Talk to me, Tivo: Ryan accompanies Dwight to his first sales call, but the challenges he must endure surprise him.
Jaminess: 3 [3=Casino Night]

Jam Cam: Oh, this episode made me so happy so let’s all relive that together.

Pam gets instructions from Jan to keep a log of everything Michael does during the day. Poor Pam getting stuck in a love triangle that doesn’t even involve her this time.

Off in Stamford, Jim is doing what he can to maintain control of his non-squeaky chair by hawking the bad one off on Karen. He’s taking it so seriously that he’s flirting with Karen over said chair and then tries to amuse her by keeping his ass in his seat and rolling himself over to the copier. Ok Jim, we all know you’re cute. You don’t have to try and prove it in front of someone that isn’t Pam.

Pam has her list started on Scranton for Michael’s activities. First up? A Cosby impression that she and Jim would make fun of, but since Jim isn’t there, it’s just a Cosby impression.

Karen may be nice and all, but she’s starting to enlist a very incompetent Andy to help her when he asks Jim to stand up to talk to him. In a case like this, Jim would have chosen Pam to help him and she would have done a much better job than Andy.

Without Jim in the office, it’s up to Pam to watch out for Michael and make sure he’s motivated enough to not force her to only write stuff like “Cosby impression” on his sheet for corporate. It’s not going well as she watches Michael book his way out the door to the pretzel cart.

Karen’s chair is still squeaking so she starts over-squeaking to annoy Jim. In return, Jim starts singing The Cardigans. “Love me, love me, say that you love me.” We love you, Jim! Oh, you didn’t mean us? Sorry. Karen thinks he overdoes it, we think he should only be singing that line to Pam, and Andy doesn’t care about anyone but you and where the hell the dam Cardigans are now.

Pam is trying, really trying, to get Michael to do some work of any kind so she doesn’t have to write something else bad on her report for corporate and tells him to really be productive today. Instead, she has to write “Stood in Pretzel line” on her report. Ugh.

I wonder what Pam wrote for Michael’s sugar surge and sugar slump. The good news is that when Jan calls to check in, Pam dodges her. Jan doesn’t need to know Michael has crashed on his desk instead of working on a sales call. She hangs up the phone and gets an interesting look on her face like she doesn’t mind being the den mother now that Jim is gone.

Michael finally wakes and figures out it’s 5:20 p.m. and he should probably head out with a sales contract in hand. Before Pam can do the same, the phone rings. Probably Jan from corporate. “Uh…hey.” OH MY GAWD, IT’S JIM! Squee! Jim stammers and makes some excuse up about needing to talk to Kevin for fantasy football or something…who cares! Jim and Pam are talking again! Squee! It definitely is a bit awkward for both of them though. Pam asks Jim what time it is in Stamford. He reminds her they are in the same one as his voice drops to almost a whisper. Jim asks her how far she thought Stamford was. Pam says she didn’t know, it felt far. “Yea,” Jim says. Yea, the rest of us say. It has felt far between these two, hasn’t it?

The good news is that they seem to fall right back into their routine of talking about nothing but saying so much and making each other happy in the process. Pam laughs at Jim’s typing skills while bragging about her 90 words a minutes. Jim laughs when Pam starts describing a night in by herself [take note, Jim, by herself] and her confusion between the movies 28 Days and 28 Days Later. Jim thinks she’s making it up, that things are different now with fancy new stories from Fancy New Beesley. Pam’s not that fancy though — she only has one kitchen.

And she’s not that fancy because she’s at work late when Ryan and Dwight come back. Jim has distracted her so much that she thrown a bit out of her euphoria seeing someone else in the office much less Ryan looking worse for wear. As he leaves, Pam says “Bye” and Jim gets the wrong impression. Oh why must you two always have communications problems? Oh, I should go. Oh, I should go. No! Jim, you don’t understand. Pam, tell him he doesn’t understand. Instead, they get flustered, speechless, and there’s a final bittersweet goodbye between the two of them. Jim grabs his stuff and leaves his office, Pam looks over at the desk once belonging to Jim and walks out of the Scranton branch, and that wonderful phone call is over. But at least they had that wonderful phone call.

The Others: Jan questions what exactly Michael does everyday, forcing Pam to keep track of his every move for corporate. Oh, a woman scorned! Too bad Michael is too busy with Pretzel Day. Two people who missed Pretzel Day were Ryan and Dwight, who went on a field trip instead to Dwight’s beet farm. After getting left behind, quizzed about Dunder Mifflin, and nearly forced to fight Dwight’s cousin, Ryan has had enough. Then it gets worse when his first in-person sales call ends in disaster. Poor Ryan.

What have we learned today, kids: Reach out and touch someone. Even if it’s by accident, make sure to enjoy that connection between two old friends. Just don’t end it early because of a miscommunication.

Рwritten by Jenny 


Pam: Dunder Mifflin.
Jim: Uh…hey.
Pam: Oh my God.
Jim: Hi.
Pam: Hi.
Jim: Sorry. I forgot Kevin’s extension. It’s a fantasy football thing.
Pam: Oh.
Jim: And I was…I was just going to go through the system because I didn’t think you’d be there. Why…why are you still there?
Pam: I had to work late. Jan’s making me keep a log of everything Michael does all day.
Jim: Wow….Do you think you could send me a copy of that?
Pam: Yeah, totally. So…
Jim: So…
Pam: Do you…
Jim: Oh I’m sorry, go ahead.
Pam: Uh no, I um…everything’s pretty much the same here.
Jim: Oh good.
Pam: A little different. What time is it there?
Jim: What time is it here? Um…we’re in the same time zone.
Pam: Oh yeah, right.
Jim: How far away did you think we were?
Pam: I don’t know. Felt far.
Jim: Yeah.

Jim: I have a question for you.
Pam: What?
Jim: How many words per minute does the average person type?
Pam: I type 90.
Jim: Shut up! Mavis Beacon doesn’t even type 90.
Pam: It’s true!
Jim: Ok, I said average.
Pam: 70? How many do you type?
Jim: Forget it. I was about to brag. Forget it.
Pam: C’mon. Tell me.
Jim: No. No.
Pam: You have to tell me now.
Jim: 65. Ok, no need to laugh.
Pam: No it’s…that’s respectable.
Jim: Respectible?

Pam: So ok, I’m watching the movie by myself…
Jim: Right.
Pam:…because I just want a relaxing evening at home…
Jim: Ok.
Pam: …and I’m freaking out!
Jim: Yeah.
Pam: That movie is so scary!
Jim: I know!
Pam: But I’m holding on because I keep waiting for Sandra Bullock to show up.
Jim: No way! How do you confuse 28 Days with 28 Days Later?
Pam: Because I got it at Blockbuster and they don’t put the pictures on the box.
Jim: No. You’re making this up.
Pam: Would I make that up?
Jim: Yes. Fancy New Beesley would make that up. New apartment, new stories.
Pam: Oh yeah, my fancy new apartment. I have one bedroom, one bathroom, and a closet.
Jim: And how many kitchens?
Pam: I have one kitchen.
Jim: Wow, you got totally taken for a ride, Beesley.
Pam: It’s actually —
Jim: Most apartments these days have, like, three.
Pam: Three kitchens?
Jim: Yes! How are you going to cook every meal of the day in one kitchen?
Pam [aside]: Hey, Ryan, are you ok?
Jim [on phone]: Pam?
Ryan: Yeah, yeah.
Jim [on phone]: Pam?
Pam: Um…[removes hand from phone] Ok bye.
Jim: Oh yeah, I should…I should probably…I should probably go, too.
Pam: Oh no, I was um
Jim: Oh no no um…
Pam: You have to go?
Jim: Yea. Uh…
Pam: Yea, I should probably go, too.
Jim: Ok.
Pam: I mean…yea.
Jim: Yea.
[awkward silence] Jim: Bye, Pam.
Pam: Bye, Jim.

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