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Story Notes:
Inspired by deleted scene from the season 3 episode “Back From Vacation,” as well as the discussion that said scene inspired on a recent episode of “The Office Ladies” podcast.

In the scene, we find out that Michael sends Pam a postcard from every place he goes on vacation, and that she keeps them. I just really loved that and thought it’d be a fun writing exercise to do a postcard for each season and use only 55 words. Hope you guys like it! It was really fun. Also I just realized that the Google docs word counter counted the formatting for italics as words and that I actually can add more, but it’s out there in the universe now and the rules of publishing a story are unflinchingly rigid, so it’s staying as is!
Michael was on vacation, so it was quiet as she sorted mail.

Bill, junk, postcard, bill.


The front: Atlantic City. “Wish you were here!”

The back:


Paid to overnight this. Get Angela to wire paycheck. Out of money! Atlantic City is beautiful.


She showed Jim; he laughed. “He couldn’t just call?”

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