Office Olympics

Talk to me, Tivo: Michael has a panic attack while trying to close the deal on his condo; with Michael and Dwight out of the office, Jim and Pam organize an employee competition.
Jaminess: 3 [5=Casino Night]

Jam Cam: Poor Jim is bored. So bored he dies from it and all the Jim fans out there think of ways to revive him. Pam, there are many suggestions we can give you.

First, play flirty paper basketball with Dwight’s mug. That will do fine until Jim discovers the Paper Football League back in accounting before he’s off to play a round of Dunder Ball with Toby. That’s when viewers realize just how much more attractive Jim would be if he had focus. Jim bounces off to ask Stanley in a dubbed over later in the editing room voice what games he plays. Stanley’s lame answer only encourages FunJim.

With that, the Office Olympics are born. Jim sings! And fakes a echoy arena voice! And takes scented candles seriously! Then his dubbed over later in the editing room voice describes the yogurt lids Pam so painstakingly created. [What is up with Jim’s dubbed over later voice in this episode? Was Jim hung over and mumbling on this particular day?]

JamTagTeam makes an appearance as the first of many Olympic events get underway. Jim: Icelandic paper games. Help me with the name for boxed feet, Pam? Pam: Flonkerton, Jim. You’re welcome. Me: Is that Hotmail on Jim’s computer screen?

Phyllis makes her first appearance in Office Olympics competition and I may be mistaken, but I think she’s trying to flirt with Jim. Phyllis wins by a nose and Jim gets corrected on his pronunciation of flonkerton by his Right Hand Girl. Oh, and Pam’s got a gold medal in hand when Jim calls on her aid for Kevin’s M&M stunt. Totally Right Hand Girl material.

Meanwhile over by the watercooler, Boring Angela doesn’t want to have fun with the crowd since she has her own game to play. Pam Pong. “We’re friends,” protests Pam. “Apparently.” Meow! Angela better be careful though or this may come back to haunt her if she starts dating someone in the office and Pam figures out who. Just saying.

Phyllis continues her flirting with Jim, asking him if he just called her a ho. You wish, Phyllis, you wish. Actually, considering the cute “Oh my God!” response from Jim, could you blame her? Then it’s off to Elevator Roulette and someone from Vance Refridgeration makes an appearance! Jim ain’t looking so good to you now is he, Phyllis?

JamTagTeam returns! It’s one thing for Pam to notice how involved Jim is with all of this, but to actually use her art skills to feed his fun-ddiction? That’s true love. Plus, she makes doves. Not cranes. Not random birds. No, she makes the birds that people release at their weddings. Ha! She loves Jim, she made true love birds! We get a JamFive and Jim’s “Nice work!” makes Pam all mushy until a tally mark in Pam Pong makes her pissy.

Office Olympics Commissioner Jim stands with his Right Hand Girl as they come around the final coffee race turn…and then Michael comes back from his real estate trip and we realize just how depressing Jim’s job is when he has to actually do work again. So Jim gets depressed about his job again, Pam gets depressed because Ryan is acting all business school snobby by tossing out his medals, and we all get depressed that our dynamic duo has to stop having fun. At least Jim is keeping his medal! Squee.

JamTagTeam! Jim begs “Can you ignore voicemails and do my bidding instead?” Sure she can. So Pam helps AdorableJim make Michael feel better about buying his house. Who would have the heart to do something that nice and show some mercy on Michael? Jim, that’s who. Stop playing with the doves, Pam, and pay attention. Oh wait, JamLook! She’s paying attention!

The Others: Michael likes to eat Egg McMuffin — hold the McMuffin — and give Ryan permission to run around the office naked. Too bad he doesn’t have more time to enjoy that sight since he’s off to sign the papers for his new house with his Butch Cassidy in tow. As Butch Cassidy, Mozart’s friend, Dwight has to stand by to protect his conductor. Luckily, Michael is moving to a “gay-friendly neighborhood” so that makes this all less awkward. Michael tries to talk to the hot real estate agent, tries to understand exactly what kind of mortgage he’s signing, and tries to get some fresh air before he dies in 30 years. Then there some whining about Dwight’s beet farm and how nobody likes beets. I have to agree with Michael on this one — Dwight should grow candy.

What have we learned today, kids: Jim can accomplish anything he sets his bored mind to — especially if it involves hot receptionists making medals out of yogurt lids.

– written by Jenny


Pam: Every so often, Jim dies of boredom. I think today it was the expense reports that did him in. Our deal is that it�s up to me to revive him.

Jim: You have what is the national sport of Icelandic paper companies and I’m blanking on the name. Could you help me out, Pam?
Pam: Jim, they refer to it as Flonkerton. In English — box of paper snowshoe racing.
Jim: Fair enough, but I like Flonkerton.

Pam: The thing about Jim is when he’s excited about something like the Office Olympics, he gets really into it and he does a really great job. But the problem with Jim is that he works here, so that hardly ever happens.

Jim: Gold medal in Flurninton.
Pam: Flonkerton.
Jim: Thank you delegate from Iceland.

Pam: Are you sure you don’t want to play?
Angela: I’m sure.
Pam: Come on, Angela. Don’t you have a game?
Angela: I have one, yes.
Pam: Well, let’s play. What is it?
Angela: I call it Pam Pong. I count how many times Jim get up from his desk and goes to reception to talk to you.
Pam: We’re friends.
Angela: Apparently.

Pam: I made something for our closing ceremonies.
Jim: What?
[Opens a box with white paper doves] Jim: Oh my God. When’d you have time to make that?
Pam: Automatic voice mail.
Jim: Alright Pam. [high five] Alright. Nice work.

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