Pam Pong Round 4: The Alliance

Previous Round, Health Care: Jim and Pam display some playful banter and have an overall positive, if not remarkable, round, ending in a score of +3 Pam Pong Scorecard Episode 104: The Alliance Jim goes straight to Pam to work on pranking Dwight: +2 Pam agrees to help, coming up with the idea of having Dwight overhear “information” she tells Jim: +2 Jim’s crush slips out a little when he says, “she’s so great” to …

The Alliance: Episode 1.04

“The Alliance” Season 1 Episode 4 Air Date: April 12, 2005 Writer: Michael Schur Summary: A golden opportunity for Jim and Pam to prank Dwight arises when Dwight asks Jim to form an “alliance” to find out about downsizing rumors. Meanwhile, in order to boost moral, Michael puts together a surprise (and very early) birthday party for a co-worker.