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Story Notes:
This is kind of out of my realm of what I usually write, but I had the idea so I went with it.

I own nothing, unfortunately.
They arrived at work together, but separately. Their coworkers were still oblivious to the fact that they were finally living the lives they had both ached for separately, but together. As they exited their cars in the parking lot, they waved at each other as if they hadn’t woken up in the same bed that morning, eaten breakfast at the same table, and left the same apartment for work. They left their outward affection at the door in order to preserve the moments they wanted to share with only each other rather than cameras or coworkers. They knew they could only suspend themselves in this moment of secrecy and bliss for so long before everyone found out.

Waiting at the elevator doors, Pam glanced up at Jim with a coy smile as she brushed her knuckles discretely against his and the faintest of smiles spread on his face, eyes fixed ahead.


The doors opened and they stepped inside. Jim’s hand lifted to press the “4” button but Pam quickly stopped him and pressed “6” instead.

“Uh, forget where we work suddenly, Pam?”
She turned toward him, a wild look in her eyes as she pushed him backward into the elevator wall.
“I’m going to need the extra two floors.”

She pressed her body up against his and started at the base of his neck with her lips, working her way up his jawline, and finding his lips. Quick to oblige, he ran his hands around her waist, up her back, in her hair—furiously, knowing they now only had five floors.

He moved his lips down her cheek, lingering on her jaw, settling in the sweet spot she loved so much, right below her ear and she threw her head back, letting out a moan that sent electric waves through Jim’s entire body. Four floors left.

Her hands ran through his hair, grasping it as she brought her mouth back to his, finding his tongue with hers, feeling his breath heavy against her own. Jim groaned and she bit his bottom lip. Three floors.

His hands explored her, wishing there was less of a clothing barrier, but taking what he could get. His hand ran down her thigh that she had brought up by his waist, his fingers finding their way under the hem of her skirt, and he showered her with more kisses. Two more floors.

She began to soften her hold on him, her kisses becoming lighter and sweeter as they melted into each other, nearly every inch of them touching. She ran her hand down his cheek softly and opened her eyes to meet his, their heads touching. Last floor.

He looked in her eyes, taking in every golden speckle, getting lost in the green ocean before him, breath still heavy, as a smile escaped his lips. He lifted her chin with his hands and placed a gentle kiss tenderly on her lips.

“Well, good morning to you too, Beesly.”

They broke apart, still holding hands, smoothing down wrinkles and adjusting stray hair as the door to the sixth floor opened. Pam reached for the “4” to head back down to their office but Jim stepped out of the elevator instead.

“Forget where we work, Halpert?”

Jim moved his bag away from the front of his body and gestured downward, revealing just how much their elevator ride had affected him.

“I’m taking the stairs. I’m, uh, going to need the extra two floors.” And maybe a cold shower.

He winked, she blushed with a smile, and he watched the elevator doors close in front of the woman he had loved from the beginning. Then, they both headed to work, separately, but finally together.

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