It is our birthday.

 funraising! If you can believe it, July 9th marks MTT's 11th birthday! An all new MTT admin team took over last year with the goal of bringing the site up to date, adding some new features and get activity going again. And with new themes, the Download ePub feature, our Valentine's day contest, new social media accounts, and the just-launched jellybean system, we think 2016-17 was a success!

Of course, today being our birthday also means that MTT's annual hosting bill is due this month. So if you would like to give us something, you can give the awesome gift of a contribution to the site! A contribution of $10+ will earn you a small JAM gift, but every dollar is sincerely appreciated! You can read the full details of our annual funraiser here. FUNRAISER EXTENDED THROUGH AUGUST!

If you can't give monetarily but still want to make a contribution, you can do so by submitting new stories, leaving reviews and jellybeans, following and liking our social media, interacting with fellow fans, making recommendation to friends, etc. Anything to keep MTT the great place for PB&J and Office fans that it is is your gift to us every day!

Now onto our next year!

--MTT Admin Team on July 09, 2017 08:35 pm 1 Comments
A sincere thank you to everyone who contributed during July! We got the big annual hosting cost covered plus the domain and a few months of our server cost. We are just $55 away from being paid up for the whole year (until July 26, 2018) so we are extending our funraiser through August to see if we can raise that last $55 and maybe get a headstart on next year! You can check out this post for full details on contributing directly to us OR make some JAMmy purchases at Ladama's RedBubble shop , where half of August's proceeds will also be going to MTT.
- DunMiffsys on August 01, 2017 11:02 am