Explaination of Archive Ratings and Warnings

What is the rating system used on the site?

We use the ratings system from fictionratings.com. Here they are (with their MPAA rating equivalent).

What is the "Private" option in the Rating drop down menu?

Private is really a status that imperfectly falls under Ratings. Stories rated "Private" are restricted to registered users only. Listing for private stories are still publicly visible as are reviews (we are working on that). Stories rated "Private" should still have a clear content rating of K to MA in the story summary. Please go to the bottom of this page for additional info on the "Private" rating.

What are the warnings used on the site?

Non-Sexual Warnings

Sexual Warnings

In general, stories that only depict kissing do not need a Sexual Content warning. Stories that have characters discussing sex but don't depict any sexual acts also generally don't need a Sexual Content warning (but may need an Adult Language or Other Adult Themes warning.)

We have three levels of sexual content warning, Mild, Moderate, Explicit, and it can be a little difficult to pin down where the line is between the three, or even where the line is between needing and not needing a sexual content warning. If you are unsure where the sexual content in your story falls, we've included a link to a short story that we feel epitomizes it's warning.

The rating Dubious Consent is a difficult concept to define in fanfic (as well as controversial) and means different things to different readers and fandoms. Possible scenarios where the Dubious Consent warning may apply:

* with the prevalence of the "drunken hook-up" trope in fanfic, this warning certainly does not need to be applied to every one, use your best judgement to determine if the consent in your story is in any way "dubious"

MTT does not allow stories with detailed descriptions of non-consensual* sexual acts (rape), including the following:

* an instance of unwanted or forced kissing or groping is allowed to be depicted but should carry warnings (we'll leave it to the author to determine what's appropriate). The story should also not portray a sense that it's condoning or promoting unwanted contact.

Some more guidelines and tips on ratings and warnings:

  • Your story rating should match the rating of your most explicit chapter. Even if you have a 20 chapter story and 19 of those chapters are K+ or T-rated, if you have one chapter that's rated MA, then the whole story needs to be rated MA. Chapters cannot be rated separately, however you are free to put in the chapter notes what the rating of that particular chapter is.

Some more info and guidelines on "Private" stories

As stated towards the top of this page, "Private" is really a status that due to technical limitations ends up under Ratings. A Private story can only be read by registered and logged in users. It's a good option if for any reason you're fine sharing your story with fellow fanfic fans but maybe not quite everyone who casually stumbles onto the site. Some things to keep in mine if you chose to make your story "Private".

If you have any questions or want any further clarification, please contact us or email us at MTT.Fanfic@gmail.com