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Story Notes:
The first chapter takes place around "The Merger" and the second around "The Job"

"When we get to Scranton, you should take me out," she states, packing up her Stamford desk.

He nods, "Sure, I'll take everyone out when-"

"I mean just you and me."

He laughs, offers her dinner after work tomorrow.

She grins, "It's a date."

She turns away and misses the smile falling from his face.



Outside Cooper's, she gives a shy smile.

"You can follow me to my place if you want," he says, she quickly accepts.

In his bed, she's anything but shy and her liquor flavored lips call his name when she comes. She's exactly what he needs right now.

Maybe someday she'll also be what he wants.



Today was supposed to be different.

She shrugs off her gray sweater and studies her smooth curls through water filled eyes.

Today was supposed to be easy.

But he was stiff as he hugged her, terse as they talked.

Today was supposed to be the start.

Now it feels like she'll never get the chance.

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