Indie Rock & Keds by Nightswept
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Summary: Jim and Pam, college life and more.
Categories: Alternate Universe, Jim and Pam
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3 Stories

Indie Rock and Keds by Nightswept

Rated: MA • 293 Reviews98
Summary: An alternate universe that sees Pam turning over a new leaf at a private art school in Chicago, Ill. In this world, Dunder Mifflin doesn't exist, although a few of its characters are guaranteed to pop up here and there. On her first day, Pam meets Jim, a cute, affable, and somewhat geeky Journalism major who introduces her to indie rock, old movies, pop culture and a whole new world.

Come On, Feel the Illinoise! by Nightswept

Rated: MA • 255 Reviews76
Summary: A companion piece to Indie Rock & Keds that follows an AU Jim and Pam while they deal with the everyday squabbles that come with living together as they struggle through the daunting beginnings of their careers, and eventually try to find a place to permanently settle down.

I Heart Pickles by Nightswept

Rated: MA • 98 Reviews41
Summary: The third and final AU installment that originated with Indie Rock & Keds, and follows Jim and Pam through the next chapter of their lives with a few surprises along the way... (Babies- oops! I'm sorry, did I ruin something?)