Author of the Month changes, March JAM Madness and more!

For the last year and a half or so we've been selecting an author of the month every month to showcase their stories. We have mostly focused on selecting authors who were less well-known and perhaps overlooked back in the day. However now that we are more active, we will be changing up who and how we select AOTMs. We are still going to follow the basic guideline of selecting authors with at least 5 stories, but we will now follow this basic pattern:

Month 1: a recently active author
Month 2: an all-time popular author
Month 3: a lesser known or over-looked author

and repeat! We also want readers input on who they think should be the next AOTm, which you can so via the contact form.

March JAM Madness

Just for fun we are running March JAM Madness at our instagram. We're pitting some of the top JAMtastic episodes against each other and seeing who earns the title of top JAMisode! Voting takes place via our story on instagram .

March JAM Madness

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Challenges Challenge

There's still time take part in this quarter's challenges! We encourage you to write a Vegas story, a behind-the-scenes of Michael's movie Threat Level Midnight and many others! We also area always interesting in new ideas for challenges. Please click here for more info

And that about does it! Remember check out all these features and contact us with any problems or suggestions!

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