Fun Run

Talk to me, Tivo: A freak accident causes Michael to feel the office is cursed. He explores the religious beliefs of his employees before deciding to hold a charity 5K fun run. Meanwhile, further developments in the romances of Pam and Jim , and Dwight and Angela are explored.

Jam Cam: Ah, another season with the DynamicDuo! Unfortunately, it doesn’t start out very well for the two of them. It seems that Pam is in trouble with the IT guy for downloading a celebrity sex tape that she may or may not have paid for. At least, that’s what we understand from Jim asking her as much and then teasing her about it. So glad they’re together now.

Oh wait…maybe they’re not together now. Jim broke up with Karen after the job interview — yeah! And her desk is empty — yeah! But Jim is single now, he tells us. What the hell? Pam explains that she and Jim went out a few times and she helped him get through his break-up and it’s nice to be friends again. Really? Kevin doesn’t believe them either and is the voice for all of us when he repeatedly asks “Are you kidding me?” We’re with you, Kev.

Meanwhile, Michael hits Meredith with his car, which puts her in the hospital. Pam says “we’re” collecting money for flowers and Kevin immediately asks if by “we” she means her and Jim. Apparently, she does not. Kevin keeps nagging her about Jim and she does indeed make it seem like they’re just friends. Then Pam pulls the big guns on Angela to have her help with the planning since she is the head of the party planning committee after all. Oh, Snarky!Pam. Well, at least we have that still.

And if it wasn’t bad enough, Pam has to try and coordinate the carpool with Michael wanting to do it his way — and somehow winning.

Back from the hospital, Pam ends up comforting Angela because of her dead cat and Jim tries to keep a straight face while Michael does some fake crying. With the office cursed, Michael forces everyone in to the conference room — with Pam and Jim sitting at opposite ends of the conference table, but we do get to find out that Pam is Presbyterian. Oh, and we get the perfect Jim!Face as he tries to convey to all of us just how completely crazy Michael is about animal gods. But he’ll do some research on it for Michael — and take Pam with him. Hm…interesting.

But at the end of the day, we just see Pam walking to her car alone to go home alone. Kevin speaks for the rest of us when he says that if they aren’t together now than they probably never will be. They would be so good together like PB&J…Pam Beesly & Jim. What a waste, Kevin laments. We agree.

Pam once again tells us she’s not dating anyone so…wait a minute. Why is she pulling over to the side of the road? Is that JIM getting in? And KISSING HER? WOOHOO! Those two are such liars!! I knew it. šŸ˜‰ And oh, what a cute little sweet kiss it is. But those two are bastards for lying to us and leading us on like that. We’ll forgive them, though.

Unfortunately, Angela is having relationship problems and asks for Pam’s advice since she always has relationship problems. Um, I don’t think Pam’s having those problems anymore.

With the office uncursed and Meredith possibly having rabies, Michael decides to have a fun run to raise money for the rabid. PB&J decide to discuss their strategy in the break room with Pam telling Jim that she’s going to start fast, go fast, and end fast. Then she’s interrupted by the camera, which seems to be staring at those two like they’re guilty of something. “What?” Jim asks. Oh, you know what!

Jim and Pam are hauled off to the conference room where they are shown the tape of them kissing and have to explain themselves. It’s the “Busted!” Reveal! “Um…it was all edited,” Jim tries to explain. Don’t believe it. “I was just giving him a ride home because…” Because why, Pam? Because you’re dating? “Because we’re dating.” WOOHOO! Pam explains that they haven’t told anyone, but it’s going really great. Right? Jim looks over at her and gives her the absolutely most adorable smile. “It is going really great.” Yeah! Finally.

Back in the conference room with actual work, Jim and Pam try to convince Michael to get a giant check and present it to a stripper nurse. Ah, some things don’t change.

Things like Michael screwing something up. This time, he’s listed the 5K as 5,000 miles, which Pam needs to call him out on. Also, “come in” means go in assuming your boss is clothed. Too bad she walks in on him half naked. Blech.

Pam tries to explain this whole disgusting situation with Michael’s baguette/dangling participle to Jim in the break room when Michael decides to walk in on these two. At least Jim comes to Pam’s aide while giving Michael grieve about the whole thing. Michael thinks it was no big deal, Pam didn’t see where it started but saw where it ended, and Jim is getting a little too much amusement from the fact that his boss flashed his girlfriend.

WOOHOO! Shirtless!Jim! Not only is he shirtless, but he’s making a joke in front of the camera as a way to support his girlfriend, Pam. It’s so…well, let’s just say there are lots of screencaps on the Internet of this scene for a reason. Plus, it’s Jim being dorky and funny again, which is something we missed sometimes last season. Plus, who doesn’t love the way he says “French beach”?

Jan is outside the building handing out numbers and attacking Pam for purposely peeping on Michael. Oh Jan, it was sooo not on purpose.

Hey look! It’s a rabid squirrel!

Everyone takes off for the fun run except for our DynamicDuo, who decide to take it easy in last place…while holding hands. Awwww! The hand holding continues as they hit an estate sale that raising money for a disease that already been cured. Hm, Jim, sounds like what you’re doing with this fun run. They come out triumphantly with a kitschy lamp that Pam has Jim carry for her. What a total couple thing to do, which Jim seems to realize and embrace.

Cute, hand-holding Jam come upon Michael, who has given up on his own fun run. Jim tells him that he’s a downer, but he was having a good day. Pam tells Jim that she’s still having a good day, which makes Jim smile all adorable and cute. Pam, meanwhile, seems to have the touch with Michael and this time, she’s able to talk him into finishing the race. Well, after he tells her that just because she’s seen him naked doesn’t mean she knows him.

And so, Jam give him the lamp as a reward for finishing the race — and he promptly pukes on it. Eh, no one can puke on our happiness now that Jam are together. Yeah!

The Others: Michael hits Meredith with his car, which lands her in the hospital with a broken pelvis. Of course, rather than blaming himself, Michael is convinced the office is cursed. But wait! Meredith was actually saved by going to hospital because she has rabies…or something. He then, of course, takes the whole thing a step further by having a fun run in Meredith’s honor. Too bad for him that Toby wins the whole thing. Meanwhile, it’s rough waters for Dwangela after Dwight euthanized Angela’s cat. Poor Sprinkles.

What have we learned today, kids: Never ever ever give up. Seriously. Sometimes things may actually end up going well with the person you’ve been pining after for so long.

– written by Jenny


IT Guy: You know, generally it’s not a good idea to click on offers that you have been requested. What was the exact offer?
Pam: It was for a video.
IT Guy: Yeah, what kind of video?
Pam: A celebrity sex tape.
Jim: Really? What celebrity?
Pam: Not relevant.
Jim: How much did you pay for it?
Pam: Not relevant.
Jim: You paid for it?
Pam: It all happened so fast!

Jim: I broke up with Karen after the job interview and it was a little awkward when she came back from the city. She told me, very clearly, just because we were broken up didn’t mean she was going anywhere because she worked really hard for her career. But the next day her desk was empty and as for me and my current romantic life, I um…I’m single now and looking so if you know anybody.

Pam: Jim and I went to dinner a few times when he got back from New York. I talked him through his break up. It’s really nice to be good friends again.

Kevin: Are you kidding me? Pam and Jim are totally hooking up. All they do is smile. They’re just keeping it a secret. Right?
Oscar: I don’t know. There is no evidence of intimacy. They’ve been in remarkably good moods. It could be other things.
Kevin: Are you kidding me?

Pam: Hey guys. We’re all going to visit Meredith for lunch and were kicking in $5 for flowers.
Kevin: Who’s “we”? You and Jim?
Pam: No…um…Me, Stanley and Phyllis so far.
Kevin: Oh, I bet Jim goes too.
Pam: Yeah. I haven’t asked him yet.
Kevin: Oh, I bet you ask.
Pam: I was planning on it.
Kevin: I bet you were.
Pam: Angela?
Oscar [to Kevin]: Subtle.
Kevin: What?

Kevin: Oh well. If they aren’t together now, then they probably never will be. I thought they’d be good together like PB&J…Pam Beasley and Jim! What a waste. What. A. Waste.

Pam: [getting in her car and driving away] I told you I’m not dating anyone and even if I was, I don’t think it’s anyone business. I mean, when I do fall in love, like when it’s for real, the last person I’m going to take about it to is a camera crew or my coworkers. Almost marring Roy Anderson is as close to Pam Anderson as I want to be. [parks car, Jim gets in and kisses her] Trust me, when I fall in love, you’ll know.

Jim: So what’s your strategy for this race?
Pam: Well, I’m going to start fast.
Jim: Uh huh.
Pam: Then I’m gonna run fast in the middle.
Jim: What?
Pam: Then I’m gonna end fast.
Jim: Why won’t more people do that?
Pam: Because they’re just stupid.
[camera zooms in on Jim and Pam, who look into the lens] Jim [to camera guys]: What?

Jim: Oh, um…No, that’s not…I mean that wasn’t um…
Pam: Yeah, that was um…
Jim: I mean I can see how it would seem a bit like we uh…How it looks like um…I mean, now a days you can edit anything, right? I mean, you can edit anything to look like um…anything.
Pam: Yeah. I gave him a ride home because…
Jim: Right.
Pam: We’re dating.
Jim: Wow…There it is.
Pam: Yeah. We haven’t told anybody, but it’s going really great. [to Jim] Right?
Jim [smiling back at Pam]: It is going really great.

Pam: So I closed the door but the image of his…
Jim: Baguette?
Pam: … dangling participal…
Jim: Eww.
Pam: …still burned in my eyes.
Jim: I can imagine.
[Michael knocks slowly on door] Pam: Come in.
Michael: May I enter the room?
Pam: Yes…or come in.
Michael: See how I did that? That’s the way you should enter a room. You knock and then you wait for the all clear.
Jim: You couldn’t have taken off all your close in the men’s room?
Michael: Yes, but I have an office, so why would I do that?
Pam: On average, how many hours a day do you spend naked in your office? Just ballpark.
Michael: European offices are naked all the time.
Pam: They’re SO not.
Michael: Besides my shirt tail covered most of it so…
Pam: I didn’t see where it started but I saw where it ended.
Jim: Gross.
Michael: That’s not gross, it’s the human body. What is your problem? Pam, you’re an artist, right? Think of me as one of your models. [shocked face from Jim] OK, you know what? I don’t want this to detract from what we really need to be thinking about today, it’s not fair to people with rabies. And that’s the point, right? OK, let’s go have some fun.

Jim [without a shirt on before grabbing it to cover himself up]: Oh, I’m sorry! Is this a working office and not a French beach?

Pam: Oh, we’re in last place.
Jim: Oh, would you look at that.
Pam: Darn it.
[Jim grabs Pam’s hand]

Jim: Oh! An estate sale. Want to go in?
Pam: I don’t know. I’m really committed to winning.
Jim: OK, but what if I told you all the money you spend here goes to preventing a disease that’s already been cured?
Pam: Hm…Yes.
Jim: That’s what I thought.
Pam: Yeah.
Jim: Right. Let’s do some good.

Pam: Hey, Michael.
Jim: What are you doing here? Did you come back for us or…
Michael: I can’t finish. I feel so weak. I just…
Jim: Well, you’re probably dehydrated.
Michael: What do you want me to do, Jim?
Jim: Glass of water would be a start.
Michael: No. There are people all over the world who have all sorts of problems and afflictions and diseases. They’re deformed and they’re abnormal and…they’re illiterate and ugly. Symphonies don’t have any money. Public TV is bust. I can’t do anything about. I can’t…you know? There’s just one of me and there’s a thousand of them and rabies wins.
Jim: Wow. You are a downer. We were having a pretty nice day.
Pam [to Jim]: I’m still having a nice day.
Jim: You are?
Pam: Yeah.

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