Writing Help

So you wanna write Office Fanfic but need a little help? You've come to the right place!

The organization is . . . questionable, but Grammar Girl is a good place to find "quick and dirty tips" on grammar usage.

Hemingway App can be a good proofreading tool for your work especially if you are aiming to be more punchy in your writing. It quickly highlights difficult to read sentences, excessive adjective usage and other issues.

Whether you are brand new to fanfic writing or have many fics under your belt, you probably would benefit from a beta reader! An extra set of eyes is always a huge help when writing and betas can also assist you when you are stuck on your stories! There are some ways to find betas on MTT but the best way is to simply ask either in the shoutbox, on the Discord or in the notes of your writing.

If you don't have Dropbox, you definitely need to try it out, it's an amazing way to make your files available everywhere and make sure they are always backed up to the cloud. They also have a "previous versions" option onine which has helps this mod rescue many-a writings. (also if you click here, your friendly mod gets a little extra space ;-) )

Many more writing resources are to come! If you know of anything you think would be helpful to writers, send us a message via contact form or email to MTT.FanFic@gmail.com