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Story Notes:

The seven elements I received were: Baking cookies, slow dancing, mistletoe, the dark, traditions,  competition, giving in. I think I get a good 5 in here so see if you can spot them. 

disclaimer: The Office and Jim and Pam don’t belong to me. 

Author's Chapter Notes:
By request, some Dwight and Angela will be peppered in


"You have been compromised. Abort mission, destroy phone."

Dwight's breath quickened and his eyes darted around. He had been so careful, what could have caused the compromise? After disposing his phone the quickest way he could think of, he headed for the door that led to the roof ladder.

His bases were covered, he thought. His vehicle was not on the premise, instead he had Angela drop him off, telling her Michael had assigned a very important task to him and he may need to be at the office very late. Perhaps that caused the compromise, they were being monitored and her presence caused suspicion. But his excuse was believable, she suspected nothing, right?

A few paces into the parking lot, a reflection in the bushes caught his eye. Upon inspection he found a poorly hidden bicycle, all store-bought parts, seat high enough accommodate someone between 6'1" and 6'4" depending on arm length and then the dead giveaway, a Wilco sticker on the crossbar. "Dammit Jim," Dwight muttered. He swiveled his head around and listened carefully for any rustling or snickering, then clenched his jaw and reached down to let the air out of the tires.

Angela's place was a 20 minutes walk and it's wasn't too chilly of a night so Dwight started on his way. He kept his eyes on his shoes, only glancing up to the bumpers of cars that passed. And then he saw it, a blue Toyota Yaris. He sighed with disappointment, he had hoped she was finally above Jim's antics.

Standing on a feline-shaped welcome mat, Dwight knocked on the door in the specific rhythm they agreed upon before unlocking to enter, Angela had said several times she didn't like him just barging in. He took his orange knit cap off as he entered and, as usual, nearly tripped over a cat.

"Dee? Is that you?" a whisper came from the hallway.

"Yes, Monkey," Dwight replied, shrugging off his coat.

Angela emerged around the corner, gray colored bathrobe tightly wrapped around her. "But I thought you were going to be at work all night?"

Dwight nodded, he couldn't very well tell her the real reason he wasn't able to stay at Dunder Mifflin this evening, but there was one thing he could share, "I was supposed to be, but Jim ruined it, like always." Angela pressed her lips together, clearly waiting for Dwight to say more and he chewed the inside of his cheek. "Besides, like you said earlier, Christmastime should be spent with the ones you love."

That got a smile from Angela, and she stepped closer to him, "Take a seat on the sofa, I'll bring you tea."

Dwight felt himself grin and made his way to the living room, but his smile faded once he saw a cat in his spot. "Move, cat," he said sternly.

"Ember will never move if you talk to him that way," Angela called from the kitchen and Dwight shook his head. Her hearing seemed to be supersonic when it came to her cats.

"Cat...Ember, please move," Dwight said quietly. The small furry creature looked to him with yellow blinking eyes and Dwight was about to give up when the cat stood and walked down the couch. After Dwight took a seat, Ember promptly returned to his lap. Even after a year Dwight didn't care much for cats but when one sat on his lap purring, its eyes slowly closing as Dwight scratched it's chin, he suppose he somewhat understood the appeal.

His thoughts returned to earlier, specifically to the vehicle very close in profile to Pam's that passed him by. He had come to tolerate and perhaps even like Pam in the past year. she was an adequate employee and sent and delivered faxes in a reasonable amount of time. And of course she had kept quiet about his and Angela's relationship which was worth something to Dwight. Her fatal flaw, however, was that her affection was clearly reserved for the floppy haired idiot. Dwight suspected all along but it became obvious the day Jim left Scranton and Pam's break and restroom time was 34 minutes higher than normal, her eyes unmistakingly red when she returned from such breaks.

Dwight was proud of her for leaving the insubordinate warehouse worker and figured she would get into a new relationship quickly, she was a sufficiently attractive woman with good childbearing hips. Kelly's cartoonist neighbor seemed like a decent match on paper, and Danny Cordray was a catch, Dwight supposed, that is if things like facial symmetry were important to you.

Then Jim returned and Dwight could see Pam still longed for him, her frequent glances at the back of his head and her hopeful smiles when Jim walked by made that clear. But Jim had started up with the Stamford saleswoman, which kind of surprised Dwight since Pam was now unattached. Did Jim possibly not realize Pam had feelings for him? If not, then he was an even bigger idiot than Dwight thought.

"Here you go, no milk, three sugars," Angela said, handing Dwight a mug. She sat next to him and soon a cat was on her. It was Sprinkles, a fluffy white persian who was Angela's favorite and the cat knew it. Dwight swore she was shooting him dirty a look and Angela began to stroke her fur. "So what did Jim do? Is it something he can be written up for?"

Dwight set his jaw, "No, but he showed up and he wasn't supposed to be there. And then I saw Pam's car drive by."

Angela nodded, "Interesting."

Dwight narrowed his eyes, usually any time Pam was mentioned Angela would make some sort of remark about the years Pam spent living in sin with Roy or how she should have apologized to everyone individually for not giving sufficient notice when cancelling her wedding. "That's all you have to say?"

Angela looked at her cat and pressed her lips together, "Pam was kind to me today. And while I don't always agree with her conduct nor the way she dresses at work I do … I do hope she gets what she wants." Dwight raised his eyebrows, surprised at Angela's remarks. "I still think she should pay me back for the wedding gift I got," she added after a moment.

"You got a full refund, though."

"Yes but I had to drive to get it and then return it, and gas is so expensive right now."

Dwight held in a scoff, this is why he rarely bought gifts. His wedding present to Pam was going to be a homemade basket filled with farm fresh eggs and two basket weaving lessons with Mose at Schrute Farms (an $80 value). That way he wasn't fussed when the wedding was canceled, he just had an extra basket and ate omelettes every morning for a week.

"Oh, speaking of gifts." Angela stood, gently setting Sprinkles on the recliner. "One was delivered today, just for you. I'll be right back."

Dwight looked to Ember still purring away on his lap, and it reached out it's paw and touched Dwight's arm. He resumed petting the cat and let his mind wander back to what Angela said about Pam. While Pam did help instigate the rival christmas party, she was also the one to reach the olive branch out to Angela today, so he too hoped she would get what she wanted for Christmas.

Chapter End Notes:
This is officially the most actual spoken dialogue I’ve written for these two hopefully I did them justice. 

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