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This idea was suggested by SaraBell.

What would Jim be like as a father? He could either be with Pam or someone else. Would he be strict or help his kids with pranks?

Categories: Jim and Pam, Other Characters: Jim

This challenge idea was sent in by Shannon.

At Phyllis' and Bob's wedding, Jim commented upon Pam's dancing skills. Write a story explaining how Jim found out that Pam is a dorky dancer.

Categories: Jim and Pam Characters: Jim, Pam

Can someone please make a story about Danny & Pam's dates? I would totally loveee that.

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Categories: Jim and Pam, Present Characters: Danny Cordray, Pam, Pam/Other

The show ended with hours of deleted scenes, and with them countless story opportunities! Write a story that expands on a deleted scene in some way. Keep it canon-compliant or use the deleted scene as a jump-off to a whole canon-divergent story. (If you don't have the DVDs, we have posted some of the more JAMmy deleted scenes to our Tumblr )

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Categories: Jim and Pam, Other, Present, Episode Related Characters: None

Suggested by Sally_Halpert.

Jim's doing up the house he bought for him and Pam. Kind of a basic challenge idea I know, but just the thought of DIY Jim makes me tingle.

Categories: Present, Jim and Pam Characters: Jim, Jim/Pam, Pam

  When Pam hears Jim took the job in New York, she applies to Pratt Art School and gets accepted shortly after. 

An AU takes places after "The Job". 

Categories: Jim and Pam Characters: Jim, Jim/Pam, Karen, Pam
Summary: This challenge was suggested by snozdoodle.

We've seen Pam and Jim drunk and let's face it they were pretty darn funny. So what would a drunk Michael be like?

Categories: Other Characters: Michael
Summary: So I was watching Wimbledon and wondered what would happen if the Dunder Mifflin employees had to participate in a tennis tournament against other companies. Would Karen be paired with Pam? How is Dwight's serve against Jim's backhand?
Categories: Other, Jim and Pam Characters: None