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Story Notes:
Name of the story is inspired by the song by The Cure. I always that that the song was so summery and so JAM.
Author's Chapter Notes:
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Okay, so I decided to go ahead and write the story leading up to my previous one-shot “Something Effulgent” which, by the way, I was very happy to get positive reviews on. The chapters will be pretty short, or at least at first. I fell like then I will get myself to update more often because having less to write for one chapter is less overwhelming. So hear is “It’s still your turn”. Enjoy!
It was already almost six thirty when Pam finally stumbled through the door in a rush. Of course, today of all days her car had to run out of gas a mile and a half away from her apartment building. It took twenty five minutes one way to walk to the nearest gas station and now she was really running late for getting ready for her date with Jim With the very limited amounted of time she had she only had enough to quickly take a shower, fix her hair and get dressed.

She was so frustrated because this was technically their first date together. Sure they met on the roof that once and ate at Cugino’s on their lunch break a few times, but this was different. Both of them knew going in that it was indeed a date. Jim said so himself. She may not have any idea what happened with him and Karen, but she just figured that it was a matter of time until he told her and leave hopes for the two of them to start off a new relationship. And if this was going to be the start of something great she just wanted to remember that she was able to take his breath away by looking spectacular. But time and cars were just not on her side.

Pam ran over to the bathroom and quickly stripped down for her shower. Ten minutes later she emerged again from behind the curtain and dried off. Next she went over to her room to take a quick glance at her wardrobe hanging in her closet and tried to make a quick decision on what was best for her to wear. Pam didn’t really know for sure what was appropriate for tonight because she had absolutely no idea where he was taking her. Knowing that he was the type of guy who thought that the overly fancy stuff was lame she finally pulled out her powder blue camisole, navy cardigan, and gray skirt. It may not have been the flashiest of outfits, but the skirt was quite a bit shorter than she was use to.

When she ran back into the bathroom she grabbed a clip lying on the corner of the sink and reached back to put her hair back, but then she froze before snapping it closed. She took a good look at her reflection in the mirror until she decided to put the clip back on the sink and decided to leave her hair down for a change. It was time for fancy new Beesly to keep up with doing fancy new things.

Now that she had accepted that this was as she was going to look with the time she was given, she went over to kitchen to see the illuminating green numbers in the stove. It was 7:02. Then, coincidentally, she heard a knock at her door at that very moment. Pam nervously walked over to answer it with her fingers twisting up behind back and her bottom lip between her teeth.

Pam opened the door and saw Jim standing there wearing a navy blue sweater (with the collar of his work shirt peeking from the neck) with his hands deep in pockets. “Hey” She greeted smiling.
Chapter End Notes:
Thanks for reading! I will have the next chapter up soon enough! And remember that reviews are gold.

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