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Author's Chapter Notes:
A short piece that takes place after the art show in season 3. In response to the "Bubble Bath" challenge. I took a different spin on it, I hope you enjoy!
A.N. This was something that I’ve never tried before. I generally try to only write happy things, but I’m really, really happy with how this came out. Read and Review, I need to know if this stylistically, works for me.

Disclaimer: NBC owns everything, I.own.nothing lol

Growing up, my Mom had always told me, ‘Don’t fall asleep in the tub, you’ll drown,” and every time I just ignored her and closed my eyes, falling asleep…every.single.time. Nothing’s changed now that I’ve gotten older. Most nights, after some of the hardest days of work I’ll just come home, slip off my cardigan and khaki’s and let myself sleep in the tub for a few hours. It’s not that my job is difficult, or that I’m stressed about the work load I have; the hard days at work have nothing to do with the relentless ringing of the telephone, but the relentless voice in my head telling me to just touch him. To walk over, wrap my hands around the back of his neck, and bring my face to his ear. Just to tell him once, that I loved him back.

By the time I’m out, the water has gotten cold but it’s a sure-fire way to de-stress and go right to bed afterward. Nothing’s different about tonight. I guess I had just second guessed myself, thinking that he would show up at that little art show, the one that didn’t really mean anything to anyone else; but to me, it was everything. Thinking that everyone else wouldn’t care but he- he would be different. And the beautiful brunette from Utica would just be a dream. Some fantasy girl that every man’s dreamt about, but not him. He knows better; he knows that beauty isn’t skin deep; he knows that beauty can be found on top of a roof eating cold pizza, or that beauty can be found in a painting. A painting of a dirty old building, that has something beautiful inside.

The water spills a little as I crawl into the tub, resting my neck on the headrest I installed in the bathtub even though Roy protested against it. Saying we didn’t need something so ‘trivial’; he thought spending the money on a flat screen television for sports was a better use for our money. I let my eyes close a moment and can feel tears burning on the inside of my eyelids. I refuse to let them come out, and instead bring a facecloth to my face, and set it on it for a moment. The warmth from the water calms me; I can feel the bubbles I poured into the tub sticking to my sides as I pull the cloth off and stare at the white bathroom around me.

This bathroom is nothing that I’d want forever. This apartment was just a small place I would stay in until I found ‘him’ the one I’d spend the rest of my life with. We’d have a house, and a yard where our kids could run around. I watch the mirror fog up, and wish so badly he’d just open the wooden door and stroll right in. He’d pull off his neck tie, bringing his white shirt over his head and climb in with me. Sinking down into the water, I’d wrap myself around his body, and we’d fall into each other.

His face starts to contort and I begin to lose the image of what his eye color is. His face becomes a blink of flesh and before I know it, I’m pulling myself out of the reverie again. My face has surfaced the water, and I pull myself up quickly. I guess my mother was right; you can drown in the bathtub.

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