The Fight

Talk to me, Tivo: Dwight karate chops Michael and Jim arranges for the two of them to settle their differences at Dwight’s dojo.
Jaminess: 2 [3=Casino Night]

Jam Cam: Jim has way too much time on his hands if he can move Dwight’s desk into the men’s bathroom. Warmer, warmer, bingo! And the phone still works as evidenced by Jim’s call to Dwight’s desk as viewers hear a toilet flush. That is pretty cool.

With Dwight’s desk back in place, it’s much easier for Jim to overhear conversions like the one Dwight is having with his sensei at his dojo. It seems Dwight is now Assistant [to the] Sensei at his local karate dojo, which Jim seems to be have quite a bit of fun with.

Too bad Pam can’t use some karate moves to make Michael sign all his purchase orders and time cards by the deadline — it’s probably not going to happen. She’s getting a little pissed off by all this to the point where Michael accuses her of Pam-M-S-ing. He must have come with that all on his own.

Back at the pretty receptionist’s desk, Jim’s just hanging out while Pam is holding his hand under the guise that she’s reading his palm. According to her palm reading skills, his palm says he sucks. At least he has pretty teeth! Jim’s fishing for compliments skills are pretty impressive if Pam goes along with it so easily…or she’s just flirting back.

Jim seems to be feeling giddy after his time with Pam and tempts his fate by mocking Dwight. He may not want to do that because Dwight is not afraid of making an example out of people in the office. Is that a threat? It’s ok, Jim has collateral like, for example, Dwight’s purple belt.

Despite Jim’s sly purple belt steal, Dwight seems to be sticking to this “beating up everyone” philosophy but will stop with Michael since he’s…well…Michael. Besides, Michael likes to talk up all the fights he’s been in. “When you’re a Jet, you’re a Jet all the way,” responds Jim. Wow. Jim just responded with a quote from West Side Story. Nice. But between that and his manicure, Jim is queer….eye for the straight guy.

Dwight has to be stopped and Jim has just the right plan. Of course, just the right plan involves Pam as well. After promising her a bag of French onion chips, Pam heads over to Michael’s office to ask if it’s ok for Dwight to stay late and walk her to the car. Michael doesn’t think Dwight can help her in that situation, making it seem like Dwight also bruised the boss’s ego.

Let’s head to the kitchen to find Dwight with Jim the Jet snapping his fingers. Nice. When Michael and Dwight argue about who’s tougher, Jim suggests taking the fight to the dojo at lunch. Fight, fight, fight, fight!

After arriving at their field trip location, the palm of Pam’s hand seems to have transformed into a dojo pad, which Jim flirtingly tries to interpret to no avail. Look closer, says Pam, only to get Jim with a little pat to the chin. Bad idea, Pam, it is ON! Jim gets a head pat in, Pam throws a shoulder, Jim counters with a grab around the waist. Pam is down for the count, her height’s a major disadvantage this time as Jim picks her off the ground, her shirt riding up a little bit. Meredith sees the two of them in the back and it all doesn’t seem so much fun to Pam anymore. She freaks a bit because someone noticed her blatantly flirting and things get really awkward between our dynamic duo all of a sudden.

Back at the office, Jim thinks he may be able to patch things up with Pam by sending her an email…as the camera crew looks over his shoulder. Seriously, can’t the boy just write an email in peace with his somewhat slow typing skills?

But at the end of the day, Jim is the gentleman who fulfill his promises. If he promised Pam a bag of chips for asking Michael a question, he’ll pay out no matter how much tension there is between him and the receptionist. He coolly tells Pam to have a good weekend and places the chips on her desk. She coolly responds and once he’s out the door, gently grabs the bag and pulls it towards her.

The Others: Dwight is a fighting machine who somehow didn’t get the memo that there can only be one alpha male fighting machine in the office. That would be Michael and he’s not too happy about people thinking he’s a wuss so it’s off to the dojo at lunch where the boss beats the crap out of his sempai. Too bad Ryan the Temp can’t do the same thing. The poor guy gets stuck collecting everyone’s emergency contact info and crazy voice mails from Michael in the same day.

What have we learned today, kids: If your actions with a member of the opposite sex are fun until someone else sees you doing them, it’s probably a sign. The guilt you feel and the awkwardness created comes from the fact that you were flirting with someone you like who you’re not supposed to flirt with because you’re engaged to someone else.

– written by Jenny


Dwight: Sensei? Hello, it’s sempai…Dwight.
Jim [to customer]: You know what, let me give you a call right back. I’m going to find it and then I’ll call you back. Thanks.
Dwight: Yes, I just had a ques…Yes, sensei. Arigato goazai mashta. Hai.
Jim [to Dwight]: Was that you mom?
Dwight: No, that was my sensei.
Jim: Oh, thought it was your mom.
Dwight: I am now sempai, which is assistant sensei.
Jim: Assistant to the sensei, that’s pretty cool.
Dwight: Assistant sensei.
Jim: Ok.

Pam: Michael tends to procrastinate…a bit…whenever he has to do work. Time cards…he has to sign these every Friday, purchase orders have to be approved at the end of every month, and expense reports…all he has to do is initial these at the end of every quarter, but once a year, it all falls on the same Friday and that’s today. I call it the perfect storm.

Pam [looking at Jim’s palm]: Your major and minor lines cross at a ridge. That sucks.
Jim: You’re making this up as you go along, aren’t you?
Pam: I am just following the Web site.
Jim: Well, at least I don’t have cavities.
Pam: Yes, you have very nice teeth.
Jim: Thanks.

Jim: Ok, he has to be stopped. Please, please, please, please, just ask Michael.
Pam: I don’t know.
Jim: Ok, I’ll buy you a bag of chips.
Pam: French onion?
Jim: Obviously.
Pam: Ok.
Jim: Yes.

Michael: Go away.
Pam: I just have a quick question.
Michael: I haven’t signed them, ok?
Pam: No, it’s not that. Um…I was just wondering, since I’m probably going to have to stay late, could you ask Dwight to stay late too so he can walk me to my car?
Jim [quietly]: Nice.
Michael: Come in. Pam, I hate to break this to you, but Dwight can’t stop you from being mugged. He’s just not tough enough.
Pam: He’s a purple belt. That’s really high.
Michael: Oh, I could beat up Dwight. That’s ridiculous. I can murder him.
Pam: It’s just that out there, you…
Michael: Oh, is that what they’re saying?
Pam: Yeah, kind of.
Michael: Ok, alright. Where’s Dwight?
Jim: Kitchen.
Michael: Ok.

Jim: Well, we’re all getting excited to see this fight. The Albany branch is working right through lunch to prevent downsizing, but Michael, he decided to extend our lunch by an hour so that we can all go down to the dojo to watch him fight Dwight. Fight, fight, fight, fight, fight, fight, fight, I’m coming, fight.

Jim: Wow, that is really interesting.
Pam: What?
Jim: Your love line — I’m just kidding, I can’t see anything.
Pam: Look closer.
[Jim leans over and Pam taps him with the dojo pad.] Jim: Ok.
Pam: One point for me.
[Jim taps her on the head] Jim: Tied up.
Pam: Oh, you’re dead.
Jim: What? What are you going to do? Bring it, Beesly! Bring it! [Pam hits him] Oh, yeah. Good move. [Jim puts his arms around Pam] Oh, not such an ultimate fighter now, huh? [Jim picks Pam up] Pam: [laughing] Oh, hey, put me down. Put me down! [Meredith looks over and Pam stops laughing] Oh my God. Hey, put me down! [Jim puts Pam down and she’s annoyed] Hey.

Jim’s email on his computer screen: PAM — Hey, if that was weird today, I just wanted [Jim notices the camera and deletes the email]

Kevin: Later, Jim.
Jim: Later, Kev.
Jim [to Pam]: Have a good weekend. [drops Pam’s chips on her desk] Pam: Yeah, you too. [Pam sees the chips, smiles, and gently grabs them]

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