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Author's Chapter Notes:
It's fun remembering what 16 was like...

Saturday, June 10, 1995

I swear Penny is driving me up the wall. She always wants me to drive her places. Uh, hello, I have a life….okay so maybe not a social life, but I have things to do...like work and….things. Okay so maybe not that much really, but still driving around my sister and her friends to the mall sucks. I’m a tiny bit jealous, but I’m a lot more annoyed.

Anyway, I entered an art contest at city hall. The theme is “a blast from the past”. I painted this intricate interpretation of how I think the Beatles first performance would have looked like. It was new territory for me, that’s for sure. It just seemed like something that would be unique and different. It took me a few weeks to paint it. Mom and dad are certain I’ll win. Penny is being bratty and said it looked horrible. Well, she’s grounded now and I get my little time back to myself and don’t have to drive her around for awhile! HA! Okay, so I do feel kind of bad for her, but she started it…

School has been out for a week and I kind of feel like I’m going a tad stir crazy already. I got a job at city hall actually working in their parks and rec division as a summer artist intern. So cool, right?! I get to come up with new logos and things for different areas. They also have me working on sketching out a mural idea for the history of Pennsylvania. Seems like a big task, but I’m up for it. The kid from last summer stopped working on it half way through and would always skip work to go to the arcade. At least that’s what they said. It’s fun though. There’s a cute guy who works there too. I think his name is James? He’s from Scranton though I think? He doesn’t even notice me, but that might be because we’re in different departments. From what I can see when I walk by their office, he does a lot of paperwork. Sounds boring. I like my artist ways MUCH more.

It’s so crazy that I’ll be a junior next year! Finally an upperclassman and finally on top of the worlddddddd. Well, not entirely, I have another year before that happens. But, in the meantime I have to do summer reading, summer math packets, summer blah blah blah I’m already bored. Why do I have to read 5 books for American Lit class over the summer? They’re classics yes, but they’re so dry and difficult to get through. I just wish we could pick 5 of our own books. There’s this history of Jackson Pollock book out and his abstract work is so interesting. What is going through the mind of someone who paints like that?? I need to know. Looks like I’m going to read 6 books this summer. I might just go drive to the library and knock them out there. Out of Penny’s way so she doesn’t keep pestering me 24/7 to take her places. This must be how mom and dad felt about me up until March. I’ll have to remember to apologize.

So, remember when I wrote about wishing for a nice boy?? Pretty sure I doomed myself by putting it in here instead of just waiting for it to happen like a normal person. I guess that’s fine. I’ll just live with the consequences of being alone forever. That doesn’t sound so dramatic does it? I mean live on my own, do my own thing….be alone….okay this future sounds like the opposite of what I want.

I should probably get going soon. It’s almost midnight and I have to wake up for church tomorrow at 7. I don’t want to fall asleep again. I thought mom was going to end me the last time I fell asleep in church. Can’t be grounded along with Penny!

So tomorrow’s agenda….church, nap, lunch, nap, maybe read a chapter from this summer reading I have (ha), dinner, sleep….sounds like the best way to spend my Sunday. I’ll write soon (although we’ll see what soon ends up being since it had been so long since I wrote last time-oops).

Chapter End Notes:
Loved the reviews from the first chapter. Thanks so much!

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