Talk to me, Tivo: Michael urges the staff to support Kelly and attend a local celebration of the Hindu Festival of Lights.
Jaminess: 2 [3=Casino Night]

Jam Cam: Michael decides to be cultural and gets everyone headed out to celebrate Diwali, but Pam�s not sure if she wants to go. She�s tired and doesn�t have a date. Kelly suggests she take Dwight. Ick. In the break room, Roy seems pretty interested about who�s going. First, why is Roy in the break room upstairs � doesn�t he have somewhere else to be? And second, Roy, don�t even think about going there to see Pam.

Later in the conference room, Michael tries to teach everyone about Indian culture, but all Kevin is paying attention to is a busty blue Hindu god looks like Pam. A random voice in the meeting chimes in. �Pam wishes.� What? Um�dude, back off our Pam. Jim thinks she�s pretty.

Speaking of which, Jim is looking hot and sweaty after biking to work. He�s trying to help the environment, but the sweat stains and that cute little basket on the front of his bike are making him more of a joke. At least he�s hot and sweaty so there is that. The good thing is that Karen thinks it�s cute. Wait�that�s not a good thing.

Jim is dried off enough to start thinking about other things like Andy explaining his weird �Sam and Diane� relationship with Karen. Although it looks like Jim either doesn�t want to know or doesn�t believe what�s Andy talking about.

Back in the conference room, Pam is a little more interested in the discussion Michael is having, flipping through a copy of the Kama Sutra he�s decided to hand out. Wonder who she�s thinking about? Please let it be Jim.

With the night upon them in Stamford, Jim, Karen and Andy get stuck staying late and ordering sushi on the corporate card. Andy, meanwhile, has more than just food on his mind and brings out the shot glasses. One, two, three, shot! If only Pam could hear our Jim say �Oh, holy mother of God!� after taking a shot of Jager. She would melt right there and take him home so he wouldn�t get drunk. Unfortunately, I don�t think that�s going to happen.

In fact, it�s probably not going to happen because she�s dancing at Diwali and having a great time with some doctor guy when�holy hell! Who is that guy? Is that Hot Roy? Wow. Luckily, Pam doesn�t see HotRoy in his suit, but HotRoy sees her and heads back out looking heart-broken. Dude, that wouldn�t happen if you had taken Pam dancing out like that before she decided to dump your sorry punk ass. Too bad, HotRoy. Too bad.

One, two, three, shot! Please don�t have Karen get any ideas of taking advantage of DrunkJim. Just please don�t do that.

Back at Diwali, Michael goes crazy and proposed to Carol in front of everyone. She rejects him. Of course, with an event this big, Pam realizes there is only one thing to do: text somebody. Oh please say she�s texting Jim.

In Stamford, Jim�s phone is vibrating on his desk. Yeah! She texted Jim. All Jim needs to do is get the text. Jim, answer the text. DrunkJim, answer your damn phone! JIM! Oh, holy mother of God! DrunkJim is passed out on his desk and apparently isn�t paying attention to his vibrating phone. We are going to hurt you for getting this drunk, Jim, and then we�re going to hurt Andy for getting you this drunk. Andy starts singing a cappella, waking our Sleeping Beauty for a duet, and I�m not liking the song. Closer to fine? Nothing is closer to fine when Sleeping Beauty can�t answer his damn phone when the love of his life sends him a text message. Tuna, are you kidding us?

Pam heads outside to comfort the rejected Michael. He notices her looking at her phone and asks if she�s expecting a call from someone. Yes, she�s waiting to hear from DrunkJim, but she doesn�t tell Michael that. Michael laments his unceremonious dumping by Carol. �I kind of thought something would happen tonight too,� Pam tells him. So did we, but that doesn�t look like it�s going to happen. Stupid DrunkJim. Instead of a call, Pam finds Michael trying to lean in for some Receptionist Love. Ick.

Meanwhile, Jim decides to take his bike home, but it seems he�s too drunk to stay on it. Ouch! His fall into the bushes makes us winch and think �I know someone who can fix that for you. Pam!� Instead, Karen shows up and offers Drunk Driving Jim a ride home. Well, ok, that�s nice of you Filipelli but don�t try anything. As Jim climbs into the back seat, he assures Karen he�s doing �So good,� but we all know he would be better if he got Pam�s message.

Pam, meanwhile, is doing just as bad as Jim now that she�s giving Michael a ride home. Like Jim, Michael is in the back seat of a car and like Jim, he�s not getting any tonight. At least, that�s what our little Jam hearts want to believe.

The Others: Put on your saris, it�s time for Diwali! Kelly teaches everyone about her heritage after inviting the office to the Hindu festival of lights. Unfortunately, her parents aren�t very impressed with Ryan and try to hook their daughter up with a doctor instead. Meanwhile, Michael tries to hook up with his date Carol by proposing to her. As with most things that involve Michael, disaster ensues. His broken heart tries to find shelter with Pam instead and more disaster follows.

What have we learned today, kids: Never ever put your phone on vibrate when you�re drinking or it won�t wake you from your drunken stupor when an important message comes in.

– written by Jenny 


Andy: We have such a roller coaster thing — Karen and I.
Jim: Excuse me?
Andy: Rollercoastery friendship. Hot and cold. On again, off again. Sexual-tension-filled type of deal. It�s very Sam and Diane.
Jim: Wow.
Andy: From Cheers.
Jim: Yep.
Andy: Yea.

Pam: It�s hot in there. How�s the naan?
Angela: Dry. You looked like you were having fun.
Pam: I am. You should come dance with us.
Angela: I have to watch our shoes so they don�t get stolen. Who were you texting?
Pam: No one.

Michael: Pam, when Carol said no tonight, I think I finally realized how you must be feeling. We are both the victims of broken engagements.
Pam: Well, you were never really engaged.
Michael: I was in that marriage arena, though.
Pam: Yea.
Michael: Yea.
Pam: I kind of thought something would happen tonight, too.
Michael: So alike. So alike.

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