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Story Notes:

Disclaimer: Today I bought a teal teapot, and that's the only 'The Office' thing I own.  

Author's Chapter Notes:

Hugely inspired by a particular part of 'Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell' (book by Susanna Clarke).

I'm in love with the witchy Pam, even if she exists only in my head. 

I raise my voice and the aimless palaver shall be hushed, 

I raise my voice and my words shall be heard,

I raise my voice and my words shall fill your ears like meltwater in the spring, silencing the whispers of foes. 

The tears I shed washed out the veil I had before my eyes and I can see.

The fire I went through tempered my will and my fear was prostrated. 

I stand before you and my doubts are crushed under my feet, 

I stand before you and I throw down the gauntlet to yours.  

The worries sat around your temples like a murder of crows 

Say a word and I shall turn them into a cloud of smoke and dispel them. 

The pain carved deep lines into your soul, leaving it bleeding, 

Say a word and I shall put a balm on your wounds, so they shall be healed. 

You buried your heart under the spring shoots and they grew into a forest. 

I uprooted it and found your possession. Say a word and I shall give it back. 

I raise my voice and it shall not shake, neither now, nor till the rest of my days. 

I raise my voice as I raised myself, from the ashes, burning coals and crumpled hopes. 

I raise my voice and offer you the strength I found in my trial. 

Reach out your hand and take it. 

Chapter End Notes:

I know this was weird, but I do hope it's okay weird and not 'I-want-to-erase-this-from-my-memory' weird. 

Anyway, thank you for reading!

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