Will you take on the (Challenges) Challenge?

Happy Autumn everyone! This October, we are introducing a new feature: the Challenges Challenge!

How it works: Every 3 months we will introduce a handful of challenges, which are story prompts or themes. We'll have a combo of admin choices, an old challenge that went unanswered and maybe a Reader's challenge as well! Write a story for one of the challenges and your story will earn a little banner. But really this is just meant to be a way to keep writer's inspired and keep new stories coming! You can find more info and how to enter on this page: Challenges Challenge

Here are the challenges for Q4 2017:

  • Bad Date (JAM style): Jim and Pam have a terrible first date (but he still buys a ring a week later)
  • "Nice Morning, too" : What did Jim & Pam get up to that inspired the talking head at the start of S9E21 "Living The Dream" *wink wink*
  • Life In Austin: Write a story about Pam and Jim's life in the Texas capital
  • High School Reunion : write about any character's high school reunion

None of these getting your creative juices flowing? Send in your suggestions for challenges and we'll consider them for the next round!

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