Pam Pong Round 3: Health Care

Previous Round, Diversity Day: Thanks to diversity seminars there wasn’t much Jim and Pam interaction, and Jim was having an awful day until Pam fell asleep on his shoulder, leading Jim to conclude it was “not a bad day.” Final score: +8 Pam Pong Scorecard Episode 103: Health Care Jim starts the episode at Pam’s desk, talking about TV: +1 Pam takes a jab at Jim by saying she didn’t see the show Jim was …

Health Care: Episode 1.03

“Health Care” Season 1 Episode 3 Air Date: April 5, 2005 Writer: Paul Lieberstein Summary: Michael puts Dwight in charge of picking a new (read: striped down) health care plan; a responsibility that quickly goes to Dwight’s head. After that, Michael struggles to arrange a “surprise” to hopefully offset the staff’s disappointment about the reduced health care benefits.