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To: jim.halpert@hotmail.com
From: p_beesly@gmail.com
Subject: Can't. wait.

Hey Big Tuna,

I have class until 9:45 tonight so if you get to my apartment before I do you know where the key is.  I went shopping last night so there is some beer and snacks in the fridge.  DO NOT go in my bedroom.  Just wait until I get home.  I have a surprise for you and I forgot to hide it this morning.  PLEASE don't ruin it--you will be mad at yourself later--trust me. 

Okay, I have to go, the UPS guy is here and I can't only pretend to be taking a message over the phone for so long.

See you tonight.  I'm so happy it is Friday.

I miss you,
Codename: Chicken Plate

P.S. Michael kissed someone in the office today.  I KNOW!

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