’s perspective

Five Times Jim and Pam Almost Got Busted by NobleLandMermaid: A few of the “close calls” Jim and Pam had before they went public. Setting during the summer between S3 and S4.

I Wish You Would by ilovetoJAM: Just your typical season 3 angst mixed in with some Taylor Swift

Moon bounce by watchthesky84: The moon bounce is still there when she leaves work that evening.

She who-shall-not-be-named by wemadguys: An exploration from Jim’s POV of what might have happened had he not confessed his feelings to Pam on Casino Night.

Shoot by julieofficefanatic: What was Pam going to ask Jim before the cameras scared her off?

Day 14: Recent (completed) Fanfics
We have lots of talented authors writing and adiing to our great collection at MTT, here are a few more recent fics we think you will enjoy. Make sure to click “Most Recent” at the top of the page at to see all the most recent fics!

Nonverbal by BigTuna: In which Jim and Pam work through their communication issues…in a way. A sexy way. A reimagining of the S3 episode The Return.

Reset and Restart by warrior4: Set during and just after the events of “The Job”. Jim is in New York at his interview when a certain something causes him to pause.

The Supermarket at 2am by Pan_cake_Cats: 2 different times Jim went to the supermarket at 2 am.

Wake Me Up by agian18: Jim receives a peculiar call from Pam in the middle of the night that slowly turns into a habit for the pair. Set after Booze Cruise.

When He Fell by Comfect: A brief exploration of when Jim Halpert really fell for Pam Beesly.

Day 15: 55-word fics
Once upon a time at MTT, a challenge was issued to write a fic getting Jim and Pam together or apart (preferably together 😉 ) in just 55 words. As a result, many MTT authors have tried their hand at writing a micro-fic. Here are just a few to check out:

55 words on Pam Beesly’s doorstep by Stablergirl

About damn time by lisahoo

Closure by Abigail

Missed Message by BaraJam

The Truth by Too Late Kev

Their First Date In 55 Word Moments by Swedge

Third by NeverEnoughJam

Two Can Play by larrymcg

Many more mini-fics to be found at the 55 Challenge

Day 16: High School/College AUs
What’s a fandom without at least a few fics that sends it’s character back to school? Here are some fics that imagines Jim and Pam meeting a few years earlier.

Dunder Hall, This is Pam by italianfood: The whole office works and lives together in Dunder Hall in college.

How I Came to be Who I am Today by beermefive: A teenaged Jim meets Pam right before he goes off to college in another state.

Made in Scranton by Dedeen: The Jim and Pam we know and love, but set a few years back in their lives.

Sociology 101 by Big Tuna: A look at a younger, AU version of Jim and Pam as they go through college at a small liberal arts school somewhere in Pennsylvania.

Strawberry Waffles, First Kiss Stories, and Your Head on My Shoulder by andtheivy: Jim has become an expert at lying, but when tragedy strikes, there’s only room for the truth. Jim, Pam and a trip down memory lane that goes further than they knew.

Three Man by andtheivy: It’s the end of the first week at Dunder-Mifflin College. Jim goes to a party thrown by his friend, Michael, and becomes intrigued by a pretty freshman.

Honorable mention to: Indie Rock and Keds by Nightswept, The music of my heart, or whatever by Rach3l, Trivial Pursuits by Comfect (all featured on other days), and First Loves and Second Chances by NobleLandMermaid (still in progress)

Day 17: The Dundies
How can I explain it? Between white sneakers, second drinks, a drunken kiss and an unasked question in the parking lot this episode has inspired a lot of fanfics. Here are just a few:

Beauty in the Breakdown by watchthesky84: What if Jim had driven Pam home from the Dundies?

Kissing You by Stablergirl: Post ‘The Dundies’ Jim is wallowing only to be interrupted.

Momentary Courage by callisto: “Can I ask you a question?”

Second Drinks by vicodinfm: What would have happened if Pam hadn’t been the only one drunk at the Dundies?

The Best Dundies Ever by shan21: What if Pam refused to let Angela drop her off at home after the Dundies? “I want to go to Jim’s,” Pam said, interrupting Angela’s thoughts. Angela felt as though her head might pop off and land in one of her cup holders. Would the depravity of this night never end?

virtue the cat explains her departure by sideviewhotel: Her breath catches when their eyes meet and she’s worrying her bottom lip between her teeth again so he just has to lean in and kiss her. His hand slides over her ribs to splay against her back, pulling her against him even more until there’s barely enough room for them to breathe without their skin touching.

Day 18: The Other Couples
While JAM is the most predominate couple in Office fanfic, there are some great stories about many of the other couples of Dunder Mifflin, so if you’re hankering for some Phlob, Erandy, Kryan, or Molly, this list is for you!

A Sweetness by lama: (Michael/Jan) For all she’d tried to deny it, there was something about him that simply made her happy.

About Her by Bennie: A little insight into Ryan and Kelly.

Benign Valentine by eilonwywrites: Andy still has feelings for Erin after spending his Valentine’s Day helping her with Gabe’s romantic scavenger hunt… and maybe she does too.

i’m dancing because i’m loved again by Bennie: (Bob/Phyllis) She always wanted to be a dancer.

The Talking Heads by PuffingNoise: A collection of talking heads from Michael and Holly about each other

Day 19: Suspense/Mystery
While there’s some suspense and mystery on The Office, it’s less “who done it?” and more “who ate the last donut?” variety. But if you want some true suspense and mystery here are some fics to check out.

Clue: The Office Edition by bkwrm: Toby is dead! Secrets are revealed. Sex tapes. Blackmails. Office romances. A hidden motive and a suspect no one saw coming.

He Wants Revenge by dmscranton: Pam’s life is threatened when she gets kidnapped by someone she knows. Will Jim and the police find her in time to save her?

Jigsaw by Night Swept: The Jigsaw killer kidnaps Jim and puts him to a horrific test. Like all games with this deranged killer, however, there are cruel twists waiting at every juncture.

Paper Cut: The Office Murder Mystery by Ellelque: Someone is dead in The Office, and everyone is a suspect.

Paper Cut II: Ryan’s Folly by Ellelque, BaraJam, lebow: Another death in the Office, after The Job.

Someone to Watch Over Me by jazzfan: It’s Pam’s last week in New York, and she thinks someone is following her. A Jam whodunnit.

The “Nice” Habit by bloomsgirl: “Nice” habits that can cost a girl her life.

Day 20: Authors of the Month Series
In 2016 we started our Author Of The Month series where we’d pick an MTTer whose stories are all worth reading and feature them on the front page of the archive. Here are a couple recommendations from 5 of our past authors of the month, and make sure to check out the AOTM series for all authors and even more recommendations!

all your fault by Cassandra Mulder: There’s no way they’re attending another inventory party.

Dukes by brokenloon; What comes after “Put up your dukes, Beesly.”

Kiss and Tell by Cassandra Mulder: When their personal lives become office gossip, what will Jim and Pam do to end all the talk?

Laugh This Life With Me by shannanagin: Pam and Jim from the beginning to the…

Pinpoint by thirtypercent: Karen POV post-Branch Wars. She tries to pinpoint the moment when being near him went from making her feel bubbly and young to brittle and needy.

Shift by thirtypercent: What if Jim never went to Stamford? What if Pam started making life changes a little sooner?

The Newlywed Show by brokenloon: This is a transcript of The Newlywed Show, taped in December 2009.

The Perfect Word by ficklevillain: A visit from Sasha, a secret code, and some tummyweather.

Thursday Nights by shannanagin: Pam and Jim spend their Thursday Nights together.

Turnabout’s Fair Play by ficklevillain: A series of drabbles, set after Back From Vacation and deviating from there. Pam makes Jim face the same difficult decision (and consequences) that she had to deal with.

Day 21: Recent Fanfics pt. 2
MTT has lots of talented writers continuing to add to our great collection! Here are a few more recent fics we think you will enjoy. Make sure to click “Most Recent” at the top of the page at to see all the most recent fics!

Love Suffers Long by BringingTheJam: An AU Casino Night Fic. What if Jim and Pam had talked more after Jim’s confession in the parking lot?

Paying Court by Comfect: A Regency romance, JAM-style.

Yours by dwangela: Two letters that Jim and Pam don’t send to each other. Set during Weight Loss

Invincible Summer by shutterbug: On a road trip across Texas, Jim’s memories keep him company.

Being Honest by JamLove17: When Roy attacks Jim in the office, it isn’t his first time hurting someone. Pam acts odd during her apology to Jim, and for the first time since the merger, he can’t bring himself to ignore it.

Day 22: (Intentionally) Bad Fanfic
Once upon a time at MTT a challenge was issued to write intentionally bad fanfic, and the authors did not disappoint! Here are some fics with bad dialogue, terrible similes/metaphors and in some cases cringey love scenes, all written with the intent to make you laugh (and possibly groan)

DCMP to the Rescue by Swedge: Originally an entry into the Bad Fanfic Challenge but it grew a life of its own.

Goodbye, Jim by Sweetpea: Three times Jim proposed…with unexpected results.

Jim and Pam Do It by Daoust: It’s hot, it’s steamy and it’s real.

Just So We’re Clear by tmdunderhead:  Jim, Pam, and a bold conversation.

Magic in the Sky by wonder149: Post The Job, Pam and Jim’s first date.

So Bad, it’s….well….Really Bad. by Maybe Once: A short example of the type of literary masterpiece that suits the new “Bad Fanfic” challenge.

The Agonizing Angst of True Love Gone Awry: a cautionary tale in ten parts by Azlin :When true love goes a little too far… bad!fic for the truly twisted Jam fan in all of us.

Day 23: Hurt/Comfort
The premise of Hurt/Comfort is simple: one character is injured in some way, the other takes care of them, many emotions ensue. Here are some fics with Jim and Pam nursing each other back to health.

Learning to Love Again by Dedeen: After an unexpected occurrence, Pam finds herself falling in love with her husband, Jim, all over again.

Light on by Dedeen: “Tears slowly unleashed from the back of my eyes darkening the spots they trickled on my sweater. Jim kept his expression stoic and his hand firmly clutched to mine, squeezing tightly. The baby kicked hard and I sobbed even harder.”

Life Ain’t Always Beautiful by Siochan: Jim has been sick for most of his life. When he takes a turn for the worse he never expected Pam to be there with him the whole time.

Stay Here In My Heart by skeber: Pam has been in an accident and Jim rushes to be by her side.

Timing Is Everything by jazzfan: Jim moves to Stamford, can’t forget Pam, and gets into some real trouble.

Day 24: Fun Run
After three seasons of will-they-won’t-they and countless fanfics, the Season 4 Premiere “Fun Run” finally gave us some official Jim-and-Pam-as-a-couple action. And MTT exploded with lots of fanfics about PB&J’s navigating their new romantic relationship, here are a few faves:

Cameras Don’t Catch Everything by malcolm lake: My version of what Jim and Pam may have been talking and thinking about away from the cameras during the first few episodes of Season 4.  An effort to fill in the blanks

Colin Farrell and The Estate Sale by beruco: What really happened at the Estate Sale?

How To Deal… by FictionInReality: Jim helps Pam through a… difficult time.

Pick Up Games by JAMhands: What happened after Pam picked Jim up in Fun Run? Well, if you live in my mind, it was probably a lot of smuff.

this thing that is us by oobadnama: So here’s a small little take of what could have happened on the way home after Fun Run

Sleeping In by Ampay: A (brief) episode tag to Fun Run. What went down the first morning of season 4.

Day 25: Crossovers
What happens when Jim & Pam meet Mulder & Scully? Or get transported to the universe of memory-erasing in Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind? You got yourself a crossover! Here are a few to check out:

All They Need is Time and Relative Dimension in Space by lolaradish: This is a crossover fanfiction for all the Doctor Who fans in here. It’s Jam, of course, but with the sci-fi element of DW.

and yet it tasted like them all by kasuchi: It is only when we silent the blaring sounds of our daily existence that we can finally hear the whispers of truth that life reveals to us, as it stands knocking on the doorsteps of our hearts. House, CSI, and Doctor Who get a little time in the sun here.

Brought to you by the letter X… by Stablergirl: (X-Files crossover) There’s something Spooky in the city of Scranton.

Darcy’s Letter by sharky: A friend talks Pam into writing Jim a letter telling him how she feels. Crossover with Austen’s Pride and Prejudice.

Dunder-Mifflin For 200, Alex by GodInThisChilis: This is a 5-Things story based on my favorite game show.

House Call by time4moxie: Cinderella meets Groundhog Day meets Dr. Gregory House. Pam will never be the same.

Scranton Legal by Team Karen: Jim takes a prank too far and finds himself facing off against Alan Shore, Boston’s most capable litigator. An Office/Boston Legal crossover

The Inequalities of Memory by questionforyou: What if Jim and Pam erased all memories of each other? Would they be able to start again? How would Roy and Karen react? Loosely based off “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.”

Day 26: Technology
Online forums, emails, phone texts, for better or worse electronic messaging now play a large part in our relationships and how we communicate. Here are some fanfics where these kinds communication methods take a central role.

Easier to Type Than to Say by deerinthepark: Pam and Jim are getting to be friendly again, and engage in a little instant messaging.

Expressions in Emoticons by NobleLandMermaid:A glimpse into the instant messaging history of Jim and Pam. A conversation for each episode through Season 3.

Observer Effect by GodInThisChilis: Jim and Pam must interact in network sponsored live chats to promote their documentary.

Subject: RE: RE: RE: RE: 25 (actually 23) Relationship Questions by sorano916: Not everything that Michael sends out is spam…

Trivial Pursuits by Comfect: The Office meets Parfumerie/She Loves Me/Shop Around the Corner/You’ve Got Mail. Pam and Jim meet earlier in life in AOL trivia chatrooms without knowing who each other are.

Day 27: AU Epics
Alternate Universe stories, or AUs, allows writers to take our beloved characters and put them into a much different setting and situation while keeping that JAM heart. Here are some AU Epics we think you’ll get into.

Allentown by Sweetpea: A story of loss, love, and inspiration.

Does He Love You? by carbondalien: Pam married Roy and moved to California after “Casino Night,” and Jim gave up. But then he started getting the letters…

Every Time I Wind Up Back at Your Door by kells8995: “Don’t take this the wrong way, but… you should go for that job.” What would have happened if Jim had taken that job in Maryland after all?

In My Life, I Love You More by andtheivy: “It’s always been Jim and Pam.” What if it always was? What twists and turns do a lifelong friendship take? A story of Jim and Pam and love, in varying incarnations.

Learning to Live Again by italianfood: Pam moved to New York instead of starting work at Dunder Mifflin. Years later she returns and she meets Jim, but they’re at very different points in their lives.

One Week by iamapam1883 The story of Jim and Pam retold in an AU manner over the course of a week. Pam is a PR person at a Scranton Museum, which hosts the annual Scranton Art Festival. Jim works for the Scranton Times and is assigned to do the story on the festival.

The Accident by spaceorphan: AU with a season three backdrop. Pam finds herself pregnant. Shenanigans ensue from there.

The Garbage Can Letters by Azlin: Pam thought she was throwing these letters away. But what happens when your garbage doesn’t stay in the garbage? Set mid-season 3.

Day 28: Drabbles
Drabbles are short fics that typically focus on the internal thoughts and emotions of a character And since they’re no more than a couple hundred words in length, you can read lots of them quickly! Here are a few of our favorite drabbles:

And so it begins by bitterpill: Post – “The Job” drabble.

Counting… by MrsLloyderineHalpert: A few thoughts about how it’ll be whenever Pam and Jim finally get things right.

if you knew what i knew by andromeda: ““You’re mine.” he grumbled into her hair, his lips brushing against her neck, hitting that spot that made her knees go weak.” Brief alt-take on Phyllis’ Wedding

Quietly by unfold: Really short little bit of post Frame Toby fluff.

Starting Right Now by Sweetpea: From the stairs to reception.

There it Was by Lexiconiful: Just a singular moment. Jim buys the ring.

Yes by mcmuffins: He said yes. Inner monologues from different POVs inspired by that yes in The Return

Day 29: Affairs to Remember
Jim and Pam shared a kiss on casino night but (briefly) parted away from there, but what if more had happened while Pam was with Roy, or even while was Jim with Karen? Well, you practically have a whole sub-genre of fanfic!

“She Dreams In Color, She Dreams In Red” by CallieJames: Pam spends some time thinking about a recent discovery and trying to figure out just how she’s going to handle it.

A Fool’s Bargain by fasterthansnakes: Pam and Jim decide to get it out of their system…Literally.

Even a Little Lie Can Break A Heart by fasterthansnakes: “God, Jim. There’s been an…there was an accident and…Roy came back and he got upset and…God, he shot Della, Jim, Roy shot her.” And suddenly Jim’s not even breathing.

New York by yanana: A retake on “Boys and Girls” from season two, had no cameras been present.

Spaces Apart from the World by yanana: A saga post-season two.

The Modern Office Worker and the Delicate Art of Seduction by Candi: After the events of beach day, Pam decides that desperate times call for desperate measures. She only has three days before Jim has his big job interview and she’s got to do something to show him why he should stay right there in Scranton.

The Seduction of Miss. Beesly by vicodinfm: We all loved the big declaration, the single heartbreaking tear on Casino Night. But what if Jim had decided to go for it a long time ago, and what if he’d gone about it a subtler, darker way?

Vanilla by Annabel Winslow: Mid-season 3, Pam’s night out with the boys takes a bit of a turn.

Weather-Worn and Weary by PuffingNoise: Over a year after Casino Night, Jim is really happy with Karen. But when Pam finally confesses her feelings to Jim, is it too late for them?

Who Cares What the Question Is by llorin: Some undetermined amount of time after Booze Cruise, Roy invites Jim to a house party.

*Though it’s not on MTT, a shoutout needs to be made to the Warning Labels series found on AO3, which has Jim and Pam carrying on an affair during nearly all of Season 2.

Day 30: Fight! Fight! Fight! (aka Post-”Cocktails” fics)
While we easily get to hit “next episode” now, when “Cocktails” first aired, it was *six weeks* until “The Negotiation”, leaving fans to debate and speculate what was gonna happen now that Roy knew about Pam’s kiss with Jim and was out for revenge. The result? Lots of fanfics with Jim and Roy throwing down! Here are just a few:

Bullet by DwigtChang: Set after Cocktails…Most of the office leaves for the day. A few people are left behind. One of them has a gun and every intention of using it.

Clash of the Titans by DinkinFlicka: I caved and wrote a post-Cocktail fic that can be best described by Jim’s Talking Head from Season 2 Ep 6: Fight! Fight! Fight! FIGHT!

Crapulence, Divulgence, and Other After-Effects of Drinking by GreenFish: Post-Cocktails. Many, many truths are revealed.

Early April Fool’s by secondrink: Pam is “Fancy New Beesly” again, and tries to take matters into her own hands.

Pacific by Recorderalways: After Pam tells Roy about her kiss with Jim she takes the brunt of the aftermath.

Truth and Consequences by shan21: A post-Cocktails fic with a bit of a twist. Karen does a bad thing, and Jim is about to suffer the consequences…

Day 31: Mod Honorable mention
Even though we’ve made somewhere around 200 recommendations, we MTT mods still have lots of fics we love that either didn’t quite fit in any categories or would have made some of our long lists even longer. So to finish off our Month of Fic Recs here are our Honorable Mentions!

BecauseOfYou’s honorable mentions

Creaky Mattresses by unfold: Jim. Pam. Hotel room. Set at some point in the not too distant future.

Each Prayer Accepted by JAMsoundtrack: Jim, Pam, Pam’s ‘all time favorite’ movie, and the little push they need.

Fathers and Daughters. Women and Men. by Stablergirl: “My father died, so I’ll need a few days.” She explained in an unaffected sounding voice that surprised even herself.

February 3rd (Or how Pam Beesly got schooled by Georgia O’Keefe, Maggie and Punxatawny Phil) by Vampiric Blood: Jim gives Pam some wonderful birthday gifts that get her thinking…  Set about a week after Drug Testing.

Fine by LoveFool: Jim and Pam are faced with the uncertainty of a future at Dunder-Mifflin. This is about the problems this might occur for our favorite newlyweds under these circumstances.

My True Love Gave to Me by time4moxie: Jim receives a gift the day after Christmas. And then another one the next day. And again for the 10 days after. Is it a joke, or has his True Love come forward?

Sense by proudgirl: Jim’s internal monologue from “Casino Night” and beyond. Includes the confession and kiss. Each chapter is set to one of the five senses.

She’s a candle burning in my room by Sweetpea: You were wrong about the sex. Not about how great it would be, no, but how you would stop being consumed with thoughts of her 24 hours a day once you could be with her.

The Bible of the Free by rubykate: He lets her in. Post-Casino Night.

The Devil (and Angel) in Pam Beesly by dundiefromgod: Pam gets some help with her problems with Jim, from herself. From before “Beach Games” through their 1st Date. (note: not complete)

the openings of doors by josephine: the first date between jim and pam doesn’t really go how either of them would expect it to.

NobleLandMermaid’s Honorable Mentions:

A Day He’ll Never Forget by Deedldee: A rundown of Jim’s first day at Dunder Mifflin.

And Harder Still to Make Noise by sophia_helix: Eleven years of Pam Beesly’s life. Some are better than others.

Canary by Kate Andrews: “There wasn’t enough punch in the world to turn her into that sort of girl, and he wasn’t that sort of boy.” Pam, Jim, an office party and a supply closet.

Freckle (in five parts) by Colette: One part for each season. Pam’s p.o.v. Nothing could be more innocent than a freckle, right?

Hope by nomadshan: Jim and Pam meet during the Great Depression

Inside Jokes by Talkative: A golf pencil, two hot sauce packets, a Boggle timer, a mixtape, a high school yearbook photo, a card, and a teapot.

Out of the Fog by Kat11: After the events of Valentine’s Day, Season 2, Pam has an epiphany and realizes that the life she wants isn’t necessarily the life she has now.

Still Breathing by girl7: An alternate take on Jim’s returning from Stamford. Jim gets drunk and flirty, and Pam gets jealous.

The Distance and the Damage by unfold: She twists the gold band on her finger around and around. She waits to feel regret or guilt or something else besides this buzzing excitement.

The Jim Paradox: Season 3 and  The Pam Dichotomy: Season 3 by scrantonbranch: For the meta lovers out there, the Jim Paradox and Pam Dichotomy are a scene-by-scene analysis of Jim and Pam’s character development in season 3.

Vox by sophia_helix: “She didn’t analyze it. Not talking to him had been weird and hard and lonely; talking to him made her happy.”


And that’s about it! We hope you have found at least few new favorites through our list here, and will be coming back to consult frequently. As we said at the start, this is far from a comprehensive list of fics you should read at MTT! We encourage you to check out the Top Lists at the archive as well as our other recommendation lists for many more fics.

And of course if you want to make additions to any of these list, please feel free to comment!

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