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Fanfic/Fandom terms and abbreviations

AU: Alternative Universe, a fanfic with a premise that differs wildly from the original premise.

Canon: the material (plot/characters) officially part of the story in the individual universe of that story. In other words, what we saw happen on screen.

Canon Pairings: characters that actually got together on the show, Jim/Pam, Dwight/Angela, Michael/Jan etc

Fanon: an element widely accepted among fans but has little to no basis in the canon of the show. Example: Jim having a brother named Jonathan (an OC created and frequently used by girl7 and other fanfic authors at the time)

Fanon pairing: characters that are often depicted in fanwork as having a romantic relationship, but never had one in the canon storyline. Can range from couples that had quite a bit of interaction maybe even a one sided crush (Pam/Toby) to characters will relatively little interaction (Andy/Kelly)

Headcanon: a fan's personal interpretation of canon, especially in regards to a characters backstory or the nature of the relationship between two characters.

OC: original character

OOC: Out of character, when a character is depicted acting in fanfic much differently than on the show. Occasionally an author writes "out-of-character" on purpose but most of the time it's unintentional.

OTP: short for "One True Pairing" a couple that the fan prefers above any other pairing on a show.

PWP: short for "Plot? What Plot?" or sometimes "Porn without plot", typically refers to fanfics that depicts one or multiple sexual encounters with little to no set up or plot development.

Ship/Shipping/Shippers: A ship is a particular romantic relationship (get it?) that fans support or wish for. It typically described a relationship that either hasn't happened in canon yet, or a friendship fans feel could become romantic (whether its supported by canon or not). Shipping is the act of wishing for this pairing, and the people who wish for pairings are called shippers.

Smuff/Smuffy: smut + fluff = smuff, happy and sexy fics that typically are short with little plot.

Stan: used to describe a very enthusiastic (sometimes overzealous) fan of a particular celebrity, but can also be used to describe an enthusiastic fan of a character. Calling someone a "stan" can carry a negative connontation that they blindly love a celebrity/character and refuse to acknowledge that's person/character's flaws.

The Powers That Be, TPTB: Term for the people creating and writing the show, the ones who pull the strings


Writing Terms:

Beta/Beta Reader: Someone who looks over a fanfic before the writer published and helps edit and make correct.

POV: Point of view, from what perspective is the story written


Office/Jim&Pam specific terms

27 Seconds (of Silence): Refers to the amount of time Jim and Pam spent silently looking at each other in the "Booze Cruise" episode

Beesly: The correct spelling of Pam's surname. Not Beesley, not Beasly, not Beasley.

CN: Casino Night, the Season 2 finale episodes in which Jim confessed his love to the then-engaged Pam, which ended with Jim kissing Pam.A.k.a The Episode that launched a thousand fanfic

Cugino's Pizza: according to a deleted scene for ep 207 "The Client", Jim and Pam went here shortly after they met, Jim thought it was a date but then learned Pam was engaged.

Dunder-Mifflin: Later Dunder-Mifflin Sabre, the paper company that is the central focus of the show.

Dundies: The employee appreciation awards given at an annual ceremony typically at Chili's

Greg Daniels: TV writer/producer who adapted and developed The Office (UK) for American audiences. Full-time show runner for Seasons 1-4 and 9. Often gets blamed for Jim and Pam's early season woes.

GWH: Gay Which Hunt, the Season 3 premiere where we learned the fate of Jim and Pam after Jim's confession and kiss.

JAM: Jim + Pam, PB&J is also an acceptable name

JKras: celeb nickname for John Krasinski, the actor who plays Jim

Mixed Berries: Pam's favorite yogurt flavor

PLOD: Parking Lot of Doom, a reference to how the Dunder Mifflin parking lot often seemed to be bad luck for our beloved pair (where Pam rejected Jim on Casino Night, then later Jim told Pam he was seeing someone in Branch Closing)

"Sing" by Travis: The song that Jim and Pam listen and sway (not dance) to in 207 "The Client" and gets frequently referred to in fic.

WGA/Writers Strike: All members of the Writers Guide of America went on strike in November 2007 for just over 3 months in a dispute over residuals from DVDs and digital downloads/internet streaming market (which was in it's infancy at the time). The Office, in it's 4th season at the time, was one of the first shows to halt production due to many of it's cast members also serving as writers. The strike resulted in Season 4 being about 10 episodes shorter than planned and is also the reason we never got to see Jim and Pam's first Christmas and Valentine's Day together.


Locations / Settings

Scranton: the main setting of the show, located in North-East Pennslyvania, USA

Dunmore, Carbondale, Wilkes-Barre, Hazleton: Towns sometimes referred to on the show located near Scranton

Lackawanna: The county that Scranton is the seat of

Poor Richard's, Farley's, Cooper's, Alfredo's Pizza, Cugino's: real bars and eateries in Scranton that the characters frequently referred to.

Dunder Mifflin Branch Locations:

* Akron and Yonkers were both mentioned in a season 4 deleted scene
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